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Central, Singapore
Farrer Park Hospital
21 reviews

From 21 verified reviews

Michael Grosso, 22 March 2020
I went there in the middle of the night for a small emergency. No other patients were there, so I literally had two nurses and one doctor attending to just me, that's a luxury. I came out of the place in under 2 hours and had the time to see the doctor two times, do an X-Ray and get the results, receive treatment and remain in observation until things got better. It's a record. I went there with the fear to get admitted and almost came out with the regret not to have been! I'm kidding, but you get the idea :) Great team, caring and knowledgeable. I read other reviewers reporting that the staff pushes you to carry invasive treatments. For me, it was the exact opposite, and they knew I had very good insurance, and a night in the hospital would have been more than justified. Instead, they gave me a very conservative treatment and some very sensible advice in the case things wouldn't get better (things did get better). Thanks to the emergency team again then, if I could give you 10 stars I would. 2
Central, Singapore
Mount Alvernia Hospital
6 reviews

From 6 verified reviews

Jean Seah, 15 June 2018
Used to enjoy visiting the chapel here in my childhood after a good meal of fish 'n' chips at the restaurant! Has changed quite a lot, I miss the garden gnomes that used to decorate the place. High standards of care. Has a hospice on-site providing palliative care.
Central, Singapore
Abundant Health Medical Clinic
Abundant Health Medical Clinic is located in Central Area, Central, Singapore and performs 16 procedures across 12 specialties. It is 4.4 Km away from the City and was established in 2013 Jan.
Central, Singapore
Apex Heart Clinic
5 reviews

From 5 verified reviews

Mehthab Hyder, 04 May 2018
Doctors and nurses are very helpful. Hospitalisation services are the best(including food). BUT too expensive for everyone. Best Hospital for people who are covered under Best Insurance plans.
Central, Singapore
Thomson Medical Centre
18 reviews

From 18 verified reviews

Claresta Kang, 16 June 2020
Always love my experience at TMC! Did a surgery there late last year and currently seeing my gynecologist at TMC for my first pregnancy. The nurses there were friendly and caring throughout my stay and always helpful. The staff at the information counter are also always very helpful. I would like to specially mention Grace and Polly, who were very attentive to my needs. I was trying to enquire more about the room and hospital charges in preparation for my delivery, and Grace was very helpful in answering my queries. Even though hospital tours are now suspended, she was very patient in explaining to me the different room types and facilities available. Polly was very kind to help me with my goodie bag collection even though it was a last-minute request. I would definitely choose TMC for my next pregnancy!
Central, Singapore
The Heart & Vascular Centre
Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) procedures are available at The Heart & Vascular Centre with the prices ranging from $962 to $1,202. The Heart & Vascular Centre is located in Central Area, Central, Singapore and performs 4 procedures across 2 specialties. It is 8.8 Km away from the City and was established in 2014 Oct.


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Cardiology is a branch of medicine concerned with disorders of the heart. It is the study, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of such conditions as heart failure, coronary artery disease, congenital heart defects, and much more. Doctors who specialize in this branch of internal medicine are known as a cardiologist.

What Does the Procedure Involve?

Cardiology involves tests, including electrocardiogram to record the electrical activity of the heart, exercise test to see the changes of heart rhythm, echocardiogram that provides an ultrasound picture showing the structure of the heart, and cardiac catheterization to collect data and help relieve a blockage. There are numerous different treatments within cardiology for various different heart disorders, such as valvuloplasties, angioplasties, stenting, congenital heart defect corrections, as well as coronary thrombectomies. Nearly all treatments for heart diseases are major surgery and are performed under general anesthetic. 

How Long Should You Stay in Singapore?

Your length of stay in Singapore depends on which procedure you underwent. In general, you need to stay in the hospital for several days and also to stay in the country for an additional fourteen days or until your cardiologist allows you to travel home.

How Long is the Recovery Time?

The recovery period can be different from one person to another, depending on your overall health and any complications. You should expect to progressively regain your energy and go back to your normal activity level in about four to eight weeks after treatment, particularly following surgical treatments. 

What Aftercare Should You Consider?

You may need to attend regular follow-up appointments, either with your cardiologist in Singapore or in your home country. You must make some lifestyle adjustments after you recover, including eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, stop smoking, and limit your alcohol intake, to prevent future heart disease or complications. Your cardiologist may recommend you to get a cardiac rehabilitation, which will improve your health after treatment and help you recover after surgery.

What is the Success Rate for Cardiology?

Generally, the success rate depends on the specific procedure and your specific condition. Cardiology has helped millions of people around the world and if performed by experts, the risk of serious complications is very low. However, just like any other treatment, there are some risks to be aware of, such as bleeding, stroke, heart rhythm problems, blood clots, infection, valve dysfunction, and death.

Are there Alternatives to Cardiology?

Those who suffer from heart disorders do not have any other alternatives besides going to a cardiologist. However, if you do not want to undergo surgery or take any medication, you need to talk to your surgeon for the best alternative for your specific case.

What Should You Expect Before and After the Procedure?

Disorders of the heart can be dangerous, life-threatening, cause painful symptoms, and interfere with your ability to perform daily activities. After you have been treated by a cardiologist, you may be cured of your disease and your symptoms are relieved. 


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