Bariatric Surgery Consultation in Turkey

Compare Prices, Costs & Reviews for Bariatric Surgery Consultation in Turkey

Compare Prices, Costs & Reviews for Bariatric Surgery Consultation in Turkey

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With MyMediTravel you can browse 67 facilities offering Bariatric Surgery Consultation procedures in Turkey. The cheapest price available is $16 - what are you waiting for?

Bariatric Surgery Consultation in Istanbul

Price: $ 16

India offers the best prices Worldwide

Price: $ 7

Doç.Dr. Osman Yildirim

From 28 verified reviews

BİRNUR AĞCA, 11 September 2020

I had a tube stomach surgery a month and a half ago, I lost 16 kg, I was very relieved, my doctor.

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Swedish Clinic Turkey

From 7 verified reviews

Cihan Akarpınar, 28 May 2019

There are top quality clinical staff here and the organisation is run to the highest standards by an experienced and professional team.

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Prof. Dr. Mehmet Tahir Oruç

From 5 verified reviews

Fanatik1907, 16 September 2020

There is no need to research, you can have surgery with peace of mind, because it promises a new life, it is less than I can thank Mehmet Tahir Oruç👏👏👏

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AG Dental Klinik

From 1 verified reviews

Vizyon Bilgisayar Teknik Servis Hizmetleri, 29 October 2019

All treatments and services are designed in accordance with high quality standards and are offered in a beautiful and spacious area from the comfort of the spa. It is also a modern dental clinic specializing in the treatment of oral and dental diseases. New patients are met with free oral health counseling. Offering a professional approach and quality service. Many thanks to Mrs. Sibel and her team ..

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Op. Dr. İsmail Özsan

From 3 verified reviews

asli fidan, 06 April 2020

I met İsmail Hocam about 3 years ago from my gallbladder and obesity surgery. My surgery was very comfortable. I fell from about 135 pounds to 67 pounds. He also took the gallbladder during the same operation. Endless thanks for their follow-up. One of the best decisions I have made is to choose it as a physician.

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Hisar Intercontinental Hospital

From 127 verified reviews

Fatma Özer, 20 September 2020

Girişte sizi muhteşem bir enerjiyle karşılayan çalışanların olduğu ve bu enerjinin tüm katlara yayıldığı bir hastane. Özellikle karşılamada görevli hanımefendiye ayrıca teşekkür ederim 🙏

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British Estetik

From 28 verified reviews

güler açık, 22 September 2020

ağustosun on sekizinde burun ameliyatı oldum.ilk muayenemden ameliyat günüme kadar çok ilgilendiler.her şey hayalimdeki gibi oldu.ilker bey mükemmel bir doktor,başarılarının devamını diliyorumm💯👍🏼

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Prof. Dr. Koray Tekin

From 4 verified reviews

neolands, 06 December 2018

A very successful surgeon. I recommend it to anyone with a weight problem, and especially to all computer engineers working overweight.

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Liv Hospital Ankara

From 137 verified reviews

İbrahim Aygördü, 22 September 2020

Muhteşem hizmet veriyorlar. Covid testi için ailece gittik. İyi ilgilendiler ve test sonucumuzu kısa sürede öğrendik. Teşekkürler Liv Hospital

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Acibadem Taksim

From 101 verified reviews

yeliz hepergil, 21 September 2020

On the 7th floor, I am very grateful to Hande Yıldırım - Edanur Serhoş- Büşra-Arife Nurses, and floor clerk Şifa and Selma nurses, who are interested in my heart with all the smiling and good hearts, and I will thank you for this job. You all present 10 out of 10 with all its severity! ❤️❤️

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What you need to know about Bariatric Surgery Consultation in Turkey

Types of Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is a group of surgeries that help you lose weight by altering your digestive system. Some of the most common types of bariatric surgery are Gastric Bypass and Gastric Sleeve. Bariatric surgery can be an option if you have severe obesity, and have not been able to lose significant weight by using other methods such as diet and exercise.

The first and most important step of bariatric surgery is consultation since it is essential to ensure that you are qualified and emotionally prepared for bariatric surgery. To ensure that you can safely undergo the procedure, your doctor has to collect comprehensive medical information and perform some tests during your consultation before the surgery is scheduled.

What does a Bariatric Surgery Consultation Procedure Involve?

During your first consultation, your bariatric surgeon needs to develop an understanding of your individual needs and talk about your specific goal. Your surgeon will ask you about the efforts you have made to lose weight up until that point, as well as specific health issues you may have. These can include self-esteem issues, issues fitting into clothes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or pain in your joints. Here are a few things you can bring to help you share relevant information with your surgeon:

  • Medical history – your surgeon will thoroughly review your medical history, including your previous illnesses, surgeries, as well as any current or prior medication. You may also need to provide details about your overall health and your family’s history of diseases. 

  • A weight loss journal or notes (if you have one) – if you record your weight loss efforts, such as special diet and exercises, you can bring them along to help you easily recall facts. If you do not have one, you can just share the information from what you remember. 

This information is important as your surgeon need to determine whether or not you are a candidate for bariatric surgery.

After your surgeon finishes exploring your health, they will explain the different types of bariatric surgery. You must understand how each procedure is performed, how it helps you lose weight, the amount of weight typically lost after each procedure, the length of time it may take to reach your goal, the diet you will need to follow afterward, as well as the risks and benefits.

At the end of your consultation, your surgeon or medical team will recommend and help you schedule the required pre-surgery tests ad screens. These may include a physiological evaluation, drug screen, sleep apnea evaluation, cardiology testing, pulmonary testing, chest radiography, echocardiography, and electrocardiography. You may also be suggested to see a nutritionist and mental health professional. 

MyMediTravel currently lists 67 facilities in Turkey offering Bariatric Surgery Consultation procedures - see above for the complete list, along with estimated prices. The price of a Bariatric Surgery Consultation can vary according to each individual’s case and will be determined based on your medical profile and an in-person assessment with the specialist. For a personalized quoteClick Here to submit your details

How Long Should I Stay in Turkey for a Bariatric Surgery Consultation Procedure?

You can leave the hospital as soon as your bariatric surgery consultation finishes. You may also leave Turkey on the same day if you want. However, since the pre-surgery tests will take place soon after your consultation, it is recommended that you stay for at least a week for the whole process (your consultation and pre-surgery testing).

What's the Recovery Time for Bariatric Surgery Consultation Procedures in Turkey?

Unless the pre-surgery testing is done at the same time as your bariatric surgery consultation, there is no recovery time. You can immediately go back to your normal routine or holiday afterward.

What sort of Aftercare is Required for Bariatric Surgery Consultation Procedures in Turkey?

Your surgeon will likely give you a pre-surgery diet and exercise plan that you need to follow after your consultation. For many obese patients, losing some weight before surgery can lower the risks of surgery. Your willingness to stick with the diet and exercise before surgery usually indicates how well you will do after surgery. If you cannot stick with the plan, many surgeons may not proceed with bariatric surgery.

Make sure to attend all pre-surgery tests that your surgeon recommends after your consultation as you need to receive clearance from specialists, such as a pulmonologist and a cardiologist, to undergo bariatric surgery. In some cases, you may also need to attend a pre-operative education class.

What's the Success Rate of Bariatric Surgery Consultation Procedures in Turkey?

Bariatric surgery consultation is one of the most important parts of your bariatric surgery. It will ensure that your surgery has high success rates with minimal risks. While the process may seem long, it is specifically designed to protect your health during and after surgery, as well as to ensure that you have the best possible chance to lose weight and regain optimal health.

Bariatric surgery consultation has no risks, except if you undergo pre-surgery tests at the same time of your consultation.

Are there Alternatives to Bariatric Surgery Consultation Procedures in Turkey?

There are no alternatives to bariatric surgery consultation. Again, consultation is a very crucial part of your bariatric surgery to ensure that you are the ideal candidate for the procedure. Therefore, if you wish to undergo the surgery, you have no other alternatives than to have an individual consultation with your chosen bariatric surgeon.

What Should You Expect Before and After the Procedure

Before a bariatric surgery consultation, you may be considering weight loss surgery but it could be determined that this is not the most suitable procedure for you, given your BMI, health conditions and previous weight loss attempts. For example, it may be suggested that Gastric Balloon treatment is more suitable. However, after the consultation, your surgeon will let you know if you are an ideal candidate for it, how you can benefit from the procedure, and what you should do to prepare for the actual surgery.

Whilst the information presented here has been accurately sourced and verified by a medical professional for its accuracy, it is still advised to consult with your doctor before pursuing a medical treatment at one of the listed medical providers. This content was last updated on 28/11/2020.

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