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Jungceylon Plastic Surgery Phuket

Patong, Phuket, Thailand


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Double Eyelid Creation at Jungceylon Plastic Surgery Phuket

What does Jungceylon Plastic Surgery Phuket offer patients?

Jungceylon Plastic Surgery Phuket, located in Patong, Phuket, Thailand offers patients Double Eyelid Creation procedures among its total of 22 available procedures, across 3 different specialties
. Currently, there's no pricing information for Double Eyelid Creation procedures at Jungceylon Plastic Surgery Phuket, as all prices are available on request only, whilst the national average price is approximately $1,144.

How many specialists are there and what accreditation's have been awarded to Jungceylon Plastic Surgery Phuket?

All procedures and treatments are undertaken by the lead specialist at the Clinic, and they are not accredited by any recognized accreditations institutes
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What you need to know about Double Eyelid Creation Phuket

Also known as Blepharoplasty. This form of plastic surgery is used to correct defects of the eyelids or for aesthetically modifying the eye region of the face. It involves the removal of excess skin and fat from around the eyes and the reinforcement of the corresponding muscle and tendon tissues and is centered around the area between the eyebrow and the upper portion of the cheek. Double eyelid surgery creates a crease that makes the eyes appear larger and more alert.  While Caucasians typically are born with a double eyelid crease, approximately 50% of East-Asians do not have a double eyelid crease. Therefore, double eyelid surgery is a highly specialized procedure performed mainly on persons of East-Asian descent. It is the most common type of plastic surgery performed in South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Double eyelid surgery is a safe and versatile surgery for Asians and other patients with monolids. The surgery makes the eyes appear larger and gives them a more alert appearance. There are different techniques that can be customized to achieve the desired results, tailored for each individual patient. Potential patients should consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to determine which double eyelid surgery technique is the best option to achieve their desired results.

What's the Recovery Time?

Immediately after the surgery, you will suffer from pain and discomfort and you will also experience blurred vision and puffiness of the eyes. Your eyes become sensitive to light and there is swelling and bruising in the initial days which will subside after 1 to 2 weeks. Several months are required before you will see the final results. You will have to take 2 to 3 weeks off work and after this, you can expect to return to office work. You will have to wait for at least 6 weeks if your job requires physical effort.  

What's the Success Rate?

Double Eyelid Surgery has a high success rate but issues can arise as with any surgery, for example, an infection, blood clot formation, scar hypertrophy, etc. Sometimes, there is re-drooping of your eyelids in cases of failed surgery. Usually, only one surgery is required, but if you are unsatisfied, another surgery is always possible, it will have to wait several months though to give your eyes sufficient time to recover from the primary surgery. According to a study, only 9.5% of the subjects showed some complications after the surgery and revision surgeries are performed in these cases. The rest of the subjects were completely satisfied with the results of the surgery.

For more information about Double Eyelid Surgery with before and after images, watch this short video.

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