Why Use a Medical Tourism Company like MyMediTravel

Deciding where to go for overseas medical treatment can be a tough decision to make, given all the factors that need to be considered and especially if it’s your first time traveling for medical treatment. This is why most people go to a Medical Tourism Company, placing their trust with experienced experts who understand the industry inside-out. 

A Medical Tourism Company, like MyMediTravel, will first provide a list of the most suitable facilities based on your unique requirements and in your desired location, before matching you with your preferred choice. Then they act as an intermediary between you and your hospital/clinic. But don’t be put off by this extra layer in the process because the services of a Medical Tourism Company should be completely FREE – you pay your medical fees directly to the hospital, usually after the first in-person consultation.


Advantages of Using a Medical Tourism Company

Generally, Medical Tourists can rely on these companies to provide guidance and offer peace of mind. The convenience of using a Medical Tourism Company eases the stress associated with any medical procedure, other advantages include:

Information. A wealth of information should be provided to you, specific to each hospital and procedure on offer, with the aim of saving you the time and effort spent trawling the internet in search of this information.

Experience and Familiarity. Having built trusted relationships with all partnered facilities, you can be assured that only the best and vetted hospitals/clinics will be offered.

Finance and Insurance. Assistance is often provided to customers who seek financial assistance or insurance advice.

Packages. Some companies can handle your entire travel requirements, including the treatment, flights, accommodation and any add-ons - we'll discuss the Medical Travel Agencies below.


Types of Medical Tourism Companies

These can be broken down into three categories, of which only two are available online:

Medical Tourism Specialist. This is the category MyMediTravel falls into, although we can offer some of the services of a Travel Agency too. These companies concentrate on informing the customer and providing a wide variety of hospitals and clinics on a single website or platform, whilst offering assistance throughout the entire process.

Medical Travel Agency. More of a traditional style Travel Agent company, offering customers the full package: medical treatment, flights, and accommodation. Such companies will mark-up the cost of flights and accommodation in exchange for much more personal service. Although the medical treatment should not be marked up, a non-refundable deposit may be required instead.

Individual Agent. Often based locally, these people will operate offline, advising customers in person before bringing them into the hospital.


How Do They Compare?

Medical Tourism Specialist

Vast selection of hospitals/clinics. With more facilities available to choose from, the more likely you will find the best service at the best price. Medical Tourism Specialists offer a true representation of the local market in one place.

Global offerings. With facilities available in a multitude of countries, you are not limited to just one country or region.

Offer all procedures. All forms of Medical / Tertiary Care are provided, as well as Cosmetic and Dental procedures.

Limited addons. Although some companies can help with accommodation and other such services, flights are booked elsewhere.

Information. All the information, ratings and reviews you could ever need are available to make an informed decision without needing to search other websites.

Medical Travel Agency

Very limited selection of hospitals/clinics. Some Travel Agencies only offer the services of one facility, whilst others will only offer a handful at most. This means you're severely limited on both the service and cost.

A single country only. Most Travel Agencies limit their offerings to just one country.

Cosmetic only. Medical / Tertiary Care is not offered.

Full Package. Flights and accommodation must also be booked through the Travel Agency and these will be priced much higher than what is available online.

Information. Rich content available on the limited facilities offered.


The Choice Is Yours

When deciding between using a Medical Tourism Company and going directly to the hospital of your choice, consider the reasons for choosing to go overseas in the first place; cost and waiting time:

  • The primary reason people travel overseas for treatment is to save money – don’t forget, Medical Tourism Specialists are completely FREE, they won’t mark up the medical fees or even take money upfront. A Medical Travel Agency, however, may require a deposit but generally shouldn't mark-up the cost of the procedure.
  • The second most common reason people travel overseas for treatment is to avoid lengthy waiting times – due to their highly respected relationships with the hospitals and clinics, the Medical Tourism Specialists can get their customers pushed right to the front of the queue, reducing waiting times to virtually zero.

And when deciding which type of the Medical Tourism Company to use, consider what is most important to you – eliminating the time and effort required to choose a facility and booking flights and accommodation or having the freedom to select the most suitable facility at the best price, based on an informed decision made by the only person that matters, you?


For more information on why to use MyMediTravel, check out our About Us page or click for more information on the Benefits of Medical Tourism and Where to go for Medical Tourism.