Kamol Hospital

Phlabphla, Wang Thonglang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand
46 Est. 2009


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Kamol Hospital

Phlabphla, Wang Thonglang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand



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Hysterectomy at Kamol Hospital

What does Kamol Hospital offer patients?

Kamol Hospital, located in Wang Thong Lang, Bangkok, Thailand offers patients Hysterectomy procedures among its total of 46 available procedures, across 9 different specialties
. The cost of a Hysterectomy procedure ranges from ฿85,000 to ฿130,000, whilst the national average price is approximately ฿118,693.

How many specialists are there and what accreditation's have been awarded to Kamol Hospital?

There are many specialists available at the Hospital, with 5 in total, and they are accredited by JCI Accredited

Facility Services Available at Kamol Hospital

Airport pickup
Family accommodation
Free Wifi
Local transportation booking
Parking available
Phone in the room
Private rooms for patients available
Safe in the room
TV in the room


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What you need to know about Hysterectomy in Bangkok

The surgical procedure to remove the uterus, which may also include the removal of the cervix, ovaries, and/or the Fallopian tubes. Performed by a gynecologist, it is by far the most common gynecological surgical procedure. After the operation, a patient will no longer be able to have children. If you have not yet gone through the menopause, you will no longer have periods.

A hysterectomy is used to treat conditions that affect the female reproductive system, such as heavy periods (menorrhagia), chronic (long-term) pelvic pain, non-cancerous tumors (fibroids) and cancer of the ovaries, womb, cervix or fallopian tubes.

It is a major operation with a long recovery time. It is usually only considered after alternative, less invasive treatments have been tried.

There are several circumstances when you may be recommended to have a hysterectomy. The most common reasons include heavy periods, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), endometriosis, prolapse of the uterus, cancer.

What's the Recovery Time for Hysterectomy Procedures in Bangkok?

An average of 4-6 weeks is required to recover from an open hysterectomy. While minimally invasive techniques for hysterectomy take only 3-4 weeks, hence why these methods are more commonplace these days, given the lack of scarring too. You should allow at least 6 weeks before returning to work and longer if your job requires physical labor.

What's the Success Rate of Hysterectomy Procedures in Bangkok?

Hysterectomy has a success rate of 80% and can cure several medical conditions as mentioned above. As for some women, it is the answer to several years of suffering from uterine problems. For others, it is the last resort to treat a life-threatening condition such as cancer.

Since this is major surgery, possible risks, and side effects could include chronic pain, vaginal prolapse, vaginal fistula, urinary incontinence, wound infections, blood clots, or a hemorrhage. There are also long term risks associated with having a hysterectomy which should also be considered, such as an increase in the risk of heart attack and stroke, urinary problems, sexual function problems, depression, hormone deficiency, or a decrease in blood supply to the ovaries.

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Doctors at Kamol Hospital

  • Dr Kamol Pansritum

    Dr Kamol Pansritum


  • Dr Wichai Surawongsin

    Dr Wichai Surawongsin

    • Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery


  • Dr Parin  Tatsanavivat

    Dr Parin Tatsanavivat

    • Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery


  • Dr Paisit Bunsiripaiboon

    Dr Paisit Bunsiripaiboon

    • Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery


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