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Kluaynamthai Hospital

From 3 verified reviews

manish suri, 06 August 2022

I have a good experience with this hospital. The nurses are very caring and they actually save lives

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Chiangmai Ram Hospital

From 6 verified reviews

Jenifer Leppert, 08 December 2020

The staff were amazing!!! Also the doctor and nurses were fantastic. I couldn't have wished for more caring individuals to look after me. They go the extra mile to try and put me at ease. I feel like I was getting first-class treatment during my stay there. Thanks to the highly qualified doctor and up to date surgical equipment, my surgery went well. Surgery cost is very affordable as well. :)

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Thonburi Hospital

From 36 verified reviews

Trisha Vautour, 13 November 2020

The doctor and all the other staff are very thorough and compassionate. I came here for an angiogram, and I was somewhat scared at the thought of getting it, but the doctor and staff were absolutely fantastic. I ended up having a stent, and the whole team made it bearable. Thank you to all the staff who really went over and above for me. I feel so lucky to have chosen Thonburi hospital for my treatment.

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    What you need to know about Stroke Consultation in Thailand

    When people are faced with a stroke, it is important to obtain proper consultation from an experienced medical professional. In Thailand, there are many certified providers of stroke consultation to assist with diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. Stroke consultation in Thailand involves gathering substantial knowledge on the patient's medical history and conducting a physical examination, laboratory test, and imaging. After that, the data must be processed to determine the type of stroke, evaluate the damage, and decide the best course of treatment. The treatment options include medications, lifestyle changes, rehabilitation programs, and surgery, depending on the nature and severity of the stroke. In addition to determining the treatment, a stroke consultant might also recommend preventive strategies to reduce the risks of having a further stroke. These strategies include avoiding smoking, keeping blood pressure and cholesterol under control, eating a healthy diet, and following an exercise plan. When looking for a stroke consultant in Thailand, it is important to consider their qualifications, experience, and credentials. For example, many excellent stroke consultants have pursued a specific degree in the field, such as geriatrics and neurology. Before consulting with a provider, it is also necessary to make sure that they are licensed and have positive feedback from previous patients. The consultation process itself should also be comfortable and warm. Stroke consultants should pay attention to the patient's individual needs and provide emotional support. The consultation should provide detailed explanations of the proposed treatments, recommended lifestyle changes, and potential risks and side effects. Ultimately, stroke consultation in Thailand provides the patient with a comprehensive understanding of their condition and the best strategies to manage it. If you are looking for a specialist to help you with stroke consultation and recovery, Thailand offers experienced and certified professionals who possess the skills and qualifications necessary for you to achieve the best possible outcomes.

    What is the cost of stroke consultation in Thailand?

    The cost of a stroke consultation in Thailand typically ranges between 800–2,000 THB (approx. $25–$60 USD). It can vary depending on the type of specialist consultation required. Stroke care requires treatment in an organised and comprehensive manner. This often includes visits to neurologists, cardiologists, physiotherapists and other specialists. The decision to consult a specialist is based on what symptoms are present, the severity of those symptoms, and any potential underlying medical conditions. The cost of your stroke consultation may increase if additional tests or services such as X-rays or scans are required.

    What services are available for stroke consultation in Thailand?

    In Thailand, stroke consultation services are provided by a variety of healthcare professionals. Medical doctors and rehabilitation specialists typically provide resources ranging from assessments and diagnostic evaluations to therapeutic treatment and care planning. Speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and social workers are regularly used to assist with the recovery process, along with other supportive services. Prices can vary depending on the type of care and facility, including hospital staying and rehabilitation centers. For example, a full stroke evaluation in Bangkok may cost around THB 10,000-12,000 (approx. USD 300-400). In short, an array of consultation services are available in Thailand to address the medical needs of stroke victims.

    What medical programs are available for stroke management in Thailand?

    Thailand is a leader in stroke management thanks to its robust national programmes. The main programme available is the Thailand Stroke Care Plus (TSC+). TSC+ utilises a coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) procedure to attempt to restore blood flow in stroke patients. The programme reads each patient's medical records and uses clinical scores to identify the patient for CABG surgery where medically appropriate. The cost of the procedure is approximately ฿50,000 (US$1,500). Additionally, there is the National Stroke Network project, which provides an integrated network of stroke specialists and support staff which facilitate the timely and appropriate care for stroke patients in all areas of the country. This is a free service. Moreover, there is the National Stroke Database, which uses an electronic database of clinical information regarding stroke patients across the country for the purposes of research. Finally, the National Stroke Outcome Registry programme provides valuable real-time data on stroke outcomes and patient-level costs in Thailand.

    What is the success rate of stroke treatment in Thailand?

    Stroke treatment in Thailand has an excellent success rate of 80-90%. In some cases the patient can recover in a short timeframe and the treatment is reasonably priced, with costs typically ranging between 2500-3500 Thai Baht (approx. $85-$112 USD). Medical facilities in Thailand also focus on rehabilitating the patient, reducing the long-term impacts of stroke. This helps patients to return to their prior activities as soon as possible. The treatment and care of stroke in Thailand is of remarkably high quality in comparison to other countries and the outcomes resulting from it demonstrate that. With a combination of physical and medical care, outcomes for stroke patients can be improved significantly and their lifestyle can return to the level of pre-stroke quickly.

    What is the recovery rate of stroke patients in Thailand?

    The recovery rate among stroke patients in Thailand is high. Studies have found that 80–90% of stroke survivors can make a full or partial recovery, with the chance of complete recovery decreasing 2 to 3 months after the onset of symptoms. Participating in rehabilitation programmes soon after a stroke is associated with significantly better outcomes than delaying rehabilitation programmes or not taking part in them at all. Furthermore, research also found that going to a hospital as soon as possible reduces the mortality rate for stroke patients in Thailand by 23%. Cost of quality services for stroke care in Thailand is roughly ฿700–2,700 (approx. USD 22 – 87).

    What type of stroke doctors are available in Thailand?

    In Thailand, patients can consult with specialized neurologists that are trained in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of stroke. These stroke doctors are medically certified to evaluate and manage ischemic strokes, hemorrhagic strokes, and transient ischemic attacks. Patients are encouraged to make an appointment for a comprehensive consultation with the stroke doctor for comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis. On average, the consultation fee for a stroke doctor starts at THB 2,000 (approx. USD 62).

    Whilst the information presented here has been accurately sourced and verified by a medical professional for its accuracy, it is still advised to consult with your doctor before pursuing a medical treatment at one of the listed medical providers. This content was last updated on 14/03/2023.

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