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Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul Aesthetic Center
19 reviews

From 19 verified reviews

Amélie Alves Fernandes, 26 April 2020
Got a nose job this week at the Istanbul Aesthetic Center and I’m forever grateful to the medical team for their care and kindness. Great communication, great services, the nurses are lovely and the surgeon was very kind and listening.
Istanbul, Turkey
Memorial Atasehir Hospital
9 reviews

From 9 verified reviews

Demet Aktas Yildirim, 16 August 2019
I met with the obstetrician Pervan Hanım and I came face to face with a physician who was so sweet-smiling and extremely good at my job, listening, conscious, knowing what she was saying. I would definitely strongly recommend it but its smiling face, accented speech, dessert is enough. Thank you :))
Istanbul, Turkey
Lifemed Medical Centre
11 reviews

From 11 verified reviews

Ayhan Ozgan, 30 April 2020
We came from outside the province for teeth whitening and skincare .. we were very pleased with the results .. and especially from the very first moment, we would like to thank Neslihan Hanım, who did not miss the interest and interest that welcomed us with her smiling face. 👍
Istanbul, Turkey
Asya Hospital
5 reviews

From 5 verified reviews

Sedef S., 25 April 2019
(Translated by Google) Op. Dr. When I went to my stomach with a mass complaint in the stomach, I was told that there was a distressed mass. The operation was successful and I had to stay in the hospital for two days because it was sugar. I have been given interest and interest in my house. No need to get the doctors to get the staff really enjoyed. The floor nurses were very interested in me during the hospital stay. The service really made me and my family happy. Thank you very much for everything in Asia hospital. (Original) Asya hastanesinde Op. Dr. Cenan Oktay hocaya midemde kitle şikayeti ile gittiğimde sıkıntılı bir şekilde kitle olduğu söylenmişti. Ameliyat başarılı geçti ve şekerim olduğundan dolayı hastanede iki gün kalmak zorundaydım. Bana evimi aratmıcak bir şekilde ilgi ve alaka gösterildi. Gerek doktorlar olsun gerek personel olsun gerçekten çok memnun kaldım. Hastanede yatış süresi boyunca kat hemşireleri benimle baya ilgilendiler. Gerçekten yapılan hizmet beni ve ailemi mutlu etti. iyiki varsın Asya hastanesi herşey için çok teşekkür ediyorum.
Istanbul, Turkey

Hair Transplant All in Package includes:
(Prices are fixed and don't change in relation to the number of grafts)
hair transplantation includes: (excluding flight ticket)
*Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
*12 years Experienced and dedicated team
*All your transfers VİP Private Car (Airport + Hotel + Hospital)
*Needle-Free Local Anesthesia with special's Machine (Painless Local Anesthesia)
*2 nights Hilton Hotel accommodation with breakfast
*Guarantee Certificate
*Hair cut before the procedure
*Conscious sedation *Local anesthesia
*Medications ( Antibiotic, Anti Swelling tablet and Painkiller )
*Wound dressing
*Blood Tests (Hepatit B, Hepatit C and Hiv. )
*Using the latest FUE technique with guarantee of
*Maximum grafts implantation.
*Lunch on operation date
*Wound dressing and Explaining how to wash your hair
*Shampoo + Lotion +Multivitamin Tablet
*Special Hat + Headband + Neck Pillow
*Your English speaking guide
*Post-operative care instruction file

Izmir, Turkey
Medlife Group

Hair transplant treatment has dramatically evolved recently. In the last decade a refinement of an extraction technique, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) became more popular, and hair transplant treatment has never been the same.

In this remarkable technique, when carried out skilfully, planted hair can be used for life and no fall off is experienced again in the same area. Our highly experienced and talented hair transplant specialist of over 25 years will guarantee this permanent solution for your hair loss problem here in Turkey.

Istanbul, Turkey
British Estetik
British Estetik is located in Levent Mahallesi, Istanbul, Turkey, 0 Km away from the City and it performs 21 procedures across 4 specialties.


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The process of restoring the growth of hair from an area where it no longer grows. This is most common for balding men or suffers of Alopecia, however, hair loss can occur for a number of other reasons, including trauma, infection, nutritional deficiencies or chemotherapy. The biggest factor remains as a combination of genetics and age and affects the head. The restoration process requires the removal of hair from a donor site and replacing it at the affected / bald site – hair is harvested using strip harvesting or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and it’s a minimally invasive procedure.

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