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Invisalign in Selangor

Price: $ 2,105

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Price: $ 166

LivingWell Dental Group

From 7 verified reviews

Ernest Khaw, 29 May 2020

Had what i thought was a toothache and made an immediate appt. Dr Resha treated me. Super kind, patient and thorough dentist. Went above and beyond on how to care for my teeth at home as well as shared exercises for my jaw via whatsapp. Great service, good doctor.

$129,000 Invisalign View details & Read reviews CALL NOW
WhiteZone Dental

From 137 verified reviews

katz Ayim, 05 May 2020

If you want a great service for your teeth this a great place to be., friendly staff and a very good dentist! I recommend this place highly., I’ve done my teeth here and it was still in a great condition., thank you doc lee

$64,500 Invisalign View details & Read reviews CALL NOW
Nair Dental Surgery

From 19 verified reviews

Jennie kim, 22 May 2020

The doctor was very friendly and kind for foreigner patient like me.

Price on request Invisalign View details & Read reviews CALL NOW
Dentalpro Group

Dentalpro Group, located in KL City, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia offers patients Invisalign procedures among its total of 75 available procedures, across 4 different specialties. Currently, there's no pricing information for Invisalign procedures at Dentalpro Group, as all prices are available on request only, whilst the national average price is approximately $3,508. There are many specialists available at the Dental, with 10 in total, and they are not accredited by any recognized accreditations institutes

Price on request Invisalign View details & Read reviews CALL NOW
Utama Dental

From 36 verified reviews

Kasvin Kaur, 04 September 2020

I got my treatment done by Dr Ahmad. He was very professional and attentive to my problems. The staff were also very friendly and welcoming. Overall a very good experience.

Price on request Invisalign View details & Read reviews CALL NOW
Bangsar Utama Dental Specialist Clinic

From 6 verified reviews

ShadowFighterXxX Glaive Master, 31 May 2019

Very Happy with the results. Dr. Norrazian

Price on request Invisalign View details & Read reviews CALL NOW
Smile Arts Dental Clinic

From 27 verified reviews

Alson Teh, 04 September 2020

Dr is highly professional and friendly, glad that he could solve my tooth problem that has been plaguing me for a very long time. Recommended to those who seek quality dental service with reasonable price.

Price on request Invisalign View details & Read reviews CALL NOW
Mutiara Dental

From 34 verified reviews

Pauziyah Othman, 05 August 2020

Make a dentist here, cheap

Price on request Invisalign View details & Read reviews CALL NOW
Global Doctors Hospital

From 42 verified reviews

Hardeep Singh, 19 July 2020

Excellent staff and facilities

Price on request Invisalign View details & Read reviews CALL NOW

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    What you need to know about Invisalign in Malaysia

    Clear Aligners

    Also known as Clear-Aligner Treatment. This is the clear alternative to conventional dental braces used to adjust and straighten teeth, whilst simultaneously improving the patients smile. Through the use of virtually invisible and removable custom-made smooth plastic aligners, dentists are able to place the Invisalign over the teeth allowing for a gradual shift.

    Invisalign manufacture the most well known of these clear aligners - the product comprises of a series of computer-generated aligners that are tailor-made to the patient’s teeth. By changing aligners every two to three weeks, the patient’s teeth will gradually move into the correct alignment. The aligners are easy to take off throughout the treatment, allowing the patient to brush and clean their teeth and eat as per normal. Compared to traditional braces, there are no metal brackets and they’re almost invisible to the eye.

    This process can help to correct Spacing, Crossbite, Open Bite, Crowding, Excessive Overjet, and Deep Bite.

    MyMediTravel currently lists 9 facilities in Malaysia offering Invisalign procedures - see above for the complete list, along with estimated prices. The price of a Invisalign can vary according to each individual’s case and will be determined based on photos and an in-person assessment with the specialist. For a personalized quote Click Here to submit your details

    What does the Procedure Involve?

    Invisalign has become a very popular alternative to metal brackets. Unlike metal braces that stay cemented onto your teeth for a long period of time. Invisalign is a series of detachable clear plastic aligners that guide your teeth into its proper position and alignment. Other advantages of the use of Invisalign are:

    • Comfort - since it is made of thin and flexible plastic, it will not irritate the soft tissues in your mouth unlike metal braces and its metal wires.
    • Better oral hygiene and Greater Dietary choices - At any stage of the treatment you can remove the aligners to allow yourself to eat and also to Brush your teeth at least twice daily.
    • Discreet look - Invisalign is an invisible plastic material that will go unnoticed on your teeth once you use it.
    • Teeth-Grinding Protection - it can also function as a nightguard that can protect your teeth from excessive grinding and clenching habits.

    One important thing to know is that, although Invisalign is one alternative option to traditional braces, it is not for everyone. A clear aligner is usually used on patients who have moderately crowded teeth or have minor spacing issues on their teeth. Furthermore, because it is custom-built to be a tight fit, it is best used for adults or teens. Patients who have more serious spacing problems and crowded teeth, including patients who have severe overbites, under-bites or cross-bites will require a more intricate treatment.

    Before your treatment, you will need to consult your orthodontist first. During your scheduled consultation, you will undergo a series of tests including x-rays, digital scans of your teeth or photographs to determine your diagnosis and plan your treatment procedure. The end-goal is for you to have a healthy bite, your top and bottom teeth must be proportioned properly.

    Once all tests have been made, the specialized computer software will be used to design a plan on how your teeth will be moved from their current position to their best position possible. Invisalign is generated using a computer to make aligners especially designed for you and are clear colored. Your aligners will be changed every 2 to 3 weeks, which will allow your teeth to move into alignment. You will also be required to use it for twenty to twenty-two hours a day. Since Invisalign is non-surgical, anesthesia is not a requirement during the whole procedure.

    How Long Should I Stay in Malaysia?

    Since this is a non-invasive procedure, you may return to your holiday immediately after you have received your first set of clear aligners. However, strict compliance with your scheduled appointments with your orthodontist is essential. You will be required to see the dentist a few times during your stay so you should be aiming to stay in Malaysia for as long as possible, with 2 weeks being the absolute minimum.

    What's the Recovery Time?

    The number of clear aligners you will be using will depend on the complexity of your treatment plan. During your first stage of aligners, expect some discomfort in the first few days while your teeth are still adjusting. You may return back to your daily routine straight after your first treatment plan procedure as there is no downtime.

    What About Aftercare?

    Your treatment time will also be based on how much your teeth need to be properly aligned. Typically, patients are required to use Invisalign from ten to twenty-four months.

    You should avoid hot drinks while wearing the Invisalign since it is made from clear plastic, it can be deformed by hot liquids, any flavored drink, any drink that contains sugar and/or acidic can form cavities and/or stain the Invisalign.

    It’s best that you remove your aligners each time you eat, plaque and food particles can get trapped in your aligners. This will lead to the formation of cavities and bad breath, so it is very important that you brush your teeth after every meal.

    What's the Success Rate?

    It is very important to know that achieving a perfect smile will depend on your determination. Since Invisalign can be removed anytime, your treatment’s success will rely heavily on how frequently you will use clear aligners.

    Are there Alternatives to Invisalign?

    While Invisalign is a great alternative to straighten your teeth and to have that perfect smile you are aiming for, some people may not be able to afford the treatment. The good news is that there is an alternative to clear aligners, such as Clear Correct - this also makes use of clear plastic aligners to straighten your teeth. The total cost for this type of aligner is usually cheaper than Invisalign. However, Invisalign uses top-notch planning software to determine your treatment plan, making it much easier to attain a successful result.  

    For an in-depth analysis of the pros and cons of Invisalign Braces, watch this short video.

    Invisalign v's Conventional Braces

    1. Invisalign can be worn with more confidence due to the difficulty in seeing them.
    2. Invisalign feels more comfortable, with braces irritating and sometimes even chafing the inside of the mouth.
    3. Invisalign is perfect for athletes, who are able to remove them during sport.
    4. Braces are semi-permanent, whereas Invisalign can be removed at any time, so fewer trips to the dentist are required when compared to Invisalign.
    5. Braces are quicker to close gaps or straighten teeth.
    6. Braces can make some foods difficult to eat, whereas, with Invisalign, they can be removed whilst eating tricky meals.

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