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Amman, Jordan
Istishari Hospital
5 reviews

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Hassan Nasereddin, 06 September 2018
Modern , clean hospital with friendly professional staff, one suggestion I hope hospital management will take care of , the hospital visitors from direct relatives of the patients who stay all the day in the hospital can not find a meal in the hospital cafeteria located in the ground floor , even when ordering food delivery, there is is no room for visitors to take there food , most of hospitals abroad have a Cafeteria catering The visitors and Staff , the existing one have only soft and hot drinks with some dry sandwiches but not a meal , one more area need to be improved is the integration of hospital systems as accounts , admission , medical , etc , other than that it is a great modern hospital .
Amman, Jordan
Jordan University Hospital
Jordan University Hospital is located in Queen Rania St, Amman, Jordan, 8.5 Km away from the City and it performs 305 procedures across 28 specialties.
Amman, Jordan
GBMCGastrointestinal, Bariatric & Metabolic Centre
GBMCGastrointestinal, Bariatric & Metabolic Centre is located in Queen Rania St, Amman, Jordan, 0 Km away from the City and it performs 2 procedures across 2 specialties.
Amman, Jordan
GBMC Gastrointestinal, Bariatric & Metabolic Centre
GBMC Gastrointestinal, Bariatric & Metabolic Centre is located in Queen Rania St, Amman, Jordan, 0 Km away from the City and it performs 2 procedures across 2 specialties.


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A group of weight-loss surgeries in which changes are made to the digestive system, some of which are non-reversible. The idea behind these types of surgeries is to help the patient lose weight by limiting the amount of food they can consume/digest at any one time. Bariatric surgeries should only ever be the final option when diet and exercise have proved inadequate and there are now serious health concerns caused by a person's weight. 

The three most common types of Bariatric Surgeries are as follows:

1. Gastric Sleeve - The most common surgery, in which the stomach is irreversibly reduced to about 15% of its original capacity by surgically removing a large portion of it, resulting in a sleeve or tube-like structure.

2. Gastric Bypass - A more complicated procedure in which the stomach is divided into two parts; a small upper pouch and a large lower ‘remnant’ pouch. The small intestine is rearranged accordingly, bypassing the large pouch and thus significantly reducing the volume of the stomach.

3. Gastric Band - An inflatable silicone device is fitted around the top portion of the stomach to create a smaller stomach pouch. The device can be removed when the patient reaches their desired weight.

Alternatively, there is a non-surgical Bariatric procedure, known as the Gastric Balloon. This involves an inflatable device being temporarily inserted into the stomach via endoscopic placement. The balloon or balloons obstruct a sizable area of the stomach, thus reducing the amount of food it can contain at any one time and thus leading to eventual weight loss. The balloons are usually removed after 6 or 12 months.

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