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Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Consultation - KL City, Kuala Lumpur

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Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Consultation at Gleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Gleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur, located in KL City, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia offers patients Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Consultation procedures among its total of 149 available procedures, across 18 different specialties. Currently, there's no pricing information for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Consultation procedures at Gleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur, as all prices are available on request only. There are many specialists available at the Hospital, with 10 in total, and they have multiple recognized accreditations, including:

  • JCI Accredited
  • MSQH Accreditation

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Doctors at Gleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Dr. Azani Mohamed Daud
Dr. Azani Mohamed Daud
Dr. Arasa Raj Sinnathuray
Dr. Arasa Raj Sinnathuray
Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)
Dr. Faridah Ismail
Dr. Faridah Ismail
Dr. Ryan Ponnudari
Dr. Ryan Ponnudari
Dr. Paul Selvindoss
Dr. Paul Selvindoss
General Surgery
Dr. Paul Yap Ray Yee
Dr. Paul Yap Ray Yee
Internal Medicine
Dr. Mak Choon Soon
Dr. Mak Choon Soon
Dr. Muhammad Azrif Bin Ahmad Annuar
Dr. Muhammad Azrif Bin Ahmad Annuar
Dr. Mohd Fadzil Tahir
Dr. Mohd Fadzil Tahir
Dr. Lee Soon Khai
Dr. Lee Soon Khai
Vascular Medicine
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Kamini Nadaraja

27 June 2020
Top-notch service from Dr. Cheong Fook Meng and his staff. They were extremely friendly, attending to me with great hospitality which is pretty rare especially in the medical centers. I had brought my 4 year old for consultation and I barely waited for 5 mins before I was called in to see the Doctor. He was very detailed in his explanations and I am now confident that my son is in good hands. Dr Cheong Fook Meng and his staffs are definitely a game-changer given my atrocious experience with my niece last year in the ER.
dicky hartono

11 April 2020
Big hospital, inside was so clean, the doctors and nurses were professional. Excellent services.

15 March 2020
Clean and adequate service. Depends on which doctor you will need to be consulting. Since it is a private hospital, I do recommend you treat them with a more authoritative tone as they might push you down if you seem easy to push around. Overall good
Fiona Fairweather

07 March 2020
Excellent service every time I have been to this hospital. I regularly go for my health screening and have also sent family members. Whether it is the cardiologists, the dentists, or the doctors in the ER I find them excellent. The doctors, the nurses, and the admin staff are also very kind and helpful. I definitely recommend this hospital.
Anne Velu

26 January 2020
Spent a week in the hospital with Dengue Fever. The doctor was great, the food atrocious, nursing staff OK, luckily there is a Dome restaurant that delivers in the same building. I had a private room, it was passable but the ensuite bathroom had mold, not ideal.
Nic Tan

04 June 2018
This hospital gives quite good service. Especially when there is a New Chic Duplex Loft in 3 Towers Jalan Ampang For Rent (WhatsApp 012 681 3818 for more info) as an ancillary support to the well being of the doctors and staff.
Azli Zin

16 April 2018
Can you please on the air conditioning at the Accident & Emergency Department waiting area ? Your staff are comfortable with a/c while you treat us as the paying for a sauna ? Stop being a cheapskate !!
Arnee Ismail

21 March 2018
I understand things can get busy at A&E but we were told we'd get called in once the doc has arrived, after about an hour. No one called us in for almost 2 hours and when we went up to enquire apparently he'd arrived for quite a while already. Our child received 9 stitches on eyebrow done by a plactic surgeon which set us back about MYR4k, including follow ups. The last follow up he took 2 minutes to look at the recovering wound and told us what he could've told us in the previous visit after taking out the stitches. This was a lil irritating as it takes us time to go there and together with the waiting time was really not worth it. Doc was not resident so follow ups were after work hours on weekdays which was annoying due to Jalan Ampang traffic. Other than that, the wound is healing OK.
Nurul Hanani

25 February 2018
You gotta check your front desk person Kasthuri. She’s given rolled eyes when i didnt go to the counter. No one can hear her because my kid was crying for god’s sake. Dont be so ignorant!
Muhammad Aariq Hakim

31 January 2018
my niece admitted 2 times at Gleneagles KL for the past one month.yang latest,she was admitted last week for her hand surgery.dua dua pre-admission tapi first time haritu admission lambat sangat.second time cepat sikit.dua dua kali my niece masuk ward 7B.good service there! nurse nurse semua peramah,baik and niece was admitted for 4 days last week and the nurses took care of her very well.she really feel comfortable while her staying there.i can see when the nurses datang nak bawak my niece pergi ot,the nurse senyum happy je! baru lah my niece tenang je and tak rasa nervous nak niece ni pendiam,tak banyak cakap thank you doctor and the nurses at ward 7B for treating her very well �
Suhaimi Mahdi

09 January 2018
Admit in ward for so many times. Staff so rude, remind me 1 of ward clerk, lazy ,rude and showed ignorance face when i ask to open the main door. Remember we paid for the bills...don’t treat us like we came and seat for free..
Calvin Roteno

04 January 2018
any one know good paedtrician allergy and immunology ?
Sheau Huey Chen

17 December 2017
Saedah is a very good and polite nurse (from Dr Lim Kim Hatt Clinic).
Ivy Lim

01 December 2017
My 3rd day here now. Visitor hrs shud be strict. visitors coming in & out even at 11pm. A nurse was administering my antibiotics 15 mins earlier, 1 nurse outside was shouting to this nurse n she came in talking abt wht food to eat time. This is disturbing the work of this nurse. I told her to discuss outside after she finishes n she was rude and adamant without apologising. She mumbled some words when she left n shout again outside. She is nt fit in this hospital. I did nt catch her name.
Norliza Khan Olsen

13 November 2017
Extremely slow service at EnA. Two numbers in one is tt an emergency response!
Urban Bear Sutjitro

10 November 2017
i was admitted to the hospital in 27 October and was warded for 5 nights at room Block B 370. the room was infested with ants on the tables etc (i have videos of it!). on top of it, the housekeeping service was also poor (didnt change the towels unless requested) and the washroom was not cleaned properly.
Joshua Cheah

11 October 2017
We came to the Accident and Emergency Department for an urgent check up. We were made to wait for at least 1.5 hours before our turn to see the doctor!! For a hospital of its kind and as an Emergency Department, do you make patients wait that long?? This is a total disappointment and does not live up to its name!! Will not recommend others to come here!!
Mohini Sakuntala

23 September 2017
I liked d people n d atmosphere very much tq god bless u all tq love u all amen
Aireen Natasha

18 September 2017
Pls don't use the queing system if your staff doesn't want to use it... Waited almost an hour just to register as only 2 que no ahead. What is the use of queing no if you treat those who direct to your counter.. Not the 1st time encounter this..need improvement at outpatient register counter
Lam Jin-Xian

07 September 2017
Admitted for deliveries twice and kids admitted for medical problems. All attended specialist are professional and good. Staffs in ward are caring and friendly too. They made our stay comfortable and no worry. Definitely a good and reputable medical care provider.
Uthaya Kumar Murugesu

14 August 2017
wonderful atmosphere. state of the art technology and they have vast majority of specialist doctors
Patricia Koay

30 July 2017
i truly feel the hospitality services from gleneagle medical teams are very friendly yet maintain the professionalism for the patiences.keep it good work and take good care of our community.
Yosh Lin

25 July 2017
Nice nurses at level 5, dedicated security in front of elevator to keep patient's safety, wide corridor, concern security guard after main entrance and calm environment. You only have to fix your autopay machine ticket at 4th floor. �
Shiva Ramana

21 July 2017
Everything was fine except the admission and discharge ...pls uplift your standards on that aspect...sincere request
Haslina Sheikh Hassan

18 July 2017
Doctor came early. By 820am the 1st patient went into dr's clinic. Waiting time is short.
Ro Fa Lam Ya

13 July 2017
There was little discomfort with the service of the nurse here compared to the hospital admission I had previously attended. However, doctors are very satisfied with the treatment given to my child. Thanks to doctor Chan Tee Ling...yang paling penting adalah anak saya sihat.syukur alhamdulillah...
Dino Yuen Hoong Loong

07 July 2017
Dr Tan Lay Seng was excellent and very professional in handling the delivery of our precious girl. Labour was smooth and everything went well! Nurses' service and the room were excellent!
Ck Chia

21 June 2017
nurse and cleaner never keep them voice down! Patient how to get rest??
Keertegan Bhaskaran

08 June 2017
I dont understand why such a big hospital only have two cashier counter. I hope they can have a better system instead of having people blindly standing around the counter...
Roselina Ross Abdullah

05 June 2017
If anyone needs to have their blood drawn for must have it done by the Phlebotomist team...I have the highest level phobia of needles and all my 56 years of my life having to deal.with horror blood test experience...not anymore.....Siti Azrah is highly skilled and her personality puts any phobic person at ease..I am sure her team members Hazwan and the others are capable as well. 7 Star Rating from me...btw Customer Care at Gleneagles is always the best!!!!
Koppalai Kirnan

29 May 2017
Admitted from 25th to 30th May 2017. Our Gynaecologist was Datuk Alex Mathews, the operation was successful and he cared for my wife like his own daughter, with his daily visits including the weekends, thanks a million Doc. Was warded in 3B, all the nurses, cleaners and all the staffs are doing a wonderful job, the made us feel at home. They were so polite, caring, immediate attention went called, thanks for advices from the senior nurses on after care. Overall I will give 10/10 score for their love and care for the patients. Keep up the good work. With lots of love, from us Manjula and Kopal.
Murshid Khan

24 May 2017
I went for head pain management of my son Imran Bakhtier khan who have been suffering from severe headache for a week. I made an appointment through what's up. The neurology department took good care and the Dr Oee was quite supportive. Nursing staffing helpful .but it's abit expensive than Thailand.
Kok Siew Leng

24 May 2017
Million thanks to a ENT Consultant Dr Yeo Sek Wee, I am so happy that I found a doctor that is kind, caring and excellent at the impression. While you may not be perfect, you are the perfect doctor for me. Thank you for always being there for me and being a wonderful physician.You’re such a wonderful doctor and you always make me feel so safe. Thank you for being the best doctor for my son.
Belinda Lee

11 April 2017
Good service! Loved how passionate the doctors were when they attended to mum. thank you
Shadira Post Natal

10 April 2017
Sharifah Zalurah

04 April 2017
Million thanks to dato vernon and his staff , esp nora for helping wt my baby admission and indra for the med advice.. many thanks to wad 4a staff and doc raja frm A&E as well ..
Cai Fen Chang

02 April 2017
Homestay just 1.5km away from KL Gleneagles Hospital :) Comfortable Nordic design apartment please pm for details
Zaharina Yusli

31 March 2017
I really liked GKL. I've been with GKL since year 2005 and i'm still with GKL till present.
Bento Chong

31 March 2017
admission process was really bad. I waited for 8 hours. But once you got in to the ward, the doctors and nurses are excellent.
Navinder Singh

23 March 2017
Loved the hospitality of the place. From medical staff to the facilities. However, the check out process could be a lot faster.. had to wait more than 6 hours to get discharged.
Azizul Abd Hamid

22 March 2017
Jururawat Peribadi Home Nurse

15 March 2017
Albertlim Chee Wan

11 March 2017
BEWARE OF A COMPANY IN MALAYSIA CALL P & L MEDICAL (M) SDN BHD (949807-M) This is to inform the public about P & L Medical (M) Sdn Bhd (hereinafter referred to as "P&L") a Company incorporated in Malaysia and having a business address at Blk B-1-06, Kompleks Suria Kinrara, Persiaran Kinrara Sek 3, Taman Kinrara Sek 3, 47100, Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia. P&L operates an unscrupulous business ethic to reap tremendous profits from the disabled Laryngectomy patients that have und... อ่านต่อ
Harry Johari

15 February 2017
Good hospital good service good doctor,doctor Lim Min Kang Paediatric my hero thanks doctor...good doctor in gleneagles medical center
Sazili Ghazali

13 February 2017
Everything is excellent for me..TQ to Dr Nik Hamey n staff.
Weng Yan Tee

29 January 2017
Went to the A&E at 4-5am at night due to severe gastric pain. Dr was good but nurse who drew my blood was so so. Took quite some times to draw my blood, making me feel so pain and nervous.
Dzeti Farhah Mohshim

11 January 2017
Excellent service for delivery n post natal as well as nursery. Everybody was helpful and also the Docs were extremely did their job well.
Fariq Nasir

04 January 2017
I was admitted on 1/12/16.... for motocycle xcident. For doctors i would say very good & friendly. But for nurse & payment counter staff not good �& friendly to patient. This is my xperient during addmitted there.
Abd Aziz Linda

03 January 2017
Warded at 5A past few days, i feel that there has been a tremendous change from the staff and doctor from Emergency untill i am here in the ward. The staff nurse is excellent, friendly, warm only find the initial staff which do the check on the patient at outside the emergency a bit uneasy as not that welcoming and friendly. Other than that i rate its has been an exceed expectation because it has been a lot of change especially on the services rendered. I love � the services and thank you and thumbs Up to all the nurses in Ward 5A, thank u for making us better and May God Bless You All.
Owen Leed

27 December 2016
Best in KL in my view. Courteous. Kind. Efficient. Been coming here for 12 years.
Fie Naz

22 December 2016
Black out on day 2 i admitted on Gleneagleas Ampang #block B...23.12.2016
Kevin H. Lee

21 December 2016
Great friendly staff and efficient and the way a hospital should be �
Jennie Chew

09 December 2016
Admited & delivered my baby on 5th Dec. As much as I have fully confidence on my gynae & other doctors, I am trully disappointed with the admin staff has no knowledge on the payment option EPP available. Plus the recovery environment once again disappointing. Upon check-in at A&E, I am requested to pay up my deposit. When I gave the credit card to the staff, I told her I wanted EPP option. However, the staff told me I can only do that when check out!! Upon check out the staff at 3rd floor told me that the deposit I paid is by lump sum can't opt for EPP. I felt I am mislead. During my stay on 5 & 6 Dec, there were renovation work on going involved drilling & hacking. Does your hospital expect your customer recuperate in such environment? I selected to return to GKL as I believe you always put your customer as priority. It seems not anymore.
Suzy Sukri

27 November 2016
Fast and efficient. Nurses & doctors are very friendly �
Rudy Suwarno

22 November 2016
We cannot thank you enough for the excellent care that your team has provided during my sister's surgery last week. All the staff have been very cooperative and helpful. Our special thanks to Datuk Dr. Aziz Yahya. He is a very remarkable specialist. His professional experiences and his sincere heart to the patient made all the treatment process went smoothly. Keep up the excellent work. God bless you!
Noni Mbele

20 November 2016
I had a very comfortable stay at Gleneagles. I would strongly recommend it to anyone in need of hospital care .
Janice Yingzhi

09 November 2016
Strongly recommended and special thanks to Dr Lim Miin Kang, he is very confident, experienced and kind hearted Dr! :)
Jayantha AS Baskaran

31 October 2016
Very good service given by all the nurses and dr Chong who very consent about the check up and timing are very manageable within them..... Keep it up
Christina Lim

29 October 2016
Specially A&E dept. Arrived 20:24. Wat time now 21:19 Waiting more than 40 mins. Still waiting, Where is the Dr.? Tis is call A&E dept?
Jacky Ng Chee Heng

24 October 2016
Wht happen for the professional dato wife last month already get the blood result...already know the blood platelet very low..why u no emergency pass my wife to haematology haematology say tis is very danger...haiz..
Lina Zazi Kojek

15 October 2016
Service is awesome!!! Give birth here & experience my daughter down wit influenza A.My gynae doctor is here & padietrics doctor also here....our kind of place.....nurses is frendly & i am happy wit the service���
Amy Chico

13 October 2016
KLSMC never dissapoints. Always a wonderful experience when i visit the doctor & therapists.
Wan Rezal

10 October 2016
Gleneagles always had a reputation for good quality medical service. That's a given. However, a suggestion to even further elevate customer satisfaction would be the inclusion of either a 24 hour convenience store or a 24 hour restaurant. What do you say?
Nadia Natasya Abdul Jalil

26 September 2016
I love my doctor Dato Dr Aziz and Dr Micheal Samy...
A.Fikri Mansor

24 September 2016
Is really nice hospital, the staff and nurses very super friendly!
Mardiana Othman

20 September 2016
I went to Oncology Centre to received my chemotheraphy treatment yesterday. That was my 6th cycle of chemo. The doctor who treated me were very helpful, understanding and caring. I satisfied with the services and hospitality while being here. I hope this hospital will keep continuing to bring the supports, loves and caring to the patients. Thank you to Dr. Harjit Kaur and Dr. Muhammad Azriff. May Allah Bless Always.. Amiin..
Marzuq Irfan

19 September 2016
Had my gallbladder removed here. Excellent staff and services! Thanks to all the doctors involved in my surgery especially Dr Mandeep and Dr Paul, and nurses at ward 3D for the excellent services! Keep up the good work!
Julz Julzz

29 July 2016
Had my appendicites surgery here 7yrs ago and delivered here in july2016, had great experience with nursery staffs and great thank you to dr jean woo. Parking is a major issue at gleneagles, i reckon nurses should not park in covered lot, they are taking up spaces and give high priority to visitors. Afterall visitors go hospital is not to shop.
Zahra Ahmad

28 July 2016
I parked on July 28th, 2016 at the (formerly Shell petrol station) PAYING OPEN AIR PARKING LOT just before/next to Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur at 2 pm. At 3:30 pm, when we came to our car , we were horrified to find that the rear view mirror on the driver's side were forcefully & PURPOSELY BROKEN . 2 other cars were also vandalized the same time as our car - their wipers were made to stay upright & then bent / broken ! The ticket booth personnel claimed to have seen nothing ! although one of the cars was right NEXT to the ticket booth.
Shantiya Appavoo

24 July 2016
Last month I admitted due to having high fever flue and very bad cough..Normally I scared for injection and medicines..But the way they treat me I never feel the pain at all..I just want to know the name of cough medicines that they given to me..That's so tasty and its cure bad cough within 3days Thanks a lot Gleneagles
Andrew Siau

16 July 2016
One of the very good hospital in Kuala Lumpur. Strongly recommended and special thanks to Datuk Dr Yunus Gul, he is one of the best Surgeon in Malaysia you can trusted! He is very confident, experienced and kind hearted Dr! :)
Joanna Felicia Read

01 June 2016
A big shout out to the labour and delivery unit at Gleneagles. Without you guys, my baby's birthing would not have been so smooth, and I would not have had the courage to be a new mum! Deepest thank you for all the guidance and encouragement!!!
Mazliyana Latiff

26 May 2016
Telling your patients that you are one of the best hospital. But in reality, you let your patient wait for almost 2 hours at A&E I travelled all the way from Putrajaya at night and this kind of treatment that i received huhh ! The gap between one patient to another was about 18minutes. Isnt that crazy ????? And the worst part, your on-call doctors were doing NOTHING inside when there were many patients waiting outside !
Kasya Shahril

19 May 2016
The emergency service was bad. Waited for almost 3hrs for our turn to see the doc and not to mention waiting for the medicines took even longer. The kids were restless. This is not the first time i heard. How disappointing as it wasnt like this the last time...
Cindy Engelbart

09 April 2016
Great staff, care and service. Was treated by Dr Razak and staff at ward 5b and it made my experience in KL, despite breaking my ankle on day 1 in this city, an excellent one!
Jennifer Lai

14 March 2016
We waiting for the room for my younger son 3 years old admitted although insurance GL approved early but we still wait at the A&E more than 4 hours even I already tolerance with them to take 2 bedded but the end still have to wait more than 1 & half hours still pending for room housekeeping. Really appreciate the management can improve their service ok.
Nik Marissa Kamil

22 February 2016
Husband has been in ICU for many days... the lounge of the ICU are meant for family members of the patient or visitors to rest while waiting for the next slot of visiting hours... not for people to reserve empty chairs for others or have a picnic at the waiting lounge with mats strewn on the floor, small children running around, babies crying .. please do not let the 5 star hospital turn into a Kampung Hospital or General Hospital! Other than that, the doctors & surgeons are fantastic!
Mollyza Mokhtar

15 February 2016
Thank you for all the care and compassion you showed during my husband’s stay here! You all made his stay here so much better than it would have been without each and every one of you! Your kind and friendly attitudes will never be forgotten! And thank you for making me feel like a part of your little family. In a crazy way we miss you!
Lydia Wei

01 February 2016
My dad admitted to A&E for vertigo. I was bit shocked when the doctor just asked the symptoms & medical history, not performing any physical exam. CT brain was ordered to rule out stroke. Is this normal procedure ?
Hidayah Anwar

18 October 2015
Very good doc n nurse good food more bed the staff clean very good..
Jasemin Sibo

18 October 2015
Just had a women focused checkup. Great patient care & professional doctors.
Wong Hui Ting

19 September 2015
Very satisfied with the service! Even though I refuse to be admitted, but the care not just stop like that, the caring staff still calling me the next day to ask about my condition! High gratitude to the doctor n the nurse!
Roslinah Daud

10 September 2015
I have been frequenting Gleneagles for 18 years. Your service is getting worse. Unlike before when the Corporate Service Counter at Consultant's Block was so efficient and friendly, now the staff just ignore you even when you are standing at their counter...when asking one guy staff, he said it is not his job to answer my query. So, what's the use of him working at the counter if it's not his job?
Suki Jezz

25 August 2015
I personally recommend gynae Dr tan lay Seng, Paediatrician Dr Patrick, and general surgeon Dr lee sing hong as three of them are professional and caring..they are true passionate with their expertise...
Ernie Chavez

17 May 2015
My wife, Asiah Binti Sarthi passed away on the 7th of May. I would like to thank the entire staff at GKL, most notable on her team, Dr. Michael Samy, Dr. Fuad bin Ismail, Dr. Mahadaven, Dr. Paul, Dr. Anand, Dr. Chan, Dr. Faridha, and Dr. Kanan. Special thanks to the girls in the Oncology Center, thanks for the caring and gentle way you treated Asiah. Thanks also to the nurses in all of the wards.. I think we had a stop at just about every floor along the way. You all ROCK.
Allen Pee

11 March 2015
Overall the services is the best among the other hospital I had been before. (not sure others) The doctor I had visited Dr. Chan Tee Ling was a nice doctor treating to my son (diagnosed Kawasaki). Recommended and give a big Like!
Omana Nair

09 March 2015
Great. .try our best services. ..and feel the amazing experience. ..
Siew Lim

09 February 2015
Anyone need private nurse if service no good can call me to come at home . Hp 0123866947 . Nurse lim .

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