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NewU Institute

NewU Institute, located in Pulawska, Warsaw, Poland offers patients Labiaplasty procedures among its total of 6 available procedures, across 3 different specialties. The cost of a Labiaplasty procedure ranges from $1,491 to $1,988, whilst the national average price is approximately $2,019. There are many specialists available at the Clinic, with 26 in total, and they are not accredited by any recognized accreditations institutes

$4,500 Labiaplasty View details & Read reviews CALL NOW
AGKlinik Adam Gumkowski

From 20 verified reviews

Marcelina Mocarska, 07 March 2020

I volunteered to AGklinik. My goal was to remove discoloration on the face (hormonal, after pregnancy) and breast augmentation. The doctor proposed a pico laser and liposuction + transplantation of belly and thigh fat in the breast. Initially, I wanted implants, but I'm glad that the doctor encouraged me to liposuction and fat transfer, because thanks to that I "lost weight" here and there :) Both treatments were carried out under general anesthesia. Fantastic service before the operation (all information and contact with the clinic) and postoperative care - the pain was not particularly bothersome. It's nice that the doctor gives you alternative ideas that come with :) greetings :)

$804 Buttock Liposuction View details & Read reviews CALL NOW
Dr. Oleg Ertuganow

From 13 verified reviews

Kris Lagerfield, 20 September 2020

Profesjonalista w każdym calu !!! Lekarz z prawdziwego powołania który jest fachowcem o wielkim sercu . Jest to jeden z lepszych fachowców w swojej dziedzinie !!

$803 Double Eyelid Creation View details & Read reviews CALL NOW
Centrum Medyczne Vita-Medica Sulejówek

From 20 verified reviews

Karol, 17 December 2019

Professional dentist and friendly service.

$159 Varicose Veins Treatment View details & Read reviews CALL NOW
Dom Lekarski

From 15 verified reviews

Mojarecenzja, 19 March 2020

Dear Sir in registration, dr Różańska from ultrasound, very nice, with an approach to children, she explains everything exactly. The cost of the service - hand ultrasound - PLN 190. Medical house in Turzyn

$76,300 Varicose Veins Treatment View details & Read reviews CALL NOW
Dr Kulczycka Centrum Estetyki

From 10 verified reviews

Barbara Olszewski, 13 November 2019

Thank you, Aleksandro. I am satisfied with the service. Greetings.

$99 Face Slimming View details & Read reviews CALL NOW
CORAMED Beauty Surgery

From 6 verified reviews

Ryan Clarke, 22 January 2022

I had gynecomastia surgery at Coramed recently and was extremely impressed by all aspects of my experience with Coramed. I contacted Anna and arranged the surgery and she was great at answering any questions I had. Aspects such as a hotel and a driver for my time in Poland were arranged for me which was a big help and saved time. Total all-in cost including flights, hotel, driver, tests, the surgery etc was about £2k. The actual clinic is incredibly modern and clean, I knew from reading other reviews that the clinic was very high standard but it was even better than I had expected to be honest. Ive experienced some NHS hospitals in the UK and Coramed was much cleaner and more modern. At the clinic, I met Anna as well as some other nurses over the course of my stay and all of them were so nice and professional. I had some doubts over whether I was making a good decision by travelling abroad for surgery in the days before I flew to Poland but after seeing the clinic and meeting the staff I felt at ease and had no nerves. Anna, the other nurses, the anaesthetist and the night nurse were all amazing and spoke good English. The surgery was performed by Dr Berendt who does gynecomastia surgery very often. I am 3 days post-op but already very happy with my results and glad I decided to get the surgery, he has done a good job. The pain was minimal and only really lasted for 1-2 days. I would definitely recommend Coramed, every aspect of the procedure was done to an extremely high standard and at a fraction of what I would have paid in the UK. I cannot imagine that UK surgeries are offering a service that justifies paying 4x more for the same procedure. I'm very happy I did my research and chose the team at Coramed.

$28,000 Mommy Makeover View details & Read reviews CALL NOW
Perfect Medica

From 27 verified reviews

Stella msp, 08 September 2020

I highly recommend the Perfrct Medica clinic. I had a procedure performed by Dr. n. med. Marek Muraszko-Kuźma and I recommend him for his full professionalism and a very nice disposition of the doctor. Care in the clinic at the highest level. Thank you

Price on request Chin Augmentation View details & Read reviews CALL NOW
Krajmed Medical Center

From 55 verified reviews

Anita Kwarta, 27 August 2020

I warmly welcome. My and my son's impression is amazing. Two weeks ago my son was operated on at the Krajmed Center. Dr. Anna Tuszyńska is wonderful, a doctor by vocation. A great approach to the patient, a beautifully and professionally performed operation. Overall, the staff was very nice and very nice. I can also say the same about Dr. Krajewski. We are very pleased that we got into such good hands of wonderful doctors. I recommend it with all my heart

Price on request Nose Surgery View details & Read reviews CALL NOW
Scanmed Szpital św. Rafała

From 138 verified reviews

Iza Rak, 19 September 2020

Smaczny bufet polecam

Price on request Double Eyelid Creation View details & Read reviews CALL NOW


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What you need to know about Breast Implant Removal in Poland

Breast Implant Removal before and After

Breast implant removal is a surgical procedure performed to excise previously inserted breast implants in entirety or part, typically with the aim of altering or enhancing the visual aesthetic of the candidature's chest. It is crucial, however, to underscore the imperative nature of entrusting such a sensitive and complicated procedure only to a reputable, certified medical facility. This is by no means a trivial act of vanity but rather, a critical health decision with potential long-term implications on your overall well-being.

As we descend into the technicalities, breast implant removal demands significant surgical acumen predicated upon comprehensive anatomical knowledge and diligent risk management. While it is tempting to gravitate towards the end results, it's crucial to familiarize oneself with the intricacies involved. The procedure typically includes a deftly performed incision and careful extraction of the implanted bodies.

What does a Breast Implant Removal Procedure Involve?

A breast implant removal procedure is a calculated surgical maneuver aimed at safely excising previously inserted implants. Put simply, this is the dismantling of an alternating architecture earlier inhabited by your body. Commanding precision, diligent skill, and impeccable dexterity, such operations warrant the direction and attention of highly experienced and specialized surgeons, preferably in the confines of a well reputed and equipped medical facility

Involved intricacies in breast implant removal procedure take us through a labyrinth of medical know-how, evolving around incisions, extraction, and possible elimination of capsules. An incision, typically on the previous scar, opens up the path to the implants, executing a surgical breach into your body's established order. Then proceeds the removal of the implant, demanding the utmost delicacy, performed with keen eyes and steady hands. 

How Long Should I Stay in Poland for a Breast Implant Removal Procedure?

Your stay duration in a given territory for a breast implant removal procedure is not a variable to be underestimated or dealt with lightly. It depends on a multitude of facets, not least of which includes your personal medical landscape, the skill-set at your chosen facility, and the complexity of the procedure itself. This is not merely a sojourn in a new locale, it is a sensitive time span of convalescence sandwiched between twin crucial happenings: the surgical procedure itself and your return to the comforting familiarity of home. Such an intricate blend of personal and medical inevitability necessitates a stay of on average, one to two weeks in the given area.

A preoperative consultation with the surgeon will help to humble the guesswork involved. This consult permits insight into the preparation, procedure, and postoperative recovery stages. Combined with digital and physical examinations, a satisfactory comprehension of your anatomy, responses, and healing process will allow for a better estimate of your stay duration. 

What's the Recovery Time for Breast Implant Removal Procedures in Poland?

The recovery time for a breast implant removal procedure is both a personal chronology marked by radically individual variables and a somewhat predictable timeline shaped by medical precedent. This timetable, ensnared within our bodies' primal instinct to heal and convalesce, is typically nestled between a few days to few weeks post the procedure. It pivots somewhat predictably on the complexities of the procedure, the sophistication of medical technology, and the skill of your chosen healthcare provider. 

A pivotal aspect of recovery time is the proverbial 'listening to your body'. An honest dialogue with oneself aids in discerning aspects of recovery that are almost imperceptible to the clinical eye. Not to be dismissed are variables such as pain, swelling, and discomfort, which can potentially extend or curtail the envisaged recovery period. A favored choice of the medical fraternity would be a reputed healthcare facility, equipped with advanced medical technology, employing a team of competent physicians. 

What's the Success Rate of Breast Implant Removal Procedures in Poland?

The success rate of breast implant removal procedures in any given locale, on a broad scale, tends to be fairly high. Said success hinges primarily on the competent synchronization of several key factors, namely, the skill and expertise of the surgeon, the nuances of the individual procedure and the patient's overall health status and resilience. Against the backdrop of such multifaceted considerations, defining success becomes an elaborate tightrope walk between medical prowess, personal fortitude and fickle odds. It is a silent testament to the progression of medical science and the sanctity of the human spirit.

While it is scientifically invigorating to fixate on success rates, diving a little deeper into what constitutes 'success' might be of utility. Most commonly, success in a surgical context equates to the elimination of the issue at hand with minimal side effects, satisfactory aesthetic results, and quick patient recovery. Remember, the choice of a reputed medical facility significantly magnifies the prospects of a successful operation.

Are there Alternatives to Breast Implant Removal Procedures in Poland?

Indeed, alternatives to breast implant removal procedures do exist, penciling in as options rooted essentially in personal priorities and medical advisories. Primarily, Breast Implant Replacement is a plausible alternative, where patients opt for a new set of implants in lieu of the outgoing ones. Diverse reasons embellish this choice, ranging from a desire to alter their size, shape, or material to remediation of complications with the existing implants. This process is a tight-rope walk oscillating between the desire for change and the vividity of familiarity.

Another alternative could be a fat transfer, wherein fat is harvested from another part of your physique and injected into your breasts, thereby maintaining their size and shape, albeit with a more natural feel. Natural breast augmentation is yet another path averse to implants, resorting instead to a combination of a mini-breast lift with fat transfer. As always, the choice of a reputed medical facility can amplify your comfort and optimize the benefits accrued from these alternatives. 

What sort of Aftercare is Required for Breast Implant Removal Procedures in Poland?

Aftercare post breast implant removal procedures in Poland necessitates a meticulous regime marked by time, attention, and careful precautions to ensure optimum recovery and healing. Emotionally, it can be daunting; the fear of the unknown, the anxiety related to pain and appearance post-surgery can be overwhelming. But fear not, forewarned is forearmed. Ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of the procedure, anticipated outcomes, and necessary aftercare reduces uncertainties and prepares you better. 

The post-operative regimen includes regular monitoring of incisions for any signs of infection, prudent management of pain with prescribed medications, gentle exercises to maintain arm movement and avoid stiffness, and wearing of a supportive bra for upliftment and comfort. Rest, hydration, a nutritious diet and avoidance of strenuous activities hasten healing. 

What Should You Expect Before and After the Procedure?

Before a breast implant removal procedure, you should anticipate a detailed consultation with your chosen surgeon. This dialogue, a carefully woven tapestry of medical history, surgical plans, and desired outcomes, lays the cornerstone of your surgical journey. Potential ancillary investigations, such as imaging studies or laboratory tests may also be requisitioned to provide a comprehensive understanding of your anatomical and physiological landscape. On the cusp of the procedure, you may be advised of certain dietary restrictions or medication cessation. 

Post the breast implant removal, the immediate phase is generally moderated by transient pain, swelling, and bruising. The surgical drains if placed, wound care and postoperative medications rappel to play a significant role. It is imperative to have a trusted individual stationed for your postoperative care for the initial few days. As with all stages of this journey, open, and honest interaction with your medical team is indispensable. As the days roll by, you would witness a progressive fade-out of your discomfort and a simultaneous unveil of the new aesthetics of your breasts.

What are the Risks associated with Breast Implant Removal?

Breast Implant Removal, although commonly executed in the plastic surgery field, is accompanied by a number of potential risks. Just like any other surgery, it carries risks associated with anesthesia such as nausea, allergic reactions, or in extreme cases, respiratory difficulties and cardiac complications.

Beyond the universal surgical risks, specific risks associated with breast implant removal include the possibility of infection and bleeding. Despite the expertise of surgeons, there may still be scar tissue formation or alteration in nipple and breast sensation. Additionally, an irregular or unsatisfactory cosmetic appearance could result, like asymmetry, dimpling, puckering, or wrinkling of the breast skin.

What will my breasts look like after the removal of the implants?

Each woman's experience and outcome following breast implant removal are individual and can depend on several factors. These include the size of the original implants, the length of time the implants were in place, and the woman's skin elasticity.

After removal, some women may notice that their breasts appear smaller than they recall prior to augmentation. This could be due to changes in body weight or natural aging processes that occurred while the implants were in place. In some cases, a woman may choose to have a breast lift performed in conjunction with the removal to address sagging or excess skin and improve aesthetic outcomes.

What are the potential complications of Breast Implant Removal?

The decision to have breast implant removal surgery is not one to be taken lightly due to the potential complications that can arise. In the immediate aftermath of the surgery, infection and bleeding may occur, similar to any surgical procedure. An adverse reaction to anesthesia, although rare, could also become a concern. In some instances, the wound may not heal properly leading to improper suturing and potential for scarring. 

A potential, yet significant, obstacle that could arise from a breast implant removal surgery is the dissatisfaction with the aesthetic outcome. While surgeons endeavor to leave the patient’s breasts looking natural and symmetrical post-operation, there is always the risk of perceived cosmetic imperfection. Women deemed to have poor skin elasticity may find the appearance of their breasts impacted. 

Whilst the information presented here has been accurately sourced and verified by a medical professional for its accuracy, it is still advised to consult with your doctor before pursuing a medical treatment at one of the listed medical providers. This content was last updated on 18/09/2023.

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