Benefits of Medical Tourism
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Benefits of Medical Tourism

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Benefits of Medical Tourism

As scepticism declines and trust increases, the popularity of ‘foreign’ hospitals and Medical Tourism in general rises in relation. Whilst it’s always been known that the cost of procedures in such hospitals is much lower, it was always thought that the low costs came at the expense of quality. Now that more information and trusted first-hand reviews are available online, the general public is starting to gain confidence and each year, more and more people venture abroad for medical, cosmetic or dental treatments.   

Below, we’ve pointed out the benefits of Medical Tourism, what medical treatment entails and why individuals travel abroad for treatment.


At a Glance

Medical Tourism is the process of traveling abroad for medical, cosmetic or dental treatment. Medical Tourism is also known as Medical Travel, Health Tourism, and Global Healthcare. 

Over the past several years, many travel companies specializing in Medical Tourism have been providing packages to individuals who want overseas medical treatment.

People may prefer Medical Tourism to domestic treatment because:

  • Some medical treatments are not available in their own country or the waiting time is too long
  • The full cost of the procedure is not covered by their health insurance policy
  • A lot of people are not ready to compromise their health because of the high costs of treatment


Why People Travel Abroad for Treatment

Many factors influence the popularity of Medical Tourism:

  • International travel is now reasonably priced and trouble-free
  • In developed countries, healthcare costs have increased enormously
  • Hospital waiting times – with many less urgent surgeries, patients could be on a waiting list for months, despite being in constant pain
  • Improvement in communications, particularly the Internet and cheap International phone calls make it easier to contact overseas hospitals

Healthcare insurance is another factor you should take into account. Individuals with no health insurance or with a limited insurance policy will likely look for other options like Medical Tourism. The deductibles from the health insurance of someone might be more than how much it costs going abroad for treatment. 


The Benefits of Medical Tourism


Cost-Effectiveness and Affordability

The main reason people travel abroad for medical treatment is due to the lower cost, with savings of between 30% and 80% of the cost you would pay in the US, however, many people still doubt the Medical Tourism industry because of these low prices. But the reason why the cost of medical treatment is so much lower is because of the low cost of labor, infrastructure and the facilities in these countries. Despite the fact that the treatments are not expensive, surgical procedures are performed by highly-trained professionals who make use of advanced technology. Also, the reduced price of insurance and administration facilitate the low prices of medical treatment.

High-Quality Healthcare

The vast number of doctors that provide healthcare services to international patients are certified and trained in Western countries like the UK and US. 

Many medical centers throughout the world have obtained accreditation from renowned international bodies like JCI and ISO.

Some medical centers and institutes are members of the National Institute of Health, a federal agency providing leadership and financial support to researchers in medicine and health.

Improved Flight and Communication Services

Either online or by phone, virtually all the procedures performed abroad can be scheduled. There is flexibility in booking flights, accommodation and scheduling medical treatments from your home. This makes everything easy, even removing the discomfort of queuing up in the hospital for assessments and consultations.

Immediate Service

Instant access to healthcare services comes as standard with Medical Tourism. When it comes to matters of health, hanging around is not an option – medical tourists will always benefit from reduced waiting times and in some cases, zero waiting times.

Travel Opportunities

With the primary focus being medical treatment, a great by-product of Medical Tourism is the opportunity to explore new sites in a foreign land. If exploring isn’t an option, then recovering with a change of scenery can also be considered a bonus.


The concept of Medical Tourism appeals to those interested in high-quality and low-cost healthcare with minimal waiting time. As it gains attention from more people and the trust continues to build, the industry will continue to see rapid growth and can help to improve global healthcare issues.