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The Sole Clinic in Central, Singapore

Singapore's, Sole Clinic, is a distinguished physiotherapy clinic providing solutions for musculoskeletal injuries, foot pain / foot related conditions. Specialist areas include the feet.

This clinic was started with the aim of making services more accessible to patients. Being a local practice with local practitioners speaking English, Mandarin and various dialects, they're able to bring more value and quality of care to patients.

The Sole Clinic, located in Tanglin, Central, Singapore, is a well-established Clinic, providing services to the public since 2013. Their focus and expertise are spread across just a few procedures, with 7 procedures available to patients across 3 specialties.

With 69 reviews, scoring an average rating of 4.8, the Clinic is considered Exceptional, whilst it is highly favored among MyMediTravel customers. The Sole Clinic has a few additional amenities available (details below), and is well catered to international patients, offering both Chinese and English as languages spoken by the staff. All procedures and treatments are undertaken by just a small team of specialists, with 3 in total at the Clinic, and they are not accredited by any recognized accreditations institutes.

Facility Services Available at The Sole Clinic

Free Wifi
Medical records transfer
Phone in the room
Private rooms for patients available

Available Procedures at The Sole Clinic

Physical Therapy
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Warts Removal
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Ingrown Toenail Treatment
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Podiatric Medicine Consultation
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Corns and Calluses Treatment
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Orthotics Treatment
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Yamuna Foot Fitness Exercise Session
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Doctors at The Sole Clinic

Miss Vanessa Goh Yuck Jun
Miss Vanessa Goh Yuck Jun
Physical Therapy
Mr. Lian Guojie
Mr. Lian Guojie
Physical Therapy
Miss Fiona Hu Wenyan
Miss Fiona Hu Wenyan
Podiatric Medicine
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Roy Cheng

31 May 2018
Did one hour session of sport massage by Mr Cheok. Feel so much better after that. Thanks again.
Natto de Chiang

18 May 2018
I was seen by Lynn (pod) and Abigail (PT) at Tanglin branch for my foot pain. They explained what was the issue and demonstrated some exercises to help with it. There has been improvement of my pain. They are really friendly and nice! Will recommend them! �
Daniel Ho

17 May 2018
Sole Clinic is awesome! Hi Abigail! See you again soon
Manda Lim

04 May 2018
I came to the Tanglin branch today. Lynn, the principal was really friendly and professional. Would recommend to my friends�
DAvid Robinson

03 May 2018
Recovering from a damaged knee during Muay Thai and ju jitsu classes. Physio is excellent and delighted that I’ll be able to restart martial arts later this year
Zack Chua

23 April 2018
Legit clinic that help me get my fix. Professional advice on my problem foot. Spent 90 minutes to explain to me on my condition. Thank you Fiona for the effort.
Fma Lee

21 April 2018
The clinic operate professionally. Dr My is knowledgeable, patient and friendly.
Jane Low

20 April 2018
Attentive care and excellent podiatrist! I would recommend my friends to seek treatment here.
Subhan Rocking

16 April 2018
I had a terrible lower back pain and the physio here has really reduced my pain in just 30 minutes, recommendable to come here for any muscle pain
Roshan Handa

16 March 2018
I was in great pain and Abigail Tan helped me sick of taking meds feel great thanks Shoe clinic
Kok Hwee Tan

27 February 2018
Super professional team of physiotherapists and podiatrists! These guys really know their stuff, give good advice and provide excellent patient care. What impressed me most is that they genuinely want their patients to recover and always put the interest of the the patient first. Most importantly, they provide various affordable treatment options that suits your need! Highly recommended!
Shirley NG S K

22 February 2018
Yes it is good. Podiatrist is very caring & professional. Thank you.
Annie Benjamin

07 February 2018
I came to the Kovan branch and was assisted by Lynn Toh. She was incredibly helpful in trying to help me identify the reason for my pain and taught me ways to help relieve the pain at home as well. The staff at the clinic were so friendly as well! Thank you!
Mikel Mns

07 February 2018
Thanks to Ms Lynn for the attention and proper treatment. I would definitely recommend the Kovan clinic.
Kelli Tham

06 February 2018
Initially, I had two fungal toes which persisted for a few years. It was very painful and seems beyond hope. At Sole Clinic, the staffs helped me to file my nails to a healthier nails and do photo dynamic light therapy to kill my fungus. Now its on the road to recovery. Thank you Sole Clinic! ��

03 February 2018
We are glad to engage The Sole Clinic for their services. Front line staff were prompt & responsive and Kelvin, the podiatrist was really professional & attentive in his work. Many thanks!
Christoph Renger

02 February 2018
A revelation! Great explanation and execution Looking forward to work on improving mobility
Daryl Ho

26 January 2018
Quite nice for my first fungal treatment. Able to see the big difference on my affected toe nails. Podiatry and the receptionist are very thoughtful and friendly.
Andy Lam

22 January 2018
Brought my daughter to Tanglin branch last Saturday to have a look at her flat foot as she complains of ankle pain recently. She was treated by Kelvin, the Principal podiatrist and was given a detailed assessment on her condition. She needs to wear insoles in sports shoes and was advised to do some stretching and balancing exercises everyday to prevent recurrence of symptoms. A summary of my daughter's condition, treatment plan and instructions on daily exercise was given to us promptly after the consultation. Would highly recommend The Sole Clinic to everyone for their excellent service�
Eng Hooi

18 January 2018
Very responsive and gave advice via WhatsApp before coming in. Pleasant and professional service
Lin Shuicai Ken

28 December 2017
Physiotherapist Hong Tai is very knowledgeable. Nice and patient. =)
Megan Pang

17 December 2017
Fiona from The Sole Clinic was very friendly and informative. She really took the time to explain in depth about nails and infections, and guided me through the process. She also gave a lot of helpful advice and helped me to compare treatments and prices as well. 101% would recommend!
Cheng Swee Chin

06 December 2017
Brought my daughter for ingrown toenail treatment. Excellent skill and professional attitute.
Chin Tung Tan

05 December 2017
Excellent, very professional .
Alison Liew

04 December 2017
Very effective treatment. Friendly physiotherapists
Ragini Modi

25 November 2017
Podiatrist Kelvin was very patient and accomodating during treatment. He is Very approachable.
Ng Jing Wen

05 November 2017
I was recommended to The Sole Clinic by a friend and I was really impressed with Jaylene's professionalism and attentiveness to my injury. She would listen to my concerns and tailor exercises according to my needs each time I saw her. When I needed to see a specialist for my knee, she even went out of the way to recommend a doctor and called him to explain my situation. She would also text me to check how I'm doing when I can't make it for my sessions with her. Many thanks to Jaylene for being so helpful during my long recovery process!
Bobby Bobby

26 October 2017
One of the best treatments ever. Abigail is very educated and spent a long time to explain the underlying causes of my ailments. I have a new perspective to deal with my ailment.
Sihan Lin

26 October 2017
Very bad service from your front line. Placed me 0.5 months appointment as slots were fully booked as told but every day whatsapp to ask if you’re available for next day’s slot as many of their customers are always cancelling the appointments last minute. Rudely replied you on WhatsApp deeming it is of ample time to request you to go down the next day for physio session. Irresponsible and unreasonable staff. Please do something about your service if you’re in the line.
Irwin Lim

26 September 2017
Very informative podiatrist and friendly as well strongly recommended .
Ian Ireland

25 August 2017
Wesley is a miracle worker. Thanks for restoring me chap!
Chay Hong Leng

25 August 2017
Been seeking therapy from Wesley for 2 years now. He is indeed a miracle worker! Very patient, caring, friendly and accommodative. That goes for all the staff there as well, esp Venus! Highly recommended for any physiotherapy and podiatry needs.
Sudhir Deva

19 August 2017
One of the Best Physiotherapist in Singapore Mr. Wesley, I have been visiting him for couple of years and he seems to be the Best and I am very happy and recommend him �
Eugene Mok

30 June 2017
Kelvin, the Podiatrist, is able to explain the symptoms and recovery stages in layman terms, which is definitely helpful in my understanding of my condition. Well-furnished and customer-oriented clinic.
Tee Na

26 June 2017
I've seen good improvement after 4 visits. Genevieve is really good!
Christopher Wong

23 June 2017
The doctor here are very experienced and professional in their work. They are patient and delicate when executing the operation on your foot.
Doink Chua Yong Lun

04 June 2017
The Sole clinic has super friendly staff and welcomes you with a great smile. They were able to find the origin of my foot problem and advice accordingly to lessen my pain immediately. 5 stars for u, cheers
Kathy Lim

30 May 2017
Great service! Doctors are friendly and helpful :)
Jinfeng Gao

01 April 2017
Great service... Thank you so much for your patience, Lynn. Hope my fungal nails can recover soon.
Madhumita Debnath Saha

31 March 2017
My daughter was not able to move her hands after her muscle tear problem ... last week we did the first session of physiotherapy and today she could carry a tray full of food herself.. very happy with the service �
Serene Chan

01 March 2017
very professional , experienced, friendly, approachable
A.y. Wee Ching

27 February 2017
Thank you Lynn for seeing my friend. Very polite and professional.
Firah Bokhari

03 February 2017
Friendly staff and good service
Joanne Seow

21 December 2016
I really must commend Fiona who so kindly waited for me to get off work to attend to my infected ingrown toenail, which was causing me a lot of pain and discomfort. While I was initially very frightened, Fiona put me at ease as she treated me. I believe she has saved me from months of suffering! Thank you Fiona! Keep up the good work!
Jonathan Kum

14 November 2016
Fiona was very friendly, professional and gave a more accurate diagnosis and treatment option. Would definitely recommend the sole clinic to all with podiatry needs!
Kevin Siswandi

15 October 2016
They give exercises to help with recovering frm sprains. With friendly physiotherapists.
Belinda Lim

07 October 2016
I brought my 2 girls to see Fiona the Chief Podiatrist at Sole Clinic after reading good reviews on her handling of children with feet problems. She was very thorough with her examination of their feet structure and explained the problems and preventive measures we could take. Fiona was thoughtful and engaged the children in a series of foot exercises which seem like play but were essential to correct posture. The children would be following up with Sole Clinic for their regular reviews.
Andrea Azureene

27 September 2016
Efficient and effective treatment by both Kelvin and Fiona. And great conversations too! Thanks for getting rid of the "child" on my foot haha!
Dina Abdullah Enriquez

13 September 2016
Wesley fixed my knee and taught me some great stretches to ease my leg muscles. Fantastic- will recommend them anytime to anyone with any physio & podiatry issues!
Jamie Lim

04 September 2016
Was in pain for the past 2 weeks and have to travel for a week tmr. Wesley was kind to Take me in last minute attended to me and have been very patient in explaining the process to me. He and his team were very professional and gave me advice on how to manage my Pain for my trip. Thumbs up. Thank you Wesley and team
Choo Chew Peng

03 September 2016
First time here with my mom and it was a good experience for us. My mom has cervical spondylosis. The physio therapist is knowledgeable and is able to help answer our questions well.
Annie Choy

02 September 2016
I had to remove my big toe nail due to an injury and Zelina, the senior podiatrist, did an excellent job of cleaning and removing the toe nail. I was expecting it to be a painful and unpleasant experience but under her care and gentle hands, it turned out to be not as scary and painful. Thank you the care ��
Joseph Zheng

16 August 2016
Went for a bike fit after hearing positive reviews from fellow cyclists about Raymond's service and the clinic's reasonable prices. Indeed, Raymond was professional, friendly and very patient. Being an amateur cyclist, I questioned him incessantly throughout the session and he answered all my queries comprehensively. His knowledge is really quite impressive! My rides post-fit feel markedly different from before - way more comfortable and efficient. Would highly recommend Raymond and the Sole Clinic!
Royston Toh

15 August 2016
Just wanted to say a Thank You to thesoleclinic, my Physio Wesley for being a great support during my ACL rehab. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to work with these bunch of professional, knowledgeable and fun people who made the painful journey so much more enjoyable! I am back to full sports condition and could not have done it without thesoleclinic! Kudos to the team once again and will continue to support them in becoming even stronger than before!
Roger Lim

26 June 2016
Recommended by my doctor and the experience was excellent. Chief Podiatrist was very careful and detailed in her analysis.
Carol Tan

17 May 2016
I found The Sole Clinic whilst doing a search for podiatrists to treat my toe nails. Two of my big toe nails were falling off after hitting against my jogging shoes when I went jogging. Fiona and her team were very efficient, informative and helpful in treating my condition. Great job!
Dan Au

10 May 2016
I found Sole Clinic from my random search through internet due to bunions on both feet which are deteriorating. I had my first consultation with podiatrist Fiona and it was a very pleasant and fruitful experience. She was very patient to diagnose my condition, not just looking at the condition of my feet but also looking at my walking and standing posture. She also shared with me the cause of my bunion and the various treatments which I should consider. The informative and honest feedback was very helpful to me. The Yamuna trial session was effective and I was able to sense the difference on my feet before and after. I have signed up for subsequent sessions and looking forward to having my feet condition treated and improved under the professional care of Sole Clinic.
Awyong Lynn

19 April 2016
Wesley is what I call 'the bone whisperer'. been plagued with chronic back aches for years and tried everything out there and they all didn't work until......... I stepped into the sole clinic.
Sandy Tun

17 April 2016
because of a colleague's recommendation, I visited the clinic to get a custom made insoles for collapsing arch. after consulting with podaritst (fiona) I was told that i don't need a custom made. Fiona explained to me about my condition and advised the best and cost efficient solution for me. The receptionist is responsive and helpful as well.
Ervina Zhang

15 April 2016
Thank you Fiona for patiently examine Clarissa's flat feet and Gracelynn's tip toe feet...You have been giving us the valuable exercises tips..☺
Shirley Lin Meiqing

20 March 2015
Visited clinic for podiatry svces. Dr Fiona is definitely a observant & patient / friendly person, able to identify my son problem apart from his flat foot. Her explanation is clear and she is not pushy doc giving us time to think through her recommendation given. :)
Megs Lee

28 November 2014
Big thanks to Fiona for saving my painful leg.. She was very patient and friendly. Will definitely recommend people who needs podiatry help here.

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