Checks and Questions for Your Hospital and Doctor
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Checks and Questions for Your Hospital and Doctor

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Checks and Questions for Your Hospital and Doctor

Although we aim to provide all the research material and relevant information you could ever need, we appreciate some customers may wish to know even more. For that reason, we’ve put together a few pointers which can be used as a guide for everything you should want to know about your hospital and doctor. But rest assured, all the important, ‘need to know’ information will be available to you on MyMediTravel.


Preliminary Checks

First, you should consider the country you wish to have your treatment in; do you require a visa and will it cover the duration of your stay? Then when you know your hospital or clinic and you’ve read all the information made available to you by us, you could always check their website for more details and to get a feel for the facility. You’ll already have information on the accreditation levels - we consider that to be of the utmost importance. 

As for your specific doctor, it’s always good to know what qualifications and experience they have and if they have any certifications from Western countries like the UK or US. Again, all these details should be provided on MyMediTravel, but if they’re not for whatever reason, usually a quick Google search should suffice.


Possible Questions for Your Hospital Coordinator Staff 

There may be some additional items to confirm with your hospital coordinator with regards to the facility in which your procedure will take place and where you will spend time recovering, for example:

  • Where exactly will the procedure take place, at the hospital or at the doctor’s clinic?
  • How far from the operating theatre is my private recovery room?
  • Will I recover in a room or a suite?
  • Is there an A&E department in the hospital with intensive care facilities?
  • Am I covered by your insurance if anything was to go wrong?
  • Do you have the latest in medical equipment, particularly relevant to my procedure?
  • What rates of infection do you see at your hospital?
  • Are there medications or procedures required which are not covered by the price quoted to me?
  • Can my companion stay onsite with me or will they be required to stay in a local hotel, if so will you arrange this for us?
  • What personal items should I bring with me?
  • What type of food should I expect?
  • Will my nurses and hospital staff speak fluent English?
  • How long will I be expected to stay under the care of the hospital before I can be discharged?
  • After I’m discharged, do I need to come back for any further check-ups?
  • Are there any activities I should avoid immediately after my procedure? Am I allowed to explore the local area?


Possible Questions for your Doctor

For peace of mind and to eliminate potential doubt, your doctor can answer any personal questions you might have, so don’t be afraid to ask. These are a few examples of questions you might benefit from knowing the answer to:

  • Experience in performing this type of surgery, how many operations have you performed?
  • How often have complications occurred and what kind of complications were they?
  • What sort of pain should I expect post-operation?
  • How long will I be under?
  • Have you worked with the anesthetist before and will they consult with me before and after the operation?