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Egg Freezing in Bangkok

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Sikarin Hospital

From 301 verified reviews

Anna Agarwal, 02 March 2022

Come to use the service regularly. Service is very good. The diabetes department may have to wait for a very long time. There are few doctors and many patients. It's generally considered good.

$210,000 Egg Freezing View details & Read reviews CALL NOW
Thonburi Bamrungmuang Hospital

From 8 verified reviews

Kinley Dorjee, 20 December 2022

Newly opened hospital with great services for chronic diseases. Hospital provides IVF and IVN

$224,000 Egg Freezing View details & Read reviews CALL NOW
First Fertility PGS Center

First Fertility PGS Center, located in Bang Bon, Bangkok, Thailand offers patients Egg Freezing procedures among its total of 4 available procedures, across 2 different specialties. The cost of a Egg Freezing procedure starts from £1,376, whilst the national average price is approximately £3,945. All procedures and treatments are undertaken by just a small team of specialists, with 2 in total at the Hospital, and they have multiple recognized accreditations, including: ISO Certification - International Organization for StandardizationESHRE - European Society of Human Reproduction and EmbryologyMedical Council of ThailandThe Joint Commission Accreditation ProgramASRM - American Society for Reproductive Medicine

$1,376 Egg Freezing View details & Read reviews CALL NOW
Genea IVF and Genetics

From 3 verified reviews

Ioana Falcusan, 19 February 2023

I had a great experience at Genea. Booked an appointment for the same day I called; both the doctor and the nurses have good English skills and could easily understand each other. The clinic seems new, everything is super clean and at place. I observed they have protocols and they are ferm in following them. I felt safe and comfortable through the whole procedure.

Price on request Egg Freezing View details & Read reviews CALL NOW
Bumrungrad International Hospital

From 381 verified reviews

Glinda Deblois, 22 November 2020

I understand why this hospital is considered the best in Thailand. Traveled all the way from Australia to get my treatment here after I heard good things about it. Superb staff, very friendly, attentive, and helpful. Many of the staff can speak English, so communication is not a problem. I asked many questions and told them my concerns, and they answered patiently and put me at ease. Had to stay for several days after my treatment. The room was super clean, well-designed, and definitely made me feel comfortable. The nurses checked on me every hour or so, and the food was surprisingly great. Though having to stay in a hospital is never a good experience, I would say my time in Bumrungrad was a pleasant one. A bit pricey when compared to other hospitals around the area, but with the quality service and high-level care offered, it was all worth it.

Price on request Egg Freezing View details & Read reviews

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    What you need to know about Egg Freezing in Thailand

    Egg freezing (or oocyte cryopreservation) is a relatively new and increasingly popular fertility preservation option for women in Thailand. It is a process where a woman’s eggs are removed, frozen, and stored in liquid nitrogen for future use when trying to conceive. In certain situations, egg freezing can be a much better option than other types of assisted reproductive technology, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF). Egg freezing is a safe, cost-effective, and minimally invasive procedure. The main benefits are that it can be used to delay childbearing for social, career, or medical reasons. For women who need to delay childbearing due to cancer treatments or who have a known genetic disorder, egg freezing helps to preserve their fertility. In addition, it is also a viable option for women who are not ready to become pregnant yet but would like to increase their chances of having a child in the future. Those considering egg freezing in Thailand need to be aware of the prerequisite requirements and potential risks. It is highly recommended to consult a fertility specialist to determine if egg freezing is the best option for them, as well as to review the potential risks involved. Some of the common risks of egg freezing include ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) and the risk of multiple births if a woman decides to use her frozen eggs in the future. The cost of egg freezing in Thailand may also be prohibitive for some. The procedure itself is relatively inexpensive, but when considering other related costs, such as fertility consultations, hormone injections, and storage fees, the total cost of egg freezing can be quite substantial. In short, egg freezing in Thailand can be a great way to provide women with the power to take their fertility into their own hands and give them the option to delay childbearing for various reasons.

    How much does egg freezing in Thailand cost?

    Egg freezing in Thailand usually costs between THB 250,000 - THB 290,000 (approx. USD 8,000 - USD 9,684). This cost will vary based on the clinic, the medications required and any additional lab testing that may be required. The cost may also vary based on the expertise of the doctors and the quality of the facilities available, so consulting a reliable clinic is strongly advised. When considering egg freezing, one should also factor in follow-up visits and storage costs.

    What is the egg freezing process in Thailand like?

    In Thailand, the egg freezing process is carried out by specialized medical facilities that have the necessary technology to ensure the highest success rates in fertility treatments. When a woman opts for the egg freezing process, the medical team begins with some tests that allow the patient to be accurately evaluated and healthily monitored throughout the process. After this, the patient undergoes a few treatments with ovarian stimulation drugs and will then go to the embryology lab for the extraction of the eggs. The entire process takes 2-4 weeks and has a cost of approximately 25,000 THB (approximately USD 800). Patients should note that the quality of the eggs frozen is one of the main factors that will dictate their chances of success upon thawing. Therefore, only patients in a good physical and mental condition should opt for egg freezing.

    What is the success rate for egg freezing in Thailand?

    Egg freezing in Thailand is highly successful. Depending on the age of the patient, it is estimated that the success rate of egg freezing is between 40% and 60%. Additionally, egg freezing can become even more successful with the use of artificial intelligence technology. The cost for egg freezing in Thailand is generally between 80,000 THB (2,500 USD) and 100,000 THB (3,110 USD). In general, egg freezing treatment in Thailand provides high success rates for patients.

    What is the egg freezing timeline in Thailand?

    Egg freezing in Thailand is a straightforward process that begins with the patient consulting a medical expert to discuss medical history and decide if egg freezing could be the right decision. Following the consultation, the patient will be referred for initial tests and assessments, including hormone testing and transvaginal ultrasound. Egg retrieval and freezing follows soon after, taking place over two to three days. Once retrieved, eggs are frozen using the vitrification method. This process is known for its ability to accurately freeze and preserve eggs for long periods of time. The total cost for egg freezing in Thailand is around 35,000 THB ($1,133 USD). This includes all pre-treatment tests and medication, along with the costs of retrieving and freezing the eggs. Egg freezing typically ends after the egg retrieval and freezing process. Eggs are collected and frozen in an ovarian fertility bank, to be thawed, fertilised and implanted in a uterus at a later date.

    What are the risks associated with egg freezing in Thailand?

    Egg freezing in Thailand is generally considered a safe and effective procedure. As with all procedures, there are certain risks associated with egg freezing that every person should consider prior to treatment. The main risks are ones of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), a condition that can arise from the injection of fertility drugs; and the risk of birth defects if the eggs are successfully fertilized and a child is born. Additionally, the cost can be a factor; egg freezing in Thailand generally costs around 28,000-35,000 Thai Baht (approximately 900-1100 USD). It is important to note that egg freezing is not a 100% guarantee of future fertility, so prospective patients should understand that the procedure is not without risk. It is recommended that prospective patients speak with a fertility specialist to discuss their medical history and further understand the risks associated.

    How much time does egg freezing in Thailand take?

    Egg freezing in Thailand typically takes one to two weeks of preparation and observation, depending on the patient's anatomy and medical history as well as the fertility drugs prescribed. This includes diagnostic tests such as blood tests, hormone tests and an ultrasound scan. Once all preparations are complete, an egg retrieval procedure will take approximately 20-30 minutes, including the time to administer anaesthesia. After this, the eggs will be frozen and stored in cryopreservation tanks for future use. The cost for egg freezing can range from THB 86,000 - 130,000 (approximately USD 2,750 to 4,150).

    Whilst the information presented here has been accurately sourced and verified by a medical professional for its accuracy, it is still advised to consult with your doctor before pursuing a medical treatment at one of the listed medical providers. This content was last updated on 28/11/2020.

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