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Detached Retina Treatment

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Kingsbridge Private Hospital

Lisburn Rd, Belfast, United Kingdom



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Detached Retina Treatment at Kingsbridge Private Hospital

What does Kingsbridge Private Hospital offer patients?

Kingsbridge Private Hospital, located in Lisburn Rd, Belfast, United Kingdom offers patients Detached Retina Treatment procedures among its total of 326 available procedures, across 32 different specialties
. Currently, there's no pricing information for Detached Retina Treatment procedures at Kingsbridge Private Hospital, as all prices are available on request only.

How many specialists are there and what accreditation's have been awarded to Kingsbridge Private Hospital?

There is currently a lack of information available on the specialists practicing at the Hospital, and they are not accredited by any recognized accreditations institutes

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What you need to know about Detached Retina Treatment Belfast

A detached retina is an emergency situation that occurs when your retina – a thin layer of tissue at the back of your eye that processes light – pulls away from its normal position. If left untreated, the condition can lead to vision loss. There are several types of surgery to treat a detached retina, which are performed depending on the severity of the retinal detachment. 

What's the Recovery Time?

If you have a scleral buckle or vitrectomy, the recovery period may take around 4 weeks until you can go back to work and resume your normal activities. However, laser surgery and cyropexy have shorter recovery time, usually around 2 weeks. Make sure to eat a healthy diet and avoid vigorous exercises during the recovery period.

What's the Success Rate?

Detached retina treatment is known to have a high success rate, with a 90% repair rate. The success usually depends on the seriousness of the tears and detachment. Surgery carries some risk and side effects, such as serious reaction to anesthesia and permanent loss of vision if the retina is damaged before reattachment.

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