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As with any medical procedure, particularly surgery, the recuperation and rest period that follows must be respected and any advice given by the medical professionals should be adhered to. With Medical Tourism, it’s slightly different in the sense that the same medical staff and the doctor won’t be available when you’re back home. So, it’s essential to notify your local doctor beforehand, as they’ll be your first point of contact should you require any professional advice. Of course, a line of communication will remain open with us and the hospital, but there’s only so much that can be discussed over the phone or email and when you believe it’s serious, don’t delay seeing your doctor.


Home Preparation

Preparation is everything when it comes to your health, there should be no cutting corners. We recommend taking the following actions in preparation:

  • Inform your local doctor, book an appointment well in advance and discuss exactly what treatments you’re having, when you’re having them and where
  • Ask your local doctor for his/her advice with regard to aftercare
  • Schedule an appointment within a week or two of arriving back home
  • Find out from your International Hospital if you’re required to take a blood test or any other tests beforehand and send them the results


Immediate Aftercare Preparation

For certain medical procedures, the immediate recovery time can be slow and painful, requiring around the clock care. If MyMediTravel did not already provide the answers to the following questions, it’s worth asking your International Hospital in advance:

  • Type of aftercare provided
  • Length of stay required in the hospital immediately after the procedure
  • Length of stay required in the country after being released. Any return visits
  • Availability of prescribed drugs in your home country
  • Will the doctor / medical staff be available to discuss any concerns once back home


Returning Home

Once home, it’s likely there’ll be some follow-up requirements, such as removal of stitches and additional prescription needs. The following should be considered after arriving home:

  • If it wasn’t already booked, make an appointment to see your local doctor
  • Have all the documentation and paperwork given by your International Hospital so your local doctor and assess them
  • Generally, follow all the advice given to you by any medical professionals throughout the entire process, this might include not drinking alcohol or doing strenuous exercise for a certain amount of time