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Dentistry Consultation - Mueang Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai

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Konsultasi Kedokteran Gigi di Dental World Chiangmai Clinic

Tindakan Konsultasi Kedokteran Gigi tersedia di Dental World Chiangmai Clinic dengan kisaran harga antara Sesuai Permintaan dan $7. Dental World Chiangmai Clinic berlokasi di Mueang Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai, Thailand dan melakukan 21 tindakan pada 1 spesialisasi. Fasilitas kesehatan ini berjarak 1.1 Km dari City dan didirikan pada 2009 Nov.

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Konsultasi Kedokteran Gigi
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Rontgen Gigi
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Aplikasi Fluoride
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Perawatan Higenis
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Cabut Gigi
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Pembersihan Gigi
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Tambal Gigi
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Skala dan Root Planing
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Gigi Palsu
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Pencabutan Gigi yang Terkena Dampak
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Cabut Gigi Bungsu
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Dokter di Dental World Chiangmai Clinic

Dr. Surasak  Yowcharoensuk
Dr. Surasak Yowcharoensuk

- Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS.)
- Grad. Dip. In clin. Sc. (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery)
- Diploma Thai Board in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Dokter Gigi
Dr. Prakasit Archewa
Dr. Prakasit Archewa

- Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS.)

- Grad. Dip. in clin. Sc. (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery)

- Diploma Thai Board in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Dokter Gigi
Dr. Kullapop  Suttiat
Dr. Kullapop Suttiat

- Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS.)
- Higher Graduate Diploma in Clinicial Science (Prosthodontics)
- Master of Science Program in Prosthodontics

Dokter Gigi
Dr. Pavitra  Waikasetkorn
Dr. Pavitra Waikasetkorn

- Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS.)
- Master of Science in Restorative Dentistry (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA)
- Certificate in Restorative Dentistry (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA)

Dokter Gigi
Dr. Nahathai Changvivit
Dr. Nahathai Changvivit

- Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS.)
- Certificate In Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Dokter Gigi
Dr. Dontaya  Yowcharoensuk(Suvapap)
Dr. Dontaya Yowcharoensuk(Suvapap)

- Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS.)

- Certificate Specialty Training (Orthodontics)

- Higher Graduate Diploma In Clinical Science (Orthodontics)

- Diploma Thai Board In Orthodontics

Dokter Gigi
Dr. Surachai  Thumrongkitchaloen
Dr. Surachai Thumrongkitchaloen

- Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS.)

- Diploma in Orthodontics

- Certificate Specialty Training (Orthodontics)

- Certificate in Prosthodontics

Dokter Gigi
Dr. Thanatpiya  Somsuk
Dr. Thanatpiya Somsuk

- Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS.)

- Master of Science in Orthodontics

- Diploma Thai Board In Orthodontics

Dokter Gigi
Dr. Wilawan  Prucksathamrongkul
Dr. Wilawan Prucksathamrongkul

- Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS.)
- Diploma in Pediatric Dentistry
- Diploma Thai Board in Pediatric Dentistry

Dokter Gigi
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Hydiz MCcullen

31 May 2018
Great experience with a dentist for my niece (3 years old). After getting fed up with another dentist at another clinic. I was searching and did homeworks finding a professional dentist for children. Finally, the dentist here is very good to handle my niece. My niece got a stainless steel crown and cleaning and Fluoride application. They also have play ground just behide the clinic for children. Lovely place for children. Well organized staffs. Clean and modern facility. Recommended. PS- They offer 'laughing gas' as well. Good for me to try next time :-)
Robert Smith

28 May 2018
Very clean and professional I got to Chiang Mai and made a last minute decision to get new teeth made. They asked me how long I would in town and setup all dates for my work. Even on the weekend when the dentist should have not been working . I'm over joyed with the work I got done there. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking to get new teeth or any other kind of work done.
Amonnut Patomwan

26 May 2018
My uncle had comprehensive work done including 3 implants, a bridge, old crowns replaced, and extraction. Dr.Surasak is great professional of extraction and Implants. He took only 30 minutes for pulling out 2 teeth and no pain. Firstly, my uncle was afraid to get implant (as he thought it maybe not good for old people age 60 like him), but with explanation by Dr.Surasak, the dentist made him feel confident to proceed. All well done now and just need to meet him for 6-months check-up. My uncle is very happy now with his implants. Dr.Surasak and Dr. Khem worked with my uncle to get the best result with the budget that I had. Their staffs are lovely and well organized. Highly recommended for comprehensive dental works!
phodchana konsang

23 May 2018
I had teeth cleaning, fillings, and Zoom whitening. The dentists are professional and I feel comfortable with them. They only suggested necessary dental works to me, so that I can be ensure that I will not 'over' my budget. I paid only 900 baht for cleaning within 30 minutes by a specialist. With Zoom whitening, it made my smile super during my graduation ceremony :-) Lastly, with amber car parking space, it is awesome! No need to be worry with parking on the road side.
Alexander Connolly

23 May 2018
Absolutely fantastic treatment for my wisdom tooth removal, I look forward to my return for the other two. I highly recommend Dentalworld. The staff speaks excellent English and is very warm and personable. I put off doing this surgery where I live in America out of fear for so long and I am very pleased with my results at this location in Chiang Mai.
Suansarunyarat Mala

22 May 2018
I had a very good experience with wisdom teeth removed. After I have done wisdom teeth surgery removal, I was surprising with the result cause I could enjoy BBQ with my fiend 2 days later! Also for fillings, the dentist is gently handle. I didn't even feel hurt when she touched my tooth. I have done cleaning too. I have paid 900 THB for that and I feel very clean after that which I think I never had that kind of feeling before. Efficient, reasonable price, and professional clinic. Very good choice!
Ola Puścian

20 April 2018
The service was excellent and very reasonable prices. I needed to do a retainer, as I broke the one I took on the trip. I compared prices with other clinics around and I highly recommend DentalWorld! Clinic is spacious, clean and modern, staff and doctors speak English, I got better service then in my country! The doctor proposed a solution I was asking for in Poland but didn't receive. My new retainer is adjustable - just as I wanted! So... I am very happy and recommend with all my heart.
Sarah May Gail Dawson

13 April 2018
With Dentalworld I had a few services, had a mouth guard made, 2 teeth implants, whitening and a fixed retainer. I had great service and communication, I was very anxious before my implants and the dentist I saw was very reassuring about my treatment. Everything was done professionally and hygienically and used technology such as CT scanning to ensure everything was perfect, he was very thorough and ensured that I was comfortable all along the procedures. All of my follow up treatments were done in a timely manner as the clinic was aware of my time constraints, with this they made sure that everything was complete upon return to Australia. The prices were very competitive and I was able to obtain a quote before any work commenced which was very comprehensive. 10/10 for service and the work that has been done perfectly by Australian standards. Everyone who works at Dentalworld were pleasant and remembered me on a first name basis throughout my treatment, this personal service made a big difference and made me feel very welcome at the clinic.
Natasha Nekhoda

02 April 2018
I was nervous going to a dental clinic outside of Canada, but I've received the best dental care of my life at Dental World. I had a cracked tooth and have now been for a consultation, a temporary crown, I've seen a specialist, and had a root canal. All of the staff are kind , friendly, and accomodating, the equipment is high tech, and the dentists really take the time to explain things to you and give you options. All for a fraction of the price back home. They also have very strong communication skills in English. I couldn't recommend Dental World more .
Meiyi C

21 February 2018
Excellent dental service, the dentist I saw was incredibly friendly and considerate. Highly recommended! Reception can be a bit slow, it took me 15 minutes to pay and leave after the dental cleaning, nonetheless, very good customer service.
Erin Cox

26 January 2018
I normally don't post reviews but had to here. I was very nervous and had to get 3 wisdom teeth removed- one still fully encased in my gums and one pretty intensely impacted. Doctor/specialist was fantastic from start to finish and I got just as good of care/service in every way (If not better!!) as I would expect from the USA. Used laughing gas, numbing gel for shots, numbing shots, antibiotics, and basically same pain meds I would be prescribed in the usa. Kept me totally informed and made sure I felt comfortable in perfect English. Whole experience was as stress and pain free as they possibly could have made it, and felt nothing/totally dazed out for the actual procedure. I had nothing to be nervous about it turns out. No upsetting, all fair and honest pricing/payment outlined to me beforehand. Very highly reccomend!
Robert Srisam-ang

21 December 2017
Great,friendly, and professional dentists! Highly recommend dental world.
Kazuaki Sakurazawa

28 November 2017
Had four wisdom teeth removed in under 10min. Painless and highly skilled dental work. I chose Dental World to straighten my teeth, because they were the only dentist to explain each process, without a hint of upselling one of their services. There are also specialists for each kind of dental work. I am always impressed at how quick, efficient and affordable it is here.
Marcel Hopi

09 October 2017
best dentist clinic in my life. top consulting. top treatment. Best-Price.� Waiting... After i have again nice teeth. Haha. #welovedentists
Jean-Paul Sara

18 June 2017
Clean. Efficient. Totally professional. Great rates for services. I plan to make a life-long relationship with Dental World.
Josh Snow

16 January 2017
Had an awesome experience here. Stopped in with my partner on a short trip to Chiang Mai for a teeth clean and teeth whitening. The professionalism of the dentists we saw were second to none. The price is reasonable and the results were as good, if not better to what I would have received in Australia for 3 times the price!

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