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Seoul, South Korea
Grand Plastic Surgery
4 reviews

From 4 verified reviews

Leigh, 26 March 2020
I choose to have liposuction done at Grand because it is a big and experience clinic. Everyone was really friendly. The lovely translation girls, Val, Diana, Cassie was amazing! They instantly made everything more reassuring and all my questions and answered, and put me at ease. The Doctor was amazing and the aftercare received made this event less daunting.. Can't wait to see the end result. Thank you all! Leigh,
Seoul, South Korea
FORHAIR Hair Transplant Korea

We are specialized FUE hair transplantation only where all the surgery processes are performed manually through its refinement and the specialty instruments from punching, collection and implantation.

For prices, we charge per hair graft starting at KRW 7,000 (approx. USD 5.6) where 1 graft has 2~3 total hairs. There are three different price schedules for three different techniques. As the partial shaven/non-shaven methods require more labor and skills, they are more expensive than fully shaven FUE.

If you're looking for a procedure that is not painful, promises optimal natural looking results without detectable scar, FORHAIR FUE is the perfect hair transplantation for you.

Seoul, South Korea
Samsung Medical Center
3 reviews

From 3 verified reviews

GTS go to sleep, 29 December 2017
Wowwwwwwww πŸ‘!! The Samsung seoul hospital is most πŸ–’ medical center in The πŸ‡°πŸ‡·. I also, has received The Brain Surgery before 11 years in this hospital. And I thinks that "All physicians is πŸ–’ & friendly to all patients".
Seoul, South Korea
JK Plastic
2 reviews

From 2 verified reviews

CurtleyMichaels C, 11 April 2018
Best plastic surgery hospital in Korea. A one stop medical center with an in-house pharmacy, cafe and a very standard hotel with 5 star customer care , all to make the clients stay easy and comfortable. The first and only Government accredited plastic surgery center in South Korea, with and in-house global tax free machine .
Incheon, South Korea
Incheon St. Mary's Hospital
Hair Transplant procedures are available at Incheon St. Mary's Hospital with the prices ranging from $107,000 to $252,600. Incheon St. Mary's Hospital is located in Bupyeong dong, Incheon, South Korea and performs 64 procedures across 18 specialties. It is 3.6 Km away from the City and was established in 1955 Jun.
Seoul, South Korea
Hanyang University Medical Center
5 reviews

From 5 verified reviews

μ΄μƒν˜Έ, 10 September 2017
The nurse's friendly and caring service teachers are introduced. I think good things easy
Seoul, South Korea
Seoul National University Hospital
5 reviews

From 5 verified reviews

κΉ€νƒœμš°, 23 August 2018
The best hospital in Korea


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The process of restoring the growth of hair from an area where it no longer grows. This is most common for balding men or suffers of Alopecia, however, hair loss can occur for a number of other reasons, including trauma, infection, nutritional deficiencies or chemotherapy. The biggest factor remains as a combination of genetics and age and affects the head. The restoration process requires the removal of hair from a donor site and replacing it at the affected / bald site – hair is harvested using strip harvesting or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and it’s a minimally invasive procedure.

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