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$ 120,000
Tummy Tuck - Bang Phlat, Bangkok

Sorotan di Yanhee International Hospital

Tummy Tuck di Yanhee International Hospital

Tindakan Tummy Tuck tersedia di Yanhee International Hospital dengan harga dimulai dari $120,000. Yanhee International Hospital berlokasi di Bang Phlat, Bangkok, Thailand dan melakukan 44 tindakan pada 8 spesialisasi. Fasilitas kesehatan ini berjarak 41.8 Km dari dan didirikan pada 1984 Jan.

Fasilitas Pelayanan

Wi-Fi Gratis
Layanan Juru Bahasa
Pilihan wisata lokal
Kamar pribadi untuk pasien tersedia
Layanan penerjemah

Tindakan yang Tersedia di Yanhee International Hospital

Lihat Rincian
Lihat Rincian
Lihat Rincian
Lihat Rincian
Plastic Surgery Consultation
Lihat Rincian
Lihat Rincian
Pengurangan Tudung Klitoris
Lihat Rincian
Pembuatan Kelopak Mata Ganda
Lihat Rincian
Pencukuran Trakea
Lihat Rincian
Augmentasi Dagu
Lihat Rincian
Sedot Lemak
Lihat Rincian
Lihat Rincian
Reduksi Tulang Pipi
Lihat Rincian
Neck Lift
Lihat Rincian
Brow Lift
Lihat Rincian
Lihat Rincian
Rekonstruksi Payudara
Lihat Rincian
Lihat Rincian
Arm Lift
Lihat Rincian
Augmentasi Payudara
Lihat Rincian
Implan Payudara
Lihat Rincian
Breast Lift
Lihat Rincian
Butt Lift
Lihat Rincian
Pembentukan Rahang
Lihat Rincian
Thigh Lift
Lihat Rincian
Pengecilan Payudara
Lihat Rincian
Implan Bokong
Lihat Rincian
Mommy Makeover
Lihat Rincian
Operasi Penggantian Kelamin (Laki-Laki ke Perempuan)
Lihat Rincian
Operasi Feminisasi Wajah (FFS)
Lihat Rincian
Tummy Tuck
Lihat Rincian
Lihat Rincian
Operasi Penggantian Kelamin (Perempuan ke Laki-Laki)
Lihat Rincian
Augmentasi Bokong (Pembesaran Bokong)
Lihat Rincian
Penghapusan Bekas Luka
Lihat Rincian
Bedah Feminisasi Suara
Lihat Rincian
Lihat Rincian
Operasi Kelopak Mata
Lihat Rincian
Transplantasi Rambut
Lihat Rincian
Penghilang Rambut IPL
Lihat Rincian
Penghapusan Tato dengan Laser
Lihat Rincian
Lihat Rincian
Lihat Rincian
Lihat Rincian

Dokter di Yanhee International Hospital

Dr. Greechart Pornsinsirisak
Dr. Greechart Pornsinsirisak

Medical Education

  • Doctor of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, 1985


  • Board of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery of Thailand

Specialty Training

  • General Surgery, Chulalongkorn Hospital, 1991
  • Plastic Surgery, Chulalongkorn Hospital, 1994
  • International Training & Post-Graduate Courses
  • American Society of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Certificate in Microsurgery, Singapore General Hospital

Work Experience

  • ER & Surgical Department, Phang-nga Hospital
  • General Surgery, Chulalongkorn Hospital
  • Plastic Surgery, Chulalongkorn Hospital
  • Assistant Teacher, Chulalongkorn Hospital Plastic Surgery Unit
  • Yanhee International Hospital, 1998 – present
Bedah Plastik dan Kosmetik
Dr. Kanya Techachokwiwat
Dr. Kanya Techachokwiwat
Dr. Pramote Manurangsee
Dr. Pramote Manurangsee
Dr. Sanit Pongkapanakai
Dr. Sanit Pongkapanakai
Dr. Chokchai Amornsawadwattana
Dr. Chokchai Amornsawadwattana
Lebih Banyak Dokter Lebih Sedikit Dokter


Tiptunya Kampim

02 September 2019
I love this place. Good service and many doctors are so nice. Take care me very well. I recommend!!!
Joely k-dori

19 August 2019
Dont go to the dentist here. Its expensive and they did a terrible job leaving me in more pain than before. The equipment is out of date and waiting times are ridiculous. I emailed ahead asking if i could book an appointment to which i was then replied by the staff and told not to book an appointment and just rock up. I did so and waited more than 2 hours as a result. DONT GO HERE.

04 July 2019
Very good hospital with an International Services division that makes sure foreign patients are well looked after and supported. The facilities are constantly being upgraded. Staff are very friendly amd most can speak some English. The surgeon I consulted was very knowledgeable, caring and friendly.
Pink Rpunya

29 June 2019
Very clean and great service. Staffs are very helpful and friendly. The doctors we we've met with so far are very nice and informative.
eva K.

13 March 2019
i ve been visiting this hospital for many years for dentists and cosmetic doctors, always very satisfied with the services
Ning Karlsson

01 January 2019
I had a good experiences at this Private hospital, there are the asistances all the way from I start to connect the Hospital, great staff, service mind, though there are many young and pritty, they do theirs job.
SteStephani Agustaphani Agusta

19 November 2018
Nice services, and many kind all staff and nurses. They have translator for me (from Indonesia) in Malayu language it's make me easy to consult my illness. Thank you very much Yanhee!
Jaime Oliveira

18 July 2018
I had a great experience at Yanhee. Great customer service. I was escorted at all times and really well assisted. They were very polite and caring. The doctors were very caring and understanding and I was very satisfied with their service. Hospital was clean and really well maintained. I would recommend and definitely will come back!
Michelle Doyle Grigg

09 April 2018
I came over from Australia for few surgeries at once. My doctor Thaiwatchai was so kind, patient and thorough. The nurses on Level 10 plastic surgery were amazing. So kind and the service was unbelievable. I was treated like a princess. I have smiled even through the pain because of their attitude. Loved it
Tyson Lehn

07 April 2018
Great Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Treatment. Very reasonable prices. There is a large section dedicated to HBOT with many friendly staff, doctors and nurses. Very professional. There are many HBOT chambers so this placed is designed to cater for many patients at the same time. Other hospitals only have one chamber. I had nearly 5 treatments here and would definitely come back. Thank you from an Australian visitor :)
D Lux Nye

10 January 2018
I would highly recommended this hospital, Dr Ournoma is great doctor, My surgery turn well, I’m totally satisfied. Dr. Ournoma has changed my life.. One the humblest doctor I’ve saw in my entire life. Thank you Dr.Ournoma �
Sandy Tait

31 May 2017
hand some dental work done , very happy with the results , and half the price I've paid here , I wold go their any time
Jay Power

13 January 2017
My family's favorite Hospital 4 Dental Care Eye Care and General Medical Care the staff is friendly and the doctors but patient and knowledgeable and the prices are very reasonable
Gilbert Cheah

13 October 2016
Large modern medical center with wide range of specialties. They cater to big international clientele and have foreign language interpreters if needed. There's also a large aesthetics center on the second floor specialising in skin care and beauty therapies. Rates for medical services are about half what you'll find in neighbouring Singapore and about 90% less than the US.
Tô Hải Hà

28 September 2016
Just got my sex change surgery done. Never felt more beautiful as a woman !
Duer Achira Tantithanapanya

23 September 2016
Thank you for everything. I'm so happy now. Everyone is very good service. Thank you my Doctor Thawatchi for tack care of me and Doctor Chokchi for take care of my aunt. Hope everything is good for you guys.Thank you very much Once again. Achi' s family.
Jhoyax Polizon Modesto

24 May 2016
The best hospital in Bankok!
Ashique Aman

03 May 2016
Just got my sex change surgery done. Never felt more beautiful as a woman!
Victoria Horne

22 June 2015
LOVED the service. The staff were friendly and thorough. My dentistry was harmless and the end result was amazing. My dentist was also very approachable, lovely and had a wonderful manner about her. Can not wait until I come back. Yanhee is stunning!
Angela Young

14 June 2015
Brilliant surgeon, amazing dentist and amazing staff. Everything went perfect. Thankyou :)
Hii Speet

11 May 2015
I trust you see you soon I wish I had nice brest surgery from yanhee international hospital
Heart Samsam

04 May 2015
The best Hospital in Thailand not only in medical services but also in beauty and cosmetics....
New Linn

18 January 2015
I did twice for my face Good service and safe treatment
Noom Noom Awn

09 January 2015
Ana Uhlin

21 December 2014
I had my breast augmentation surgery on the 20th of December. I was treated like a princess from the international coordinators,the nurses and of course my surgeon is Dr. Pramote. He did visit me before Ive been discharged from the hospital even though he wasn't meant to visit me. He did recommend the right size for my body not for the prize. I will be going back in a few days to remove my stitches. Yanhee is a world class hospital when it comes to service and focus to patients needs. Thank you once again for taking care of me. Thank you to all Filipino nurses and coordinators specially to Mr. James Reviero, and thank you to all the sweetest nurses on ward 10 C.Thank you Yanhee.
Rebecca Fowler

14 October 2014
Perfect service immaculately clean highly recommend!!!!!!!!
Connie Chorus Ng

04 October 2014
Very nice service and effective treatment.
Linda Zhao

22 September 2014
hello,i am Linda,I just visit your website on facebook and know you are also in the laser beauty line,our factory had in in laser beauty 10 years,our main products as like laser hair removal,laser tattoo removal and lipo laser slimming machine,Fractional RF needle,laser hair regrowth machine,in addition,our factory develop a new machine about laser hair removal ( Elight+SHR+IPL),the price is USD3500/pc,if you are interesting it,please contact me as follows E-mail : [email protected] Mobile:15029219422(whatsapp) Wechat Address:waimaozhao1989 Skype:[email protected]
Abu Omar Joumaa

15 September 2014
Wonderfull people Like a family Lovely stuff
ပန္းခေရ ပန္းခေရ ပန္းခေရ

19 July 2014
Jao-Khun Alberca

13 July 2014
^_____^ friendly staffs esp. my plastic surgeon Dr. Sanit...

07 July 2014
Yanhee is truly the world's best.
Cindy Ly

06 July 2014
lose weight
Hazel Wang

28 June 2014
Very nice service and effective treatment.
Raheem Siddiqui

20 June 2014
one of the best hospital in Thailand
Martin Werkman

19 June 2014
My beautiful daughter whas born here :)
Emily Khokaz

30 March 2014
Got a BA Very clean hospital every well looked after would recommend it to any one
Anne Chavez Oran

18 February 2014
One of the best hospital in thailand

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