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Sikarin Hospital

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Anna Agarwal, 02 March 2022

Come to use the service regularly. Service is very good. The diabetes department may have to wait for a very long time. There are few doctors and many patients. It's generally considered good.

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Bumrungrad International Hospital

From 381 verified reviews

Glinda Deblois, 22 November 2020

I understand why this hospital is considered the best in Thailand. Traveled all the way from Australia to get my treatment here after I heard good things about it. Superb staff, very friendly, attentive, and helpful. Many of the staff can speak English, so communication is not a problem. I asked many questions and told them my concerns, and they answered patiently and put me at ease. Had to stay for several days after my treatment. The room was super clean, well-designed, and definitely made me feel comfortable. The nurses checked on me every hour or so, and the food was surprisingly great. Though having to stay in a hospital is never a good experience, I would say my time in Bumrungrad was a pleasant one. A bit pricey when compared to other hospitals around the area, but with the quality service and high-level care offered, it was all worth it.

Price on request Bone Fracture Treatment View details & Read reviews

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    What you need to know about Bone Fracture Treatment in Thailand

    Bone fractures can be a serious injury, and it is important to make sure that an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment are given. In Thailand, the treatment of bone fractures follows internationally accepted protocols and is carried out with the expertise of well-trained orthopaedic surgeons. The diagnosis of a bone fracture is based on physical examination and imaging tests such as X-rays, ultrasound, MRI or CT scans. In some cases, a bone biopsy may be necessary. The choice of treatment depends on the location and type of fracture, the age and current health status of the patient, and their desired outcome. The treatment of a bone fracture may involve minimally-invasive surgery or open surgery, depending on the severity of the injury. In some cases, a cast or device may be used to strengthen and support the bone. Rehabilitation or physiotherapy may be necessary to restore range of motion, strength and function to the affected area. In Thailand, the orthopaedic surgeons have access to advanced medical technology, such as 3D imaging systems that enable more precise surgery, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, which help promote healing. If necessary, certified surgeons also have access to stem cell treatments that can replace or regenerate healthy cells in the area of the injury. The benefits of having a bone fracture treated in Thailand include lower costs, a culturally diverse and accessible healthcare system, and convenient international travel options from neighboring countries. The costs of surgery, rehabilitation and follow-up care are generally much lower than they are in Western countries, and the patient experience is much more comfortable and personalized. Bone fracture treatments in Thailand offer patients expert medical care with individualized treatment and full anatomical coverage, combined with shorter hospital stays and physical rehabilitation services. Certified orthopaedic surgeons, experienced physicians, and English-speaking medical staff all ensure the highest quality of care and expertise.

    How expensive is Bone Fracture Treatment in Thailand?

    Bone fracture treatment in Thailand is an affordable healthcare option. The cost of treatment depends on the type of fracture, location and severity, but generally a person can expect to pay ₱20,000 - ₱45,000 (approx. USD 400 - 900). Treatment cost is inclusive of hospital stay, doctor consultation, narcotics and radiological expenses. When seeking treatment, it is important to consult with a qualified medical professional to ensure the best available care. Additionally, to help save on costs, many medical facilities in Thailand offer discounts and packages for foreign patients.

    What types of treatments are typically used for Bone Fractures in Thailand?

    Bone fractures are a common injury and are treated with a range of methods depending on the area and extent of the injury. In Thailand, typically a combination of methods will be used, such as immobilsation with a cast or splint followed by Physiotherapy to aid with the rehabilitation and recovery. Another common treatment for bone fractures is surgery to reposition the bone. Depending on the severity of the injury, surgical intervention is sometimes necessary. In cases of complex fractures, plates, screws and rod may be used, typically combined with a bone graft, all costing around ฿100,000-150,000 (USD 3,260-4,890). In less severe cases, treatments may cost around ฿30,000 (USD 979) without surgical intervention.

    What is the average recovery time for Bone Fracture Treatment in Thailand?

    Bone Fracture Treatment in Thailand has an average recovery time of 6 to 10 weeks depending on the type and severity of the fracture. The treatment typically involves physical therapy, rehabilitation and sometimes even surgery. Patients are encouraged to follow a rigid physical therapy routine to ensure that the bones and tissues heal properly, thus reducing the recovery time. Physical therapy and rehabilitation typically cost around 3000-5000 Thai Baht (approx. USD 95-155). The actual time taken to recuperate can however vary based on the individual's age, lifestyle and overall wellbeing.

    Are there any special care instructions to follow after Bone Fracture Treatment in Thailand?

    Following Bone Fracture Treatment in Thailand, specific care instructions should be followed in order to ensure safe and complete healing. It's important to prevent any weight from being placed on the injured area and to use crutches or a walker to move around. Additionally, regular check-ups should be scheduled with a medical professional to monitor bone health and progression. Physical therapy may be necessary in the weeks following the initial treatment in order to maintain functional joint mobility and prevent stiffness. Lastly, medications and supplements may be used in order to increase bone strength; It's important that you regularly communicate any changes in health or physical condition to the medical professional(s) in order to ensure that the treatment is as effective as possible. In Thailand, a regular check-up with a medical professional will typically cost around 800 ฿ (approx. USD 26).

    Are there any risks associated with Bone Fracture Treatment in Thailand?

    Bone fractures are common and can be successfully treated in Thailand. Generally, modern treatments are safe and expose the patient to very minor risk factors. However, there is always a chance of infection due to the open wound of an untreated fracture and anaesthesia (locally known as ‘Nuad’) used during operations. The chances of infection are decreased and the risk of further complications is minimised by keeping the affected area clean and well-dressed. The cost of bone fracture treatment in Thailand can range from ฿164,000 (~USD5,290) to ฿238,000 (~USD7,665) depending on the complexity of the fracture, with some additional costs for the hospital stay and post-operative care. As with all medical treatments, it is important to discuss the details with your doctor and only proceed with the treatment if you feel comfortable.

    Are there any Centers of Excellence for Bone Fracture Treatment in Thailand?

    Thailand boasts a range of Centers of Excellence for Bone Fracture Treatment. The country is home to some of the most advanced facilities and specialist orthopedic centers in Southeast Asia. The Siriraj Hospital at Mahidol University is one of the leading hospitals in the region for orthopedic treatments. The facility offers a range of services, from fracture treatment and surgery to a range of rehabilitation and physical therapies. Treatment costs range from THB 7,000 - 25,000 (USD 210 - 750) dependent on the type and severity of the fracture. The hospital also accommodates foreign patients and offers interpreters to assist while conducting their treatment.

    Whilst the information presented here has been accurately sourced and verified by a medical professional for its accuracy, it is still advised to consult with your doctor before pursuing a medical treatment at one of the listed medical providers. This content was last updated on 06/10/2020.

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