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What you need to know about Medical Cannabis in Thailand

Medical Cannabis, also known as Medical Marijuana, Medicinal Weed and CBD Oil, amongst various other names. Whilst the raw material and in particular the THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) element remains illegal in most countries across the world, governments are beginning to accept the findings of scientists and physicians who have proven the health / medical benefits of the non-psychoactive element of the Cannabis plant, CBD (Cannabidiol). 

A form of Medical Cannabis can be prescribed to treat any number of conditions, not just pain relief - these can include:

  • Nausea from Chemotherapy (Cancer) patients
  • Seizures
  • Extreme spasms caused by Multiple Sclerosis
  • Suffers of Crohn's Disease
  • It can even be used by HIV patients to aide low-appetite and prevent weight loss. 
Medicinal Weed

MyMediTravel has only recently enlisted Medical Cannabis as a treatment / procedure and whilst it is now legal as a medical treatment in many countries, it does remain illegal in others and especially in a non-medical form. For this reason, we urge our patients interested in this form of treatment to contact us directly and to discuss further with a member of our patient support team who can explain your options in Thailand , Click Here to submit your Free Quote.

Additional factors to consider:

1. The Cannabis plant has a long history of medicinal use, dating back thousands of years and has primarily been used to treat pain. The body already makes cannabinoids (also found in Cannabis) which act on cannabinoid receptors located throughout the body and influences a person's appetite, memory, mood and pain sensation. It is this ability to affect / reduce pain which has become the most common use of Medical Cannabis.

2. Side effects are usually quite minor and short-lasting - they might include drowsiness, dizziness, anxiety, a sense of euphoria and short-term memory loss. But it should be noted that these effects are vastly reduced when the amount of THC consumed is limited, as is the case with most Medical Cannabis supplements.

3. Success rate is extremely high for pain relief when the prescribed amount is precise. 

How is it Consumed:

1. Traditional form of smoking in a rolled cigarette or alternative instrument

2. The more modern method of vaporizing, which requires a specialist device to heat it until the active ingredients are released and can be inhaled without any smoke

3. Liquid extract, commonly known as CBD Oil, consisting of the concentrate which can be administered via the mouth

4. Edibles - consumed in food where the ingredients are mixed with the food and eaten

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