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Vaginoplasty at Hospital Ceram

What does Hospital Ceram offer patients?

Hospital Ceram, located in Calle del Mediterraneo, Marbella, Spain offers patients Vaginoplasty procedures among its total of 71 available procedures, across 15 different specialties
. Currently, there's no pricing information for Vaginoplasty procedures at Hospital Ceram, as all prices are available on request only, whilst the national average price is approximately $3,999.

How many specialists are there and what accreditation's have been awarded to Hospital Ceram?

There are many specialists available at the Hospital, with 15 in total, and they have multiple recognized accreditations, including:
  • SELMQ - Sociedad Española de Láser Médico Quirúrgico
  • SEME - Sociedad Española de Medicina Estética
  • SEMCC - Sociedad Española de Medicina y Cirugía Cosmética
  • SECPRE - Sociedad Española de Cirugía Plástica, Reparadora y Estética
  • SEF - Sociedad Española De Fertilidad
  • SEP - Excellence in Private Health
  • ASRM - American Society for Reproductive Medicine
  • AECEP - Asociación Española de Cirugía Estética Plástica
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What you need to know about Vaginoplasty in Marbella

Vaginoplasty can mean a lot of different things. In general, however, it is any surgical procedure performed to construct or reconstruct the vagina. This surgery can be performed to treat numerous situations, correcting congenital defects to the vagina, urethra, and rectum. Sometimes, a vaginoplasty is required after vaginectomy for vaginal cancer in order to restore a normal vaginal function and structure. The surgery can be performed to treat babies born with a microphallus. For cosmetic purposes, it may be done to tighten the vagina after childbirth.

Vaginoplasty can also be performed on transgender and non-binary people who are interested in male-to-female (MtF) sex reassignment surgery. In MtF sex reassignment surgery, vaginoplasty is the process in which a surgeon constructs a vaginal cavity between the urethra and the rectum. Vaginoplasty aims to create a vagina from penile tissue.

Before vaginoplasty, you may have congenital defects to the vagina or you want to tighten your vagina after childbirth or you have had a vaginectomy to treat vaginal cancer. After vaginectomy, all of the problems will be addressed, and the structure and function of your vagina will be restored. If you have the procedure as part of MtF sex reassignment surgery, the procedure may complete your transition.

What's the Recovery Time for Vaginoplasty Procedures in Marbella?

The patient’s recovery time is different and you should be able to move around within 2-3 days. On average, the total recovery period after vaginoplasty takes around 6 to 8 weeks. During this period, do not take a bath or submerge yourself in water and avoid any strenuous activity. Avoid any sexual activity for 12 weeks. Your doctor will give you the detail of your recovery timeline and when you can resume your normal activity.

What's the Success Rate of Vaginoplasty Procedures in Marbella?

Vaginoplasty is safe and has a high success rate. However, as with other surgeries, the procedure carries some risks and complications. These include bleeding, infection, rupture of the sutures, skin or clitoral necrosis, urinary retention, vaginal prolapse, fistulas, ongoing pain, scarring, and permanent changes in sensation.

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Doctors at Hospital Ceram
Doctors at Miss Barbara Rossi
Miss Barbara Rossi
Doctors at Dr Hugo Benito Martínez
Dr Hugo Benito Martínez
Doctors at Dr Claudio  Maañon
Dr Claudio Maañon
Doctors at Dr Emilio   Santos Leal
Dr Emilio Santos Leal
Doctors at Dr Luzdivina   García
Dr Luzdivina García
Doctors at Dr Manuel   Vides Fernández
Dr Manuel Vides Fernández
Doctors at Dr Hugo Benito
Dr Hugo Benito
Doctors at Dr Antonio León
Dr Antonio León
Doctors at Dr Fernando  Ibañez
Dr Fernando Ibañez
Doctors at Dr Mariano  Salvatierra
Dr Mariano Salvatierra
Doctors at Dr Santiago Selas
Dr Santiago Selas
Doctors at Dr Alfonso Galán
Dr Alfonso Galán
Doctors at Miss Elena Mellado
Miss Elena Mellado
Doctors at Miss Charo Muñoz
Miss Charo Muñoz
Doctors at Miss Anabel Lopez
Miss Anabel Lopez
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