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Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus

Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus, located in Lefkosa, Nicosia, Cyprus offers patients Breast Implant Revision procedures among its total of 43 available procedures, across 7 different specialties. The cost of a Breast Implant Revision procedure starts from £2,550, whilst the national average price is approximately £2,738. All procedures and treatments are undertaken by just a small team of specialists, with 2 in total at the Hospital, and they have multiple recognized accreditations, including: ESPRAS - European Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic SurgeryTTB - Turkish Medical AssociationTPCD - Turkish Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic SurgeonsTDB - Turkish Dental Association

$2,550 Breast Implant Revision View details & Read reviews

NİS TİP MERKEZİ, located in Lefkosa, Nicosia, Cyprus offers patients Breast Implant Revision procedures among its total of 32 available procedures, across 2 different specialties. The cost of a Breast Implant Revision procedure ranges from £2,699 to £3,373, whilst the national average price is approximately £2,738. All procedures and treatments are undertaken by just a small team of specialists, with 2 in total at the Hospital, and they are not accredited by any recognized accreditations institutes

$2,699 Breast Implant Revision View details & Read reviews
Dr Kitsios Christos

From 4 verified reviews

Magy Style coaching, 17 March 2019

Just the best in Cyprus!

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Ideal Aesthetics

Ideal Aesthetics, located in Lefkosa, Nicosia, Cyprus offers patients Breast Implant Revision procedures among its total of 51 available procedures, across 6 different specialties. Currently, there's no pricing information for Breast Implant Revision procedures at Ideal Aesthetics, as all prices are available on request only, whilst the national average price is approximately $3,513. There are many specialists available at the Hospital, with 4 in total, and they are accredited by BAPRAS - British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons

Price on request Breast Implant Revision View details & Read reviews CALL NOW

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    What do you need to know about Breast Implant Revision in Lefkosa?

    Breast Implant Revision Before and After

    A Breast Implant Revision, or a secondary breast augmentation, is a technique that helps to correct or improve the results of an initial Breast augmentation. It is not uncommon for some women to need a Breast Implant Revision at some point. Reasons can vary, perhaps due to shifting of the implants, dissatisfaction with the original results, complications like rupture or capsular contracture, or a simple need to change the size and type of the implants. It is crucial to approach a board-certified surgeon in Lefkosa who has substantial experience and skill with Breast Implant Revisions.

    In Lefkosa, the procedure is conducted by certified professionals adhering to the highest standards of medical ethics and safety. It's important to know that Recovery Time, Cost, and Success Rate are highly variable and dependent on individual cases and surgeon expertise. Directly communicating with your surgeon about your goals and expectations is essential to achieve optimal results. It is also worthwhile to familiarize yourself with post-operative care guidelines to ensure a smooth and uneventful recovery.

    What is the cost of a Breast Implant Revision in Lefkosa?

    The price of a Breast Implant Revision in Lefkosa  varies widely based on a number of variables, such as location, the fees charged by the particular surgeon, the difficulty of the procedure, and the type of implant used. Costs may include extra charges including anesthetic fees, surgery facility fees, and other associated costs. The average surgeon's charge for breast implant removal surgery was $2,641, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Remember that this is just a portion of the whole expense.

    The price of a more involved revision procedure could reach $10,000 or higher. Patients must spend out-of-pocket for cosmetic operations because insurance often does not cover them. Insurance, however, can pay some or all of the cost if the operation is necessary for medical reasons. 

    What does a Breast Implant Revision Procedure Involve?

    A Breast Implant Revision Procedure involves the removal and/or replacement of breast implants from a previous breast augmentation. The specific steps involved in the procedure can vary greatly depending on the reason for the revision. It may require simple implant exchange, removal without replacement, capsulectomy (removal of scar tissue surrounding the implant), or adjustment of the implant pocket.

    The procedure is typically performed under general anesthesia. Incisions are usually made along the lines of the previous incisions. If capsulectomy is to be performed, the scar tissue is surgically removed, and the implant pocket may be modified to accommodate the new implant. The surgical approach will largely depend on your unique needs and the recommendations of your surgeon.

    How Long Should I Stay in Lefkosa for a Breast Implant Revision Procedure?

    The length of stay in Lefkosa for a Breast Implant Revision Procedure largely depends on the nature of the individual's operation and their personal rate of recovery. Typically, the procedure itself can take anywhere between 1 to 3 hours, but patients are usually able to go home the same day once the effects of anesthesia have worn off. It is usually recommended to stay in the area for a minimum of 1-2 weeks post-surgery for follow-up appointments and to ensure there are no immediate post-operative complications.

    This duration allows for an initial recovery period, follow-up consultations with your surgeon, addressing any concerns and having any stitches removed. It should, however, be noted that it is not unusual for full recovery to take a few weeks or even months, and patients are typically advised to avoid strenuous activities during this time.

    What's the Recovery Time for Breast Implant Revision Procedures in Lefkosa?

    The recovery time for breast implant revision procedures in Lefkosa predominantly hinges upon the individual patient's health and the intricacies of the specific surgical procedure undertaken. Generally, a timeline of 2-6 weeks is allotted for a full recovery, though this varies as per the patient's personal healing aptitude. Apprehensions pertaining to the recovery process are natural, however, when situated in the competent hands of a reputed medical facility, the journey towards rejuvenation can be decidedly smoother and free from undue concerns.

    It is crucial to remember that recovery takes time and rushing the process can exacerbate the situation, leading to complications. Th

    What's the Success Rate of Breast Implant Revision Procedures in Lefkosa?

    Owing to the continuous advancements in medical technology, the success rate of breast implant revision procedures in Lefkosa is impressively high, reaching upwards of 90%. This, nevertheless, is contingent on the expertise of the operating surgeon and the overall health of the patient. Be it the effects of the aging process or unsatisfactory outcomes from previous surgeries, breast implant revision procedures effectively address these concerns, redefining and reestablishing self-esteem and body positivity. 

    Choosing a reputable clinic with a proven track record would be the cornerstone of this transformative journey, mitigating the chances of secondary complications and ensuring the fulfilment of your aesthetic aspirations. Remember, choosing a surgeon is choosing trust, experience, and a commitment to your health and well-being.

    What sort of Aftercare is Required for Breast Implant Revision Procedures in Lefkosa?

    Aftercare post-breast implant revision procedures in Lefkosa invariably encompass a blend of regular check-ups, adherence to medication, diligent physical care, and moderation in daily activities. The onus of nurturing the site of operation rests upon the patient. 

    Temporary constriction in strenuous activities often becomes necessary to allow the body its well-deserved respite, paving the path to a hale and hearty recovery. Emphasize cleanliness to eschew infections. The paramount essence, in this regard, of settling for a top-rated medical facility is the personalized aftercare regime they can offer, acknowledging that every individual, like their recovery, is unique.

    Are there Alternatives to Breast Implant Revision Procedures in Lefkosa?

    There are alternatives to breast implant revision procedures available in Lefkosa if the thought of traversing the surgical route again might seem daunting. Non-surgical methods such as fat grafting or the use of supportive bras can be viable options. Some women may prefer implant removal without replacement, embracing their natural form in all its glory. 

    To encapsulate, while surgery might provide a quick and effective solution, journeying the alternate path of non-surgical interventions can also usher in transformative changes, given the right expert guidance and wholehearted acceptance of the body.

    What Should You Expect Before and After the Procedure

    In anticipation of a breast implant revision procedure, expect a comprehensive consultation phase wherein detailed medical tests are undertaken and a meticulous surgical strategy is defined. Addressing your concerns, clarifying expectations, and demystifying the procedure, this phase is instrumental in establishing solid groundwork. 

    Post-surgery, anticipate physical discomfort, swelling, and a degree of mobility limitation. Nevertheless, these symptoms are transitory stages towards your reinstated confidence and should be treated as such.  An experienced medical facility will not only acutely manage these immediate postoperative effects but will also guard your long-term results vigilantly. 

    Are there potential complications or risks involved in Breast Implant Revision?

    Naturally, as with any surgical intervention, breast implant revision procedures harbor potential complications or risks. These could include but are not limited to infection, bleeding, unfavorable scarring, implant malposition, and reactions to anesthesia. Capsular contracture, a condition wherein the scar tissue around the implant hardens, and implant rupture are two other potential complications associated specifically with this procedure.

    This emphasizes the criticality of appropriately addressing potential complications, timely intervention, and, essentially, proactive recovery measures. Standing before the prospect of a surgical journey rife with uncertainties, you may experience anxiety and apprehension.  In dealing with these potential complications, the importance of selecting a reputable medical facility, and a qualified, experienced surgeon cannot be overstressed.

    How will a Breast Implant Revision affect the overall look and feel of my breasts?

    A breast implant revision can bring about considerable changes in the look and feel of your breasts. Enhanced shape, size, symmetry, and an improved overall aesthetic appeal are just some of the positive outcomes. The touch would be different post-revision - tougher initially due to swelling but gradually softened resembling natural breast tissue.

    Initially, the breasts may feel tougher due to post-operative swelling; however, this is a temporary occurrence. Gradually, as the healing process progresses, the breasts start to soften and become less dense. Ultimately, the aim is to have the implants resemble natural breast tissue as close as possible

    How do I choose the right surgeon or medical facility for a Breast Implant Revision?

    Choosing the right surgeon or medical facility for a breast implant revision is a decision of paramount importance. A decision that demands time, research, and prudence. Choose a board-certified surgeon who specializes in breast surgeries and comes highly recommended with positive patient testimonials and remarkable before and after photos.

    Evaluate the medical facility based on its hygiene standards, medical technology, aftercare services, and overall environment. 

    Whilst the information presented here has been accurately sourced and verified by a medical professional for its accuracy, it is still advised to consult with your doctor before pursuing a medical treatment at one of the listed medical providers. This content was last updated on 21/09/2023.

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