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ToOm Kornkanok, 11 July 2019

I’ve got Civid19 on 16/05/22 and designed to get medical package at the hospital due to its holiday so I don’t want to wait the package sending by post. I think many patients so i had to wait around 2 hrs and the queue arrangement is not good enough even I registered online already. During Home Isolation for 10 days, they followed up via line every morning and gave good recommendations. Overall is great. Thank you very much for good service

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    What you need to know about Kidney Surgery in Thailand

    Kidney surgery in Thailand is a great option if you are considering the procedure. Thailand is a renowned hub of medical excellence, and the country is known for its highly qualified and experienced surgeons, excellent medical care and cost-effective treatments. The cost of kidney surgery in Thailand is significantly lower than the costs in the Western world, making it an attractive choice for people who cannot afford the high costs of medical care in their own countries. Furthermore, the quality of care for this procedure is recognized internationally. There are multiple state-of-the-art medical centers in Thailand performing this surgery, and many come equipped with the most advanced technology and surgical processes to ensure that patients receive the best possible care. Many of these centers are accredited and hold the highest standards of medical ethics and practice. The types of surgery available vary depending on the particular case. There are open and minimally-invasive kidney surgeries, such as laparoscopic and robotic procedures, as well as more complicated procedures, such as cystectomy. The specific surgery that a patient needs depends on their specific medical condition. Another important consideration is the post-operative aftercare that is available. The level of post-operative care can vary, but typically includes blood tests, regular check-ups, and follow-up visits. The duration of the post-operation period varies depending on the individual, but typically lasts 3-6 weeks. Choosing the right surgical center is another key factor in ensuring a successful and safe procedure. It is important to choose a surgicenter with the best reputation and accreditation in the field. Research should be conducted to find the best suited medical center for the individual’s health condition, which can be easily accessible on the Internet and through hospital networks. Before deciding to undergo a kidney surgery in Thailand, it is also essential to meet with your surgeon and discuss the risks and expectations for the surgery.

    What are the risks and complications associated with kidney surgery in Thailand?

    Kidney surgery is one of the most safe, reliable and cost effective surgeries available in Thailand. It is associated with very few risks, most of which can be minimized through proper pre-operative preparation. Depending on the type of kidney surgery, potential risks and complications could include infection, bleeding, damage to the ureters and bladder, as well as post-operative pain. The vast majority of these risks can be minimized through the expertise and experience of qualified, board certified surgeons. The cost of a kidney surgery procedure in Thailand is approximately THB 150,000 (USD 4,800) and payable in advanced prior to the procedure. The costs will vary depending on the type of the procedure, and could include additional fees such as pre-operative tests, pharmaceuticals and hospital fees. Overall, kidney surgery can be a safe, effective and financially viable option for people looking to address their medical needs.

    How experienced and credentialed are the surgeons performing kidney surgery in Thailand?

    Surgeons performing kidney surgery in Thailand are highly qualified and experienced practitioners. By law, all of them must have a medical license and board certification in general surgery to perform a kidney transplant. Furthermore, many surgeons have undergone additional specialized training and have accumulated additional years of experience in transplant surgery. These experts are capable of performing the procedure with the utmost safety and precision. On average, a kidney transplant procedure generally costs around ฿650,000 (approx. $21,000). With well-certified surgeons and cost-effectiveness, Thailand is a great choice for any potential kidney transplant recipients.

    Are there any guarantees for successful outcomes for kidney surgery in Thailand?

    Generally speaking, successful outcomes for kidney surgery in Thailand are highly possible with professional medical care and monitoring. A team of experienced surgeons, operating at world-class hospitals, can work miracles. According to the Ministry of Public Health, the probability of successful kidney operations in Thailand is approximately 98.4%. Cost for kidney surgery starts from around 100,000 THB (~3,300 USD) and is highly affordable, especially compared to the rates elsewhere. Moreover, as per the Medical Council of Thailand, all overseas patients are provided with covering insurance while they’re here. So, should any unforeseen medical complications occur, you’re in safe hands. Therefore, the overall outlook for kidney surgery in Thailand is nothing short of positive. With cost-effective procedures, combined with high success rates, it offers all patients the chance of life-transforming results.

    What kind of aftercare is provided after kidney surgery in Thailand?

    Post kidney surgery, Thailand ensures optimal aftercare to help the patient recover. Follow-up visits and appropriate medications are necessary for recovery. Nurses and specialist surgeons remain immediately available on call to address any health concerns or queries. Regular check-ups are essential to assess the progress of the patient. Medical staff endeavor to promote an environment that is nurturing and comfortable. Nutritious meals support the patient in rebalancing the body and eliminating toxins from the body. Facilities also provide services of physiotherapists and dieticians as per need. Tests like Ultrasound and X-ray may be conducted for comprehensive medical assessment. Fees for follow-up care typically range from ฿200-฿800 (Approx. USD 6.50-26.50). The knowledgeable medical staff and efficient clinical team work together to ensure the recovery of the patient.

    What kind of follow up care is available for kidney surgery in Thailand?

    Follow up care for kidney surgery in Thailand is available through specialized medical facilities. After the initial surgery the patient is monitored to assess their recovery and to ensure that any medications they are taking are effective. Follow up care may include tests to assess kidney function, lifestyle advice and regular check-ups with a specialist. If necessary, further procedures could also be recommended. The cost of follow up care in Thailand depends on the type and amount of care needed, but on average a complete follow up package costs $120 (approx. $4 USD). This can be adjusted to individual needs and budgets. For those who require additional financial support, the government offers subsidies for medical follow up care.

    What is the cost of kidney surgery in Thailand compared to other countries?

    Kidney surgery in Thailand is widely considered to be of excellent quality, and is often cheaper than treatment in many other countries. Prices for kidney surgery in Thailand commonly range from around ฿140,000 - ฿220,000 (approximately USD 4,600 - USD 7,100). Costs in some countries like the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia can be up to three times higher than those in Thailand. Additionally, the quality of care is often considered to be comparable where outcomes tend to be very similar. Ultimately, visiting Thailand could be an excellent option for those looking to save money on kidney surgery costs.

    Whilst the information presented here has been accurately sourced and verified by a medical professional for its accuracy, it is still advised to consult with your doctor before pursuing a medical treatment at one of the listed medical providers. This content was last updated on 20/02/2023.

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