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WhiteZone Dental di Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

WhiteZone Dental berlokasi di Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia dan didirikan pada . Lihat harga pengobatan, baca ulasan, dan buat janji temu.

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Skala dan Root Planing
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Penjaga Mulut Kustom
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Saluran Akar
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Pencabutan Gigi yang Terkena Dampak
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Cangkok tulang
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Implan Gigi
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Konsultasi Kedokteran Gigi Kosmetik
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Pemeriksaan Gigi
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Dokter di WhiteZone Dental

Dr. Lee Siew Geok
Dr. Lee Siew Geok
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Michelle Lee

06 February 2018
Dr Lee was very gentle and friendly, definitely the best dentist I've ever had! She also taught me how to brush my teeth the right way, since the appointment I could see drastic improvement in my gum and teeth health �
Yc Leong

31 October 2017
After do the scaling and polishing my mouth feel better and no more dirty teeth Dr Lee very friendly and give some guidance how to brush your teeth with the correct step Thank you very much
Pelly Kong

13 September 2017
My second visit today. Dr Lee is very patient and gentle.
Low Jian Zain

07 July 2017
Thank you for the excellent service! My teeth have never been better. The doctor treated me so gently and the price for the treatment is so reasonable. I definitely recommend this to everyone who wants exceptional treatment at a reasonable price.
Simon Cham

15 May 2017
Just underwent a painless root canal treatment. Very professionally done by Dr. Lee and her team. She is very gentle and extremely thorough with her work. The clinic is clean and modern with nice music as well! Definitely worth recommending and no doubt I will be coming back. Thanks Dr. Lee.
Paul Lok

06 May 2017
Dr Lee Siew Geok is very passionate not only on her profession but to her patient as well. Very friendly staff as well. My teeth scaling and polishing are nicely done. Thank you.
Abu Yamin Saedin

28 March 2017
Recommended and very reasonable charge..
Sh Norazlin Mustafa

25 March 2017
Today my 3rd visit to seeing dentist at whitezone dental. Cool environment n friendly of doc n nurses n also ms shanthi. Thanks a lot team coz give good service to us.
นิยมศาสตร์ สุดากาญจน์

20 March 2017
I am amazed by Dr Lee's gentle & professionalism. My 4 years old daughter had her dental filling fast & smooth.
Estelle Ee

10 February 2017
I just had scaling and polishing at WhiteZone Dental clinic. I was worry it will be very painful like what I experienced before, but this time it is not painful at all. Thank you Dr Lee for her good skills and patiently explained to me about my teeth problem. Highly recommended. Will come here again next time.
Chia Hooi H'ng

21 November 2016
Dr Lee is very patient and friendly. Highly recommend Whitezone dental clinic!
Soo Whui Teh

12 October 2016
Dr.Grace Lee is my favorite dentist. I love her for being especially caring and gentle during treatment. She ensures that you are completely aware of the procedure and are prepared. WhiteZone clinic has the latest Digital X-ray machines which produce clear images and aid in proper diagnosis while also minimizing the radiation exposure. I am from Shah Alam but I don’t mind to travel to here ( PJ branch ) because of the ambiance, the care, the professional and the entire experience are well worth the cost.
Evonne Ho

19 August 2016
Went for scaling. .good experience and very patient dentist. Thanks
Serene Silva

11 July 2016
Dr grace is so gentle ! She looks after us very well :) love coming back to get my teeth all cleaned up
Chia Wee Chia Wee

19 June 2016
The dentist.nice and sweet ladies. Feel soft and comfort with.the environment
Qian Yap

22 January 2016
Great service, friendly staff & helpful Doctor Dr Ong is helpful & patience, & she is so thoughtful, prepare some small gift to cheer up the little boy who is first time visit to dentist
Matthew Chai

01 January 2016
Dentist show caring to patient and the dental clinic environment is great.
Tomi Chng

13 December 2015
A clinic that provides thoughtful dental care. My oral health improves after receiving several treatments from Dr Lee. This is a place you want to go if you are looking for safe mercury-free dental filling.
Kes Chin

11 December 2015
Very friendly and gentle dentist. Not so scared of going to the dentist as much before. Would totally recommend whitezone.
JanNee Foo

11 December 2015
This is my first time at this dental clinic and Dr Lee did a great job. Thumbs up! Will come again
Hilary Tan

01 December 2015
It's was painless and my teeth is shining clean now! Doctor taught me the right way to brush my teeth and gave me advise. Recommend to those who is scared to go dentist like me
Yng Shan

27 October 2015
Highly recommended dentist clinic. Dr Lee is very gentle in doing treatment. I have painless experience of undergone wisdom tooth extraction , root canal , crowning and scaling at here
Christopher Chew Dian Ming

16 August 2015
Nice and peaceful ambiance with friendly staffs. Dentist( Dr.Lee) is definitely gentle and helpful during the treatment session thus you can just go through the procedure with peace of mind. P/s : Air Cond at the reception area is a little too cold though! Haha!
AK March

10 July 2015
Good Hospitality...Friendly staff and the most is u feel comfortable with the DR...
Adeline Tan Lin Ling

07 July 2015
Excellent service. Dr Lee is very patient in answering my queries.
Alice Woo Kean Wei

19 June 2015
Both of my girls enjoy going to the dentist because Dr. Lee is so kind, nice and patient with kids. And according to Wei Pynn: "Dr. Lee knows what she is doing and I trust her 101%... and at the end of the appointment, I can proudly flash my white pearlies!"
SuhYeang Ngan

13 June 2015
I am very thankful to whitezone dental clinic because I am surprised by the good service and the result is great!
Vh Lam

05 April 2015
Friendly staff and excellent service.. painless dental treatment
Kilian Wiese

04 April 2015
Friendly and very efficient. Will definitely recommend
Jeremy Aw Peng Seong

03 April 2015
Like their services and their friendly staffs. Will recommend to friends.

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