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Sikarin Hospital

From 301 verified reviews

Anna Agarwal, 02 March 2022

Come to use the service regularly. Service is very good. The diabetes department may have to wait for a very long time. There are few doctors and many patients. It's generally considered good.

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KRU PRECISION WELLNESS, located in Nai Yang, Phuket, Thailand offers patients Medical Examination procedures among its total of 9 available procedures, across 7 different specialties. The cost of a Medical Examination procedure ranges from ฿1,509 to ฿1,811, whilst the national average price is approximately ฿4,866. All procedures and treatments are undertaken by just a small team of specialists, with 2 in total at the Clinic, and they are not accredited by any recognized accreditations institutes

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Bangkok Hospital Phuket

From 207 verified reviews

Tatyana Koch, 06 December 2020

Amazing doctors, amazing staff. The doctor and nurses were very caring. Answered all of my questions clearly and provided excellent service. They were all quick and efficient. The room I stayed in was very comfortable and the food was great. If you want to undergo medical treatment in Phuket, you should definitely choose Bangkok Hospital Phuket.

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Lyfe Medical Wellness

From 8 verified reviews

Oh Susan, 08 August 2020

The Rawaii location is very relaxing, and the service, care the skill of the practitioners are exceptional. I left with glowing skin.

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BAAC Bangkok Anti-Aging Center, Siam

From 8 verified reviews

SomChai, 09 October 2022

Outstanding service!

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Thonburi Bamrungmuang Hospital

From 8 verified reviews

Kinley Dorjee, 20 December 2022

Newly opened hospital with great services for chronic diseases. Hospital provides IVF and IVN

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Aesthara Clinic

From 8 verified reviews

Thanya, 11 March 2023

The clinic is clean, the doctor was very gental, and medicine were all good quality .

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BAAC Bangkok Anti-Aging Center, Bangna

From 7 verified reviews

Ya Wanlai, 26 August 2022

Today I come to check my husband's basic health. I feel good service mind. Modern equipment. I like it very much. The nurses are also very good at finding lines, very light hands, recommend.

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BAAC Bangkok Anti-Aging Center, Sutthisan

From 5 verified reviews

Suphansa Pura, 03 October 2022

I came here for a health check for the first time. I'm very impressed. Good service staff, friendly, explaining and giving advice on health matters. very clean place wide parking It's not expensive.

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Eternity Clinic

From 3 verified reviews

Udomsak Nakoon, 12 December 2022

I've been there. Let me tell you that it's awesome. The service is excellent. Do it and you will be encouraged. Many men. Those who have sexual problems. Come listen and watch the clip of Khun Mo Beer. You will believe it. Confidence and no sexual problems for sure! Happiness, super clear, complete, really finished

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What you need to know about Abdominal Examination in Thailand

Abdominal examination is an important part of the medical assessment process. In Thailand, it is often done after other tests, including a physical exam and laboratory tests, to gain additional insights into a patient’s condition and diagnose any underlying medical issues. Abdominal examination allows a physician to evaluate the patient's abdomen, assess the organs and structures involved, understand underlying medical conditions and monitor the progress of any treatment. This procedure is absolutely crucial in the diagnosis and treatment of abdominal issues and is commonly performed in the Thai healthcare setting. When performing an abdominal examination, a physician examines the abdomen and observes the skin, shape, height, and size of the abdomen. They may also check the patient's abdomen for tenderness, use a stethoscope to listen to the gut sounds and palpate the abdominal area. In Thai medical settings, abdominal examinations are carried out in order to identify any abnormalities, detect any signs of distress or disease, gain information about the structure and functioning of internal organs and help diagnose, treat and monitor the progress of abdominal issues appropriately. When it comes to abdominal examination, it is essential that the patient is prepared and willing to share some personal details about their condition and medical history. This will help the clinician to conduct the examination and make a more accurate diagnosis. Moreover, the results of the abdominal examination should be interpreted in combination with other test results, to get a better picture of the patient’s health. At the end of the day, abdominal examination is an important procedure that should not be overlooked. Experienced physicians and medical practitioners in Thailand are equipped with the right skills to conduct this examination accurately and provide the best possible treatment. Therefore, if you or a loved one has abdominal issues in Thailand, be sure to visit a well-trained medical professional and get the proper care and treatment needed.

What are the most common symptoms of abdominal pain in Thailand?

Abdominal pain is a common an uncomfortable condition, and the most common symptoms reported in Thailand are nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and constipation. Swelling of the rectum, bloating and a feeling of fullness are also common. Some conditions can cause more severe abdominal symptoms such as sharp stabbing pains, tenderness in abdomen, inability to eat or drink, vomiting of blood, and dark colored stools. Patients might require emergency medical treatment depending on the intensity of these symptoms. Consulting with a medical professional is essential for any abdominal pain symptom, and the standard treatment cost is ฿800 (USD 25.22).

How is the abdominal examination conducted in Thailand?

The Abdominal Examination in Thailand is conducted with the utmost accuracy and professionalism. Generally, a detailed physical examination is conducted which includes palpation of the abdominal region (100 THB (Approx. $3.20)). A physical examination of relevant structures like the liver, spleen, aorta, and gallbladder is done to make sure that nothing is out of the ordinary. Further, auscultation is done to listen to the abdomen to identify if any abnormal sounds, like bowel movements, are present. Investigations such as a liver function test, urine routine test and other tests as suggested by the clinician are also performed. Imaging studies, like ultrasound (1300 THB (Approx. $41)), CT scans and X-rays may be ordered if any abnormalities are suspected in the initial physical examination.

Is a rectal examination part of the abdominal examination in Thailand?

Yes, the abdominal examination in Thailand includes a rectal examination and it is important for identifying symptoms and conditions involving the lower abdominal and pelvic regions. The rectal examination involves examining the anus, rectum, and lower part of the sigmoid colon visually and manually to detect any abnormal growths, signs of infection, or tenderness. The cost for the examination in most cities in Thailand is approximately 350-800 Baht (approx. $11-25 USD).

What type of imaging procedures are available for diagnosing abdominal conditions in Thailand?

In Thailand, a number of imaging modalities are being employed in the diagnosis of abdominal conditions. To name a few, Ultrasound scan (US), Computed Tomography (CT) scan and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) are routinely used. During US scan, sound waves are used to create image of the abdominal anatomy and abnormalities are detected by the radiologist. CT scan is a more advanced imaging method that uses x-rays to generate a 3D image of the anatomy and is more suitable for identifying changes in abdominal organs and precise measurements of internal diseases. Lastly, MRI makes use of strong magnetic fields and radio waves to create detailed images of soft tissue organs and structures, with higher sensitivity and accuracy especially in identifying tumors and other abnormalities. Depending on the clinic, prices can range from ฿100 to ฿3000 (USD 3 to USD 89).

What types of treatments are available for abdominal conditions in Thailand?

In Thailand, individuals suffering from abdominal conditions may find comfort in a variety of treatments. Depending on the condition, medications may be recommended by medical personnel. In some circumstances, surgery or endoscopies may be required. Depending on the complexity of the procedure, the cost may range between ฿18,000 to ฿548,000 (approximately USD 550 - 16,500). Should the procedure require hospitalization, additional fees may also apply. Additional treatments available are acupuncture and physiotherapies, which may have minimal costs. To relieve pain, medications such as antacids and antispasmodics may be recommended. Dietary restrictions and lifestyle modifications may also be suggested, as applicable.

Is physical examination enough to identify abdominal diseases in Thailand?

In Thailand, physical examination is a commonly used primary method for abdominal diseases diagnosis. By palpating, listening and visual examination of the patient’s abdomen, important organs and their functions can be identified. In certain cases, additional diagnostic tests such as an ultrasound may be necessary. An ultrasound typically costs around ฿3,000 to ฿10,000 (USD 90 to USD 300) depending on the complexity of the situation. Physical examination is not a 100% reliable to identify abdominal diseases but in most cases (with the assistance of other diagnostic tools and tests) it provides sufficient information to identify the patient’s condition.

Whilst the information presented here has been accurately sourced and verified by a medical professional for its accuracy, it is still advised to consult with your doctor before pursuing a medical treatment at one of the listed medical providers. This content was last updated on 14/10/2020.

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