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Double Eyelid Creation in Germany

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Praxis Dr. Moheb

位于Holstenstrasse, 汉堡, 德国的Praxis Dr. Moheb为患者提供了3种不同专业的14种可用过程中的双眼皮种过程. 目前,Praxis Dr. Moheb没有提供双眼皮过程的定价信息,因为所有价格仅应要求提供,而全国平均价格约为€1,211. 所有程序和处理均由Hospital的首席专家进行和他们由VDÄPC - Vereinigung der Deutschen Ästhetisch-Plastischen Chirurgen认证

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University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf

位于Eppendorf, 汉堡, 德国的University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf为患者提供了31种不同专业的348种可用过程中的双眼皮种过程. 目前,University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf没有提供双眼皮过程的定价信息,因为所有价格仅应要求提供,而全国平均价格约为€1,211. 当前缺少有关Clinic执业专家的信息和他们由ISO 9001:2008认证认证

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Praxis Klinik Pöseldorf

位于Holstenstrasse, 汉堡, 德国的Praxis Klinik Pöseldorf为患者提供了1种不同专业的18种可用过程中的双眼皮种过程. 目前,Praxis Klinik Pöseldorf没有提供双眼皮过程的定价信息,因为所有价格仅应要求提供,而全国平均价格约为€1,211. 所有程序和治疗仅由一小部分专家进行,Hospital共有2位专家和他们具有多个公认的认证,包括:ASAPS - Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic SurgeryDGPRÄC - Deutsche Gesellschaft der Plastischen, Rekonstruktiven und Ästhetischen ChirurgenIHSS - Irish Hand Surgery Society

Price on request Double Eyelid Creation View details & Read reviews
Dr. med. Afshin Moheb

Dr. med. Afshin Moheb, located in Holstenstrasse, Hamburg, Germany offers patients Double Eyelid Creation procedures among its total of 15 available procedures, across 3 different specialties. Currently, there's no pricing information for Double Eyelid Creation procedures at Dr. med. Afshin Moheb, as all prices are available on request only, whilst the national average price is approximately €1,211. All procedures and treatments are undertaken by just a small team of specialists, with 2 in total at the Hospital, and they are accredited by VDÄPC - Vereinigung der Deutschen Ästhetisch-Plastischen Chirurgen

Price on request Double Eyelid Creation View details & Read reviews

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    What you need to know about Double Eyelid Creation in Hamburg

    Blepharoplasty, Before and After

    Also known as Blepharoplasty. This form of plastic surgery is used to correct defects of the eyelids or for aesthetically modifying the eye region of the face. It involves the removal of excess skin and fat from around the eyes and the reinforcement of the corresponding muscle and tendon tissues and is centered around the area between the eyebrow and the upper portion of the cheek. Double eyelid surgery creates a crease that makes the eyes appear larger and more alert.  While Caucasians typically are born with a double eyelid crease, approximately 50% of East-Asians do not have a double eyelid crease. Therefore, double eyelid surgery is a highly specialized procedure performed mainly on persons of East-Asian descent. It is the most common type of plastic surgery performed in South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

    Double eyelid surgery is a safe and versatile surgery for Asians and other patients with monolids. The surgery makes the eyes appear larger and gives them a more alert appearance. There are different techniques that can be customized to achieve the desired results, tailored for each individual patient. Potential patients should consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to determine which double eyelid surgery technique is the best option to achieve their desired results.

    MyMediTravel currently lists 4 facilities in Hamburg offering Double Eyelid Creation procedures - see above for the complete list, along with estimated prices. The price of a Double Eyelid Creation can vary according to each individual’s case and will be determined based on photos and an in-person assessment with the specialist. For a personalized quote Click Here to submit your details

    What does a Double Eyelid Creation Procedure Involve?

    Surgery is performed under local anesthesia and sedation will help you avoid pain and discomfort associated with the surgery. The Doctor draws pre-operative lines on your eyelids and incisions are made along your natural creases, as these creases hide your scars after you recover. If the surgery is planned for both the upper and lower eyelids, the upper eyelid is treated first. Excessive fat, skin, and muscle are removed through this incision and then it is stitched. The same procedure is repeated on the lower eyelid. Sometimes, incisions are made inside your eyelids, this is usually an option for dark-skinned people as white scars look prominent on their skin. Inside incisions will have inside stitches - bandages are applied over the wound.

    The three most common techniques for creating a double eyelid crease are the Full Incision, Minimal Incision, and the Suture Technique - you will have the option to discuss with your surgeon about which is the most suitable treatment for you.

    How Long Should I Stay in Hamburg for a Double Eyelid Creation Procedure?

    This is a short surgical procedure performed in the outpatient department. It takes 1 to 3 hours in the operation theatre after which you do not need to stay in the hospital. You are discharged after a complete medical checkup which is carried out on the same day. You should stay in Hamburg for at least 14 days after you have undergone blepharoplasty surgery. During this period you are kept under observation and you will attend follow up checks. Your health conditions are monitored and stitches are removed after 5 to 7 days. If everything goes fine during this time, you can go home when allowed by your physician.

    What's the Recovery Time for Double Eyelid Creation Procedures in Hamburg?

    Immediately after the surgery, you will suffer from pain and discomfort and you will also experience blurred vision and puffiness of the eyes. Your eyes become sensitive to light and there is swelling and bruising in the initial days which will subside after 1 to 2 weeks. Several months are required before you will see the final results. You will have to take 2 to 3 weeks off work and after this, you can expect to return to office work. You will have to wait for at least 6 weeks if your job requires physical effort.  

    What sort of Aftercare is Required for Double Eyelid Creation Procedures in Hamburg?

    Consider the following:

    • Use ice packs to deal with the swelling and inflammation. Apply ice on your eyes 4 to 5 times a day immediately after the surgery.
    • Do not smoke or drink because tobacco and alcohol decrease your natural healing ability.
    • Avoid strenuous activities such as the gym, running, swimming, etc. for at least 10 days after the surgery.
    • Use prescribed eye drops and ointments regularly.
    • Look for any kind of irritation, redness or swelling. Visit your doctor immediately if you experience any issues.  
    • Do not rub your eyes.
    • Avoid direct contact with sunlight. Do not go out for the first couple of days. Use sunglasses if necessary.
    • Do not use contact lenses for at least 2 weeks.
    • Sleep with your head at an angle of 45° that is slightly higher than your chest.
    • Ensure your diet is rich in vitamins.
    • Use clean gauze to change your bandage on a daily basis.
    • Do not put stress on your eyes.
    • Do not get your bandage wet as It can cause infection.

    What's the Success Rate of Double Eyelid Creation Procedures in Hamburg?

    Double Eyelid Surgery has a high success rate but issues can arise as with any surgery, for example, an infection, blood clot formation, scar hypertrophy, etc. Sometimes, there is re-drooping of your eyelids in cases of failed surgery. Usually, only one surgery is required, but if you are unsatisfied, another surgery is always possible, it will have to wait several months though to give your eyes sufficient time to recover from the primary surgery. According to a study, only 9.5% of the subjects showed some complications after the surgery and revision surgeries are performed in these cases. The rest of the subjects were completely satisfied with the results of the surgery.

    For more information about Double Eyelid Surgery with before and after images, watch this short video.

    Are there Alternatives to Double Eyelid Creation Procedures in Hamburg?

    The following are some effective non-surgical alternatives to double eyelid surgery:

    • Botox: with this method, botulinum toxin is injected into the eyelids. This causes relaxation of the muscle. It has immediate results which can last for 3 to 4 months. Follow up treatments will be required to maintain the results.
    • Ultherapy: This method makes use of ultrasound rays to stimulate and boost collagen production in the deeper layers of your skin. It gives a fresh and youthful appearance to your skin along with tightening it.
    • Dermal fillers: substances such as Restylane and Juvederm are injected into your eyelids. These fillers work to decrease skin lines and wrinkles. They give a lifted appearance to your eyelids.
    • Skin resurfacing: a number of treatments come under this category. Such as laser resurfacing, micro-needling, laser treatment, etc. They are helpful in lifting your eyelids non-surgically.

    Whilst the information presented here has been accurately sourced and verified by a medical professional for its accuracy, it is still advised to consult with your doctor before pursuing a medical treatment at one of the listed medical providers. This content was last updated on 28/11/2020.

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