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6 Est. 2019

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HairTran Clinic

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Highlights at HairTran Clinic

HairTran Clinic in Bangkok, Thailand

HairTran Clinic was established in January 2019. Although the clinic is fairly new, they have highly experienced doctors and specialists and they can help solve baldness, a receding hairline, and hair loss with transplant techniques. The staff is fully trained from International Hair Transplant Association workshops in the United States, Turkey, Malaysia, and Korea. The clinic offers a range of procedures to treat your hair loss, including Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections, FUE Hair Transplantation, and Low-Level Laser Therapy. Armed with modern equipment, the clinic provides the most natural outcome for all patients with no scar and permanent results. They also guarantee great results for you at reasonable prices. 

Located in the heart of Bangkok in Sukhumvit Road, HairTran Clinic can be reached easily from Eastern Bus Terminal Ekkamai, Ekkamai BTS, and Phra Khanong BTS. They also offer local transportation booking, local tourism options, as well as interpreter and translation services so patients do not have to worry about language barriers. The clinic is surrounded by hotels that cater to medical tourists and a shopping mall.  With many positive reviews from its customers, the clinic is one of the best places in Bangkok to get successful hair transplantation.

HairTran Clinic, located in Khlong Toei, Bangkok, Thailand, has been opened for a few years now, since 2019.

How many procedures are available at HairTran Clinic?

Their focus and expertise are spread across just a few procedures, with 2 procedures available to patients across 2 specialties.

How is HairTran Clinic rated among MyMediTravel patients?

With 4 reviews, scoring an average rating of 5.0, the Clinic is considered Exceptional, whilst it is gaining popularity among MyMediTravel customers.

What languages are spoken at HairTran Clinic?

HairTran Clinic offers an array of additional amenities (details below), and is well catered to international patients, offering both English and Thai as languages spoken by the staff.

How many specialists are there and what accreditation's have been awarded to Clinic?

All procedures and treatments are undertaken by the lead specialist at the Clinic, and they are not accredited by any recognized accreditations institutes.

Facility Services Available at HairTran Clinic

Free Wifi
International newspapers
Interpreter services
Local tourism options
Local transportation booking
Parking available
Private rooms for patients available
Translation services
TV in the room


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Available Procedures at HairTran Clinic

Hair Transplant

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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection

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Doctors at HairTran Clinic

  • Pukpinya Jangjetriew, M.D.

    Pukpinya Jangjetriew, M.D.

    • Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery


Patient Reviews of HairTran Clinic


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Harvey Olson 15 September 2020

Amazing and friendly staff. I had the plasma treatment done a found a change afterwards with thicker hair. Clinic is in a easy to access location. The clinic seems to be new and is very clean. Thank you.

Anusak Saimueang 24 July 2020

After looking for a hair transplant clinic for a long time, I met a hairtran clinic and asked the admin about grafting and rough expenses. Decided to go to the clinic for the first timeThe staff at the reception were very friendly and most importantly, the doctor Very cute and very friendly talk At first, the doctor evaluated about 1500 grafting, suggesting procedures and results after treatment.After returning to the clinic, it took quite some time to think about what to do. But I cut my mind, but covid-19 came in first, so it was postponed for about 4 months. On 3 July 63, we made an appointment with the clinic for hair transplantation. Before doing so, feeling very nervous, unable to sleep. Very excited because it's the first surgeryAfter the last grafted temple, the latest graft was increased to 1700 after entering the operating room. The actual graft increased to 2000, increased to 500. The grafting was very tight. Feel more at ease. The main reason that cut my heart into the hairtran clinic is1. Clinical guarantees after done If I don't grow it up again without paying a fee2. I was impressed since the first time when I consulted with the doctor Both the service and the doctor are very kind.Thank you to the doctor and nurse for taking care of the surgery. For results, I have to wait and see.Anyone who is looking for a hair transplant clinic, I advise you to consult with Patty. The doctor gives very good advice.

JOb BonD 20 May 2020

I got hair trasplant done at Hairtran clinic on 17 December 2019. Before the surgery day, I admitted that I was really nervous and scared because it was the first cosmetic surgery in my mid-40s but it turned out it was the best decision I've made ever!Let's start with the location and the place itself. Its location is very easy to access both by BTS skytrain ( It's directly connected with Ekkamai station) and by car. As I drove there, I found that the car park was so convenient and rather private ( which I liked best, I would't suppose to see lots of people after the surgery, would I ^_^). I could easily find the parking space and go directly to the elevator which took me to the clinic in a few steps. The clinic was nice and clean as I expected and most importantly very private. I was the only customer that day and that made me feel more comfortable. There were a restroom and a private rest area for me including lockers, delicious meals and even drinks! I quite liked the meal they served (chicken fried rice).For staff, as I said that I was scared at first because I had''t got any cosmetic surgeries done before and I hadn't even met the doctor yet. I had just texted her and talked to her on the phone once. Even though Dr. Patty had given me enough information to help me make decision to put deposit on the surgery but I was not so sure until I met her in person on the operation day. She was totally different from the surgeon in my imagination. She was more like a pediatrician who was so good at explaining and calming the patients down. She explained everything that I concerned all over again and told me exactly what's gonna happen next step by step and how long it would take. That really calmed me down and I was so confident with my decision. Dr. Patty was not only good at explaining but she was also an experienced artist. She drew my new hairline and adjusted it until it looked nice on me and I was satisfied. Dr. Patty and her OR team were also professional and quick. They really knew what needed to be done and they did it so neatly. Even after long-opertion hours, they were very friendly and considerate to me till the end. The other staff members in the front office were also very helplful. They even booked a nearby hotel for me because they were worried that it might not be safe if I drove back home by myself. I am so thankful and really appriciate their hospitality.For the results : It's been about 4 months so far and as you guys can see in the pictures that some of the transplant hair has grown quite well. Infact, it is much more than I expected. I expected about 10-15% of transplant hair to grow at this period but it seems to grow much more than that ^_^. I am so happy with the results right now and many of my friends and relatives start to admire my now appearance. I can't wait to see the final result after a year and I promise to myself not to forget to take finasteride and minoxidil regularly.For the price : Great value and quite affordable!I highly recommend this clinic to anyone looking for hair transplant surgery.

Fl Tr 29 March 2020

When I came for the surgery everything was prepared and the doctor arrived already late what delayed the start of my surgery. I was not in a rush but been told it takes a long time and I was aiming for the best result of course. Before the surgery, I was told to take antibiotics, a sleeping pill and pain killer. I never took sleeping pills and denied it, but was told to do it. This was not mentioned in the consultation before. The surgery started and I had 2 people sitting on my head to inject the local anaesthetic. While one person did it that I did not feel anything of it, the other did it that I felt a lot of pain, it was obviously not necessary. The harvesting started and was done by the nurses as it is an easy task. I asked how many we got and got the answer 2700 (I think 2731 to be exact). I asked to please harvest more as I got time, want to do the procedure ones and want the best result. The doctor then said that we take the risk of "shock loss". In the consultation before she told me about this, hair can fall out over a huge area and takes time to grow again. I told her in the consultation that I do not mind this as I will stay bold after the surgery till my hair fully grows. So far so good. Now came the part of implanting the grafts. Through the sleeping pill, I often fall asleep and I had my eyes always covered with a patch by the nurses. I heard the door often and knew people were going in and out. I know everybody needs to go to the toilet, drink, eat, etc. And I was sure the doctor was not there all the time. Anyhow, I got the feeling she was not even there 50% of the implanting process. When I asked to please go to the toilet, they told me to wait a bit. A person went out and got the doctor. She came in and told me I can go now. Why do they need to hide that she was not in the surgery room? I disliked this behaviour of hiding this a lot. After the surgery was done I saw a board standing there with numbers that could fit my surgery. On top, it looked like it was planned for 2900 grafts, even agreed on 3000. All was written in Thai and this is assumptions, I think I got a maximum of 2700-2800 grafts. I later on contacted the Kevalee as I found I was treated unfairly and got a mail of the doctor. She said that totally 2899 healthy grafts were placed and she put even 180 unhealthy ones more, which she did not count as they might fall out. The 2899 fit the stated goal of 2900 on the board, even agreed on 3000 and I am not sure if the unhealthy ones are just an excuse. Now 2 month the result can not be seen yet and I will adjust this rating later on based on the result to either 3 or 1 star depending on the result. What I totally disliked was the non-transparency line while the surgery and missing parts in the consultation, e.g. that your surgery area will be numb for up to 6 months and so on. The most negative things were not mentioned. Transparency could be very easy, just showing the number of harvested grafts on the counting machine and telling when the doctor is around or not and what is planned (2900 grafts). I know many things are assumptions and it is not good to rate on this base, but it is a result of the non-transparency, which I found the biggest problem.

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