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About Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the largest and richest country in Central Asia due to its large oil and natural gas reserves. It is also the ninth largest country in the world and, with its massive size; boasts a truly diverse landscape, rich culture, and gripping history. In recent years, medical tourism is emerging in Kazakhstan. Thousands of foreign patients, particularly from Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Iran, and the US, visit Kazakhstan each year for health reasons. Foreign patients are attracted by the excellent healthcare service and affordable prices that the country has to offer. Medical centers in the country provide cutting-edge medical technologies that meet international standards and medical professionals are certified by international organizations.

Popular Cities and Regions in Kazakhstan

Almaty, Kazakhstan’s biggest city, is the most popular destination for foreign visitors. Set in a mountainous setting, this cosmopolitan city boasts a mix of Soviet-style, modern buildings, and natural beauty. Some of the most popular attractions in this city include Kök-Töbe, Central State Museum, Kazakhstan Museum of Arts, Kazakh Museum of Folk Musical Instruments, Respublika Alany, Green Market, and Panfilov Park. Besides Almaty, Kazakhstan’s capital, Nur-Sultan (Astana), is also frequented by tourists. Here, visitors can explore the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, admire Khan Shatyr, and visit the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation.

Transport in Kazakhstan

The largest international airport in Kazakhstan, as well as the main entry point for most foreign visitors, is Almaty International Airport. This airport serves flights to numerous countries around Europe and Asia, including Moscow, Dubai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Paris, and Doha. Cities around Kazakhstan are linked by a good network of domestic flights, and the fares are reasonable. Although the railway network is not as extensive as other Western European countries, the trains are a good way to travel around cities and some smaller places. Buses are available, but they are not as comfortable and have less frequent departures than the trains. Inside cities, the best option to get around is by renting a car or taking a taxi. Note that many taxis do not use meters and the fare can depend on your bargaining skills. 

Visas in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan allows citizens of 19 countries, including Argentina, Armenia, Russia, the UAE, and Hong Kong to visit and stay for up to 90 days without a visa. The country also has a visa-free program for citizens of 54 countries, including all EU countries, Australia, Canada, Indonesia, the UK, and the US. Citizens of countries listed in the visa-free program do not require a visa to stays of less than 30 days. Holders of passports issued by other countries, such as India and China, are required to apply for a visa before arriving in Kazakhstan.

Weather in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan experiences four seasons. Summer starts in June and ends in August. It has long, sunny days and warm temperatures, with an average of around 12°C to 27°C. Rain is rare during the summer. Autumn, from September to November, has stable and warm weather, though the temperature is slowly dropping from an average of 20°C at the start of the season to -3° at the end of the season. Winter comes in December, bringing cold and dry weather, with snow and sunny days. Spring, from March to May, has unpredictable weather. It can be both warm and cold, as well as rainy and sunny.

Additional Info
  1. Local Currency: The local currency is Kazakhstani Tenge (KZT) and the exchange rate from 1 USD is around 428 KZT. 
  2. Money & Payments: It is easy to find ATMs around Kazakhstan. Credit cards, including Diners Club and Visa, are accepted for most transactions. However, make sure to always carry some cash with you. Tipping is not obligatory but is becoming more common.
  3. Local Language: The official language is Kazakh, and Russian is commonly spoken. English is only widely spoken in tourist areas.
  4. Local Culture and Religion: Most of the Kazakhstan population identify as Muslim. However, there are small groups of Christians, Jewish, Buddhists, Hindus, and Bahá'í communities.
  5. Public holidays: Among the more important holidays in Kazakhstan are Defender’s Day, Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha, Nauryz, Victory Day, and Independence Day.