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Al Nahda 2, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
137 Est. 2004


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NMC Specialty Hospital Dubai

Al Nahda 2, Dubai, United Arab Emirates



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Gastroscopy at NMC Specialty Hospital Dubai

What does NMC Specialty Hospital Dubai offer patients?

NMC Specialty Hospital Dubai, located in Al Nahda 2, Dubai, United Arab Emirates offers patients Gastroscopy procedures among its total of 234 available procedures, across 25 different specialties
. Currently, there's no pricing information for Gastroscopy procedures at NMC Specialty Hospital Dubai, as all prices are available on request only.

How many specialists are there and what accreditation's have been awarded to NMC Specialty Hospital Dubai?

There are many specialists available at the Hospital, with 9 in total, and they are accredited by JCI Accredited

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What you need to know about Gastroscopy in Dubai

Endoscope is an instrument that is used to view inside the organs of your body. It is a tube-like device with a camera on its end which is inserted into the body. It is entered through the mouth or anus. Sometimes, small incisions are given through which the tube is inserted. It is a minimally invasive technique known as keyhole surgery. It is specific for viewing every organ. For example, enteroscopy, colonoscopy, anoscopy, etc. Gastro means stomach and gastroscopy mean viewing inside the stomach. A gastroscope is used to see inside the stomach of a patient. It is used for the diagnosis of different stomach related diseases, gastric ulcers, persistent nausea and vomiting, dysphagia, tumors, carcinomas, etc. It has great diagnostic value in the medical field as many gastric diseases are diagnosed and treated using it.

Before gastroscopy, you are unaware of what is wrong with your stomach. Where is the problem and what are the factors causing that problem? You might be unsure if it is in the stomach or somewhere else. After gastroscopy, you are well aware of the type of problem, its intensity, and its exact location. Now you can get it treated in a better and effective way. This is how gastroscopy is helpful in diagnosing the problem. It does not only diagnose but also treat some problems such as ulcers that are burnt or clipped. Also, a sample of the tumor or carcinoma can be taken using it.

What's the Recovery Time for Gastroscopy Procedures in Dubai?

The duration of the recovery is different for each patient as it depends upon the type and method of procedure. It can increase if there is an infection or any other complication due to this. The patient is observed for an hour after gastroscopy until the effects of the sedative wear s off. However, you will be under the influence of anesthetics for the rest of the day. There might be some bloating and cramping afterward. Also, you might feel numbness in your throat due to anesthesia. Sore throat and irritation are also common.

What's the Success Rate of Gastroscopy Procedures in Dubai?

Gastroscopy is used to view the walls of the stomach for diagnostic and treatment purposes. It is almost always successful and the problem is found and in some cases, treated.

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Doctors at NMC Specialty Hospital Dubai

  • Dr. Girishchandra Varma

    Dr. Girishchandra Varma

    • Cardiology


  • Dr. Sunder Rajan S. Santhanam

    Dr. Sunder Rajan S. Santhanam

    • Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)


  • Dr. Drais Dawood Abdul Razaq Alaswad

    Dr. Drais Dawood Abdul Razaq Alaswad

    • General Surgery


  • Dr. Rakesh Sankar

    Dr. Rakesh Sankar

    • Internal Medicine


  • Dr. Amit Nagpal

    Dr. Amit Nagpal

    • Ophthalmology


  • Dr. Narendra Achuth Prabhu

    Dr. Narendra Achuth Prabhu

    • Orthopedics


  • Dr. Gaurav Jadon

    Dr. Gaurav Jadon

    • Pediatrics


  • Dr. Sanjay Saraf

    Dr. Sanjay Saraf

    • Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery


  • Dr. Manohar Mamani

    Dr. Manohar Mamani

    • Urology