$ 82
Ultrasound Scan - Thalang, Phuket

Sorotan di Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort

Pemindaian Ultrasound di Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort

Tindakan Pemindaian Ultrasound tersedia di Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort dengan harga dimulai dari $82. Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort berlokasi di Thalang, Phuket, Thailand dan melakukan 8 tindakan pada 6 spesialisasi. Fasilitas kesehatan ini berjarak 13.3 Km dari dan didirikan pada 2012 Jan.

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Penjemputan Bandara
Akomodasi Keluarga
Wi-Fi Gratis
Pemesanan Hotel
Pilihan wisata lokal
Pemesanan transportasi lokal
Tersedia tempat parkir
Kamar pribadi untuk pasien tersedia
Rumah Makan
Permintaan diet khusus diterima
TV di dalam kamar

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Dokter di Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort

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Barbara Wychopen

27 April 2018
Just want to say thank you for all your kindness and generosity. I totally loved my stay at your resort and of course my tennis program. The coaching and motivation was great despite the warm and humid temperatures. Miss my cold plunges, the great food and the wonderful staff members.
Roy Devlin

09 April 2018
Excellent service, outstanding facilities and great tennis courts and food. I will join.
Tee Showcase

27 March 2018
My god cause of your Running 10 Miles make me hate your organize and how you manage of everything include your sponsors for this Events too . Sick (T-T)
Saruttaya Lakchai

22 February 2018
Vegan menu here is the best in Thailand. Really recommended xoxoxo
Pavithra Vijayarajan

31 January 2018
There is a reason why everyone who visits keeps coming back! You've got to be there to experience it!
Natthanicha Napaphan

26 January 2018
The best one of great sports club in Asia but wellness jacuzzi not really clean also memberships not really respectful other people didn’t know how to used not even to clean body before in bath some jump with sweat sport clothes also a couple days ago I able to smell pee in cold jacuzzi than temperature 16 instead of 9 degree Would like to recommend Mention sign clearly point to Point
Stephen Reville

02 January 2018
Excellent service! Staff are so helpful, i cant recommend this place enough!!!
Alexandra Gumuchian

17 December 2017
Had the best week learning how to play tennis in Thanyapura. The resort is amazing, the food caters to all needs (normal, low fat, vegan, raw etc ) and the patient tennis coaches helped me improve massively, which is what I wanted the most. There are group tennis lessons in the morning which is a great way to meet people and practice playing in a non teacher- pupil situation. In between lessons there are gym classes, yoga classes and a well equipped gym to help you break a sweat. The only tiny little thing I wish there was would be more local restaurants/ places outside the resort to be able to eat out and support the local community a bit more. All in all a super place and would highly recommend for anyone wanting to improve tennis or who wants a combined lazy and active holiday in the sun.
Tek Ng

02 November 2017
Stayed here for 5 days, joined the tennis package and did some spas, fitness classes, meditation classes, a health check, a chiropractic checkup! All the staffs here are very nice and professional! Highly recommend to those who want to improve their sport play and finding a special vacation!
Walter Cueva

28 October 2017
Great place for the people who's looking to development, the body, the mind and the soul.
Mel Peto

30 August 2017
Stayed 8 nights on the triathlon package, and will rave about it for a long time to come!!! Amazing facilities, coaches are fab, food is brilliant, and local places within walking distance. Hotel was amazing, stayed in the pool wing, and will definitely be back! Even the timetable of additional classes that are available was great. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to focus on training and relax at the same time! Staff were exceptional, and could not fault anything.....
Dan Chadwick

16 August 2017
World class sports facility in the heart of Phuket. A must visit for anyone who's health conscious or into fitness in any way. Lots of staff on hand to assist you in any way possible. Great running track, gym, 50m and 25m pools and the restaurant serves amazing healthy food. Only minor complaint would be the gyms could be a little bigger and offer more space in from of the free weights and mirrored sections, but I'm nitpicking. Had a fantastic day here.
Ayanti Guha

30 December 2016
A great place for for a break or a vacation whether you're into sports or just want some leisure time. The location is great, surrounded by mountains and lush greenery all around and the facilities are world class! The staff are extremely helpful and friendly not to mention patient; with smiles on their faces 24/7. We are loving our time here and look forward to returning in 2017.
Milos Vegano Stepita

23 October 2016
Restaurant at Thanyapura is top quality. The food tasted amazing, plus they can make any special orders such as vegeterian, vegan, or even raw vegan so you can eat very healthy. I highly recommend to eat there, plus the staff is very helpful with a good knowledge of English.

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  • TV di dalam kamar
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  • Telepon di dalam kamar
  • Kamar pribadi tersedia


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