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Reproductive Medicine Consultation - Watthana, Bangkok

Highlights at Bumrungrad International Hospital

Reproductive Medicine Consultation at Bumrungrad International Hospital

Bumrungrad International Hospital, located in Watthana, Bangkok, Thailand offers patients Reproductive Medicine Consultation procedures among its total of 313 available procedures, across 34 different specialties. Currently, there's no pricing information for Reproductive Medicine Consultation procedures at Bumrungrad International Hospital, as all prices are available on request only. There are many specialists available at the Hospital, with 10 in total, and they have multiple recognized accreditations, including:

  • JCI Accredited
  • Hospital Accreditation of Thailand

Facility Services Available at Bumrungrad International Hospital

Airport pickup
Family accommodation
Free Wifi
Hotel booking
Interpreter services
Local transportation booking
Mobility accessible rooms
Online doctor consultation
Parking available
Phone in the room
Private rooms for patients available
Special dietary requests accepted
Translation services
TV in the room

Available Procedures at Bumrungrad International Hospital

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Smoking Cessation
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Treatment for Spinal Cord Abscess
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Lupus Erythematosus Treatment
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Rheumatoid Arthritis Consultation
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Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment
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Rheumatology Consultation
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Sjogrens Syndrome Treatment
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Artificial Insemination
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Embryo Freezing
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Hormone Tests
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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
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IVF Consultation
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Reproductive Medicine Consultation
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Bone Mineral Densitometry (BMD)
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Chest X-Ray
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CT Scan (Computed Tomography)
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Diagnostic Imaging Consultation
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MRI Scan (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
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Pelvic Ultrasound
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PET Scan (Positron Emission Tomography)
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Testicular Ultrasound
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Thyroid Ultrasound
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Cataract Surgery
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Detached Retina Treatment
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Eye Examination
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Eyelid Surgery
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Glaucoma Treatment
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Implantable Contact Lens (ICL)
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Laser Eye Surgery (LASEK)
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Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK)
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Turbinate Surgery
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Bariatric Surgery Consultation
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Gastric Sleeve
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Aortic Valve Repair
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Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) Closure
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Atrioventricular Septal Defect (AVSD) Treatment
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Cardiac Assessment
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Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy (CRT) Device Implantation
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Cardiology Consultation
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Coronary Angiogram
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Coronary Angioplasty
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Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) Surgery
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Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG)
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Electrophysiology Study (EPS)
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Heart Arrhythmia - Catheter Ablation
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Heart Biopsy
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Heart Valve Replacement
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Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) Implantation
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Mitral Valve Repair
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Myocardial Infarction Treatment
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Pacemaker Implantation
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Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) Closure
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Stress Electrocardiography (ECG)
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Tilt Table Test
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Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) Closure
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Heart Surgery
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Thyroid Checkup
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Diabetes Consultation
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Endocrinology Consultation
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Endocrinology Testing
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Hyperthyroidism Treatment
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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Treatment
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Thyroid Biopsy
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Acute Leukemia Treatment
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Bladder Cancer Treatment
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Breast Cancer Treatment
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Cancer Screening
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Cancer Staging
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Cervical Cancer Treatment
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Chronic Leukemia Treatment
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Colon/Bowel Cancer Treatment
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Endometrial Cancer Treatment
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Esophageal Cancer Treatment
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Gallbladder Cancer Treatment
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Kidney Cancer Treatment
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Laryngeal Cancer Treatment
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Liver Cancer Treatment
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Lung Cancer Treatment
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Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery
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Oncology Consultation
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Ovarian Cancer Treatment
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Pancreatic Cancer Treatment
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Prostate Cancer Treatment
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Stomach Cancer Treatment
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Breast Lumpectomy
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General Surgery Consultation
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Hernia Repair
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Hiatal Hernia Surgery
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Incisional Hernia Repair
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Liver Resection
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Lymph Node Biopsy
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Lymph Nodes Removal
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Umbilical Hernia Repair
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Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair
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Aortic Arch Surgery
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Arteriovenous (AV) Fistula for Dialysis
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Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) Treatment
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Carotid Artery Dissection Treatment
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Carotid Endarterectomy
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Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Treatment
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Femoral Artery Bypass Surgery
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Intravenous Thrombolytic Therapy
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Peripheral Artery Aneurysm Repair
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Pulmonary Embolism Treatment
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Vascular Medicine Consultation
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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Treatment
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Cystic Fibrosis Treatment
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Lung Biopsy
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Pulmonology Consultation
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Respiratory Medicine Consultation
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Psoriasis Treatment
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Skin Biopsy
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Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Test
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Bartholins Cyst Treatment
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Breast Biopsy
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Breast Exam
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Cervical Biopsy
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Cervical Cautery
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Cervical Conization
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Cystocele Repair
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Dilation and Curettage
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Endometrial Ablation
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Endometrial Biopsy
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Endometriosis Treatment
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Female Sterilization
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Gynecologic Laparoscopy
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Gynecology Checkup
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Gynecology Consultation
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Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
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Intrauterine Device (IUD) Placement
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Ovarian Cyst Removal
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Ovarian Tumor Removal
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Pelvic Exam
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Pelvic Floor Repair
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Tubal Ligation Reversal
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Uterine Prolapse Surgery
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Anal Fissure Treatment
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Anal Fistula Surgery
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Facial Paralysis Treatment
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Facial Tumor Removal
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Jaw Fracture Treatment
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Maxillofacial Prosthetics
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Maxillofacial Surgery Consultation
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Orthognathic Surgery
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Male Health Checkup
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Female Health Checkup
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Medical Examination
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Gastroenterology Consultation
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Laparoscopic Anti-Reflux (GERD) Surgery
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Liver Biopsy
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Sleep Study
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Hepatitis C Treatment
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Hepatitis Consultation
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HIV Consultation
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Infectious Diseases Consultation
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Coronavirus Treatment
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Head and Neck Surgery Consultation
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Kidney Dialysis
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Nephrology Consultation
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Brachial Plexus Injury Treatment
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Brain Aneurysm Repair
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Brain Tumor Surgery
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Neurosurgery Consultation
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Skull Base Surgery
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Alzheimers Disease Consultation
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Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Consultation
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Epilepsy Treatment
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Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Management
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Neurology Consultation
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Parkinsons Disease Treatment
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Achilles Tendon Rupture
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Ankle Arthroscopy
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Ankle Fracture Treatment
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Benign Bone Tumor Removal
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Bone Fracture Treatment
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Bunion Surgery
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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery
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Cervical Fracture Treatment
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De Quervain Syndrome Treatment
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Dupuytrens Contracture Treatment
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Femur Fracture Treatment
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Ganglion Cyst Removal
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Hip Arthroscopy
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Hip Replacement
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Knee Arthroscopy
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Knee Fracture Treatment
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Knee Ligament Surgery (ACL)
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Knee Replacement
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Lateral Release of the Patella
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Meniscus Surgery
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Orthopedics Consultation
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Osteoarthritis Treatment
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Osteoporosis Treatment
View Details
Patellar Dislocation Treatment
View Details
Rotator Cuff Surgery
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Sciatica Treatment
View Details
Shoulder Arthroscopy
View Details
Shoulder Ligament Repair
View Details
Shoulder Replacement
View Details
SLAP Tear Repair
View Details
Tennis or Golfers Elbow Treatment
View Details
Trigger Finger Treatment
View Details
Wrist Arthroscopy
View Details
Bone and Joint Screening
View Details
Orthopedic Rehabilitation
View Details
Physical Therapy
View Details
Physical Therapy Consultation
View Details
Body Lift
View Details
View Details
View Details
Neck Lift
View Details
Plastic Surgery Consultation
View Details
View Details
Tummy Tuck
View Details
Nose Surgery
View Details
Double Eyelid Creation
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Doctors at Bumrungrad International Hospital

Dr. Prayuth Tunsuriyawong
Dr. Prayuth Tunsuriyawong
Dr. Prinyarat Burusnukul
Dr. Prinyarat Burusnukul
Dr. Siraruj Sakoolnamarka
Dr. Siraruj Sakoolnamarka
Dr. Chantawat Sheanakul
Dr. Chantawat Sheanakul
Dr. Jantra Chennavasin
Dr. Jantra Chennavasin
Dr. Bancha Chernchujitt
Dr. Bancha Chernchujitt
Dr. Verapan Kuansongtham
Dr. Verapan Kuansongtham
Dr. Apichat Kongkanand
Dr. Apichat Kongkanand
Dr. Pattanasak Lertpradit
Dr. Pattanasak Lertpradit
Dr. Amorn Poomee
Dr. Amorn Poomee
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Chris Shorter

21 April 2020
An extraordinary establishment. From Registration through to discharge, I was blessed with unimpeachable service, kindness, and expertise. A VERY difficult and dangerous infectious complaint took 8 days with 5 specialists in attendance. Housed in a single bed, comfortable, suite, nurses checked me every 30 minutes, 24/7. Absolutely impressive. I understood at the time it was in the world's Top Ten hospitals, and understandably, but I don't see it in the top 100 on this website. I experienced years before, Bangkok Hospital, which was excellent, but it didn't match Bumrungrad.
Luke Fiander

04 April 2020
I've only had good experiences here. It's pricey but you can make actual appointments, for which you are generally seen on time, and the checkout process is efficient. The staff is well-trained and the bureaucratic process is well-refined. Of course, the doctors are top-notch. Value-added: it's a very nice hospital in aesthetic terms.
Wolfgang Drechsler

20 February 2020
Excellent hospital, worth the medical tourism from far away. Great standards, fine ambiance, and very fast service by highly qualified professionals. What amazes me, again and again, is that doctors do not recommend or force superfluous tests and treatments; that's a huge problem with private or privatized hospitals in, say, Europe. Bumrungrad is for me the best hospital in Indochina and the best in Southeast Asia outside Singapore.
Patrick Hanley

11 February 2020
I had the unfortunate experience of having to visit this American hospital in Bangkok TWICE during a recent stay in Thailand. The hospital is a first-class facility with doctors and nurses that are very efficient. They speak and understand English with great proficiency. For the first time in about 25 years, I got food poisoning while staying at the nearby Hyatt Regency. The doctors at the Bumrungrad Hospital did a great job of diagnosing the issue and prescribing proper medication. I delayed my return trip to the US by one day until I could recover enough to endure the three flights to return home. Highly recommend a visit here if you run into health issues while in Bangkok!
Mohammed AlAbdusalam

26 December 2019
I did my full medical checkup here on Friday(with prior appointment). It was really amazing 5 stars experience and here are the positive things about this hospital -Free transportation for the patients from Bangkok international airport to the Hospital or hotels nearby. -Professional and enough staff available to help you. -Amazing ambiance, clean, decorated like a 5 stars hotel!! -It took around 4 hours to complete the whole checkup including meeting the Doctor for the results (written report will get after 2 days) -If you speak Arabic, this is the best place for you as they have translators and some staff knows some Arabic words. -open mini-buffet included if you take the medical checkup.
Pujar Giri

29 May 2018
Nice the people is like many many share
Sumitha Mohandas Rao

10 May 2018
Thanks to excellent gynae Dr. Kanoknat , labor ward team, Dr. oradee , pediatrician and nursery team, awesome care with utmost priority , best service and recovery with lots of guidance and gifts too � thanks again
Sarit Yantatsana

02 May 2018
I am using this hospital since 2012 for my Oguk medical check up services however recently i am feeling like being unequally treated from their staffs. The particular Doctor was very good and friendly is the reason i kbut the services from their staff went straight downhill compare to 2years ago. Might as well considering other OGUK certified facility in the future.
Sun Pisey

06 April 2018
Excuse me ,I just want to know , if the price is acceptable or not ? Compare to another hospital in bangkok ? Or other good hospital in thailand !
Menghong Chhor

16 January 2018
It so good
Akram Chowdhury

20 December 2017
Perfect service and amazing environment and overall i give Bumrungrad 9 out of 10!
Thanindra Virarusme

02 December 2017
My wife and me has been to BRH for our annual health check for several years and we satisfied of our services and competence of doctors and all staffs we have met. Will go for next check this Dec2017����
Salah A. Al-Ghamdi

02 December 2017
This hospital fixed my leg and hip muscle after two years of pain and suffering, thy have the best orthopedic doctors I’ve ever seen, thank you all for the great job and hospitality.
Ravipa C. Vannakit

10 November 2017
There must be something wrong with your information and linkage system. Have staff been properly trained to use it. The same problem has occurred too consistently and across the board from the call center, nurse registration desk and x-ray unit. Different counters not up-to-date with the development of the patients. Some have made assumptions of what the diagnosis might have been judging from what the patient is set to undergo!!! Distressing!!!
Shegufta Ali

02 November 2017
I really like the professionalism of the doctors.. The environment is very beautiful and clean, the staff is very polite and very cordial with a smile. Moreover, I loved the cafeteria here such as Starbucks (my favourite) 😍 Everything is top-notch here! I would definitely recommend this hospital 😊
Marisa Boucher

29 October 2017
My Endoscopic eyes ducts surgery went very well. Impressed with Dr. Nuttavut and all the great services at Bumrungrad hospital, they worked very professionally.
Ana Anant

17 September 2017
Many times there and always met great doctor with great explanation about my sickness and suggestion about how to prevent those diseases. Good service and good treat.
Luke Fraser

12 September 2017
Raise a glass ;-) These guys further and beyond what it necessary.
Rita Page

09 September 2017
I was confined there for a month last June,the doctors, nurses and all the staff were really nice anf very friendly,i was very impressed. I will recommend it.
Stanley Brunson

06 September 2017
Excellent Medical Care and efficient, especially if you have been before as they assign a Patient number and you are in the system.
Vichat Lazerzbeam Toungtong

05 September 2017
The best of the best service hospital. Great team work good environment.
Silva Kumar

02 September 2017
Excellent!! It comes at a price. I like the professionalism of the doctors , the kindness of the nurses and counter assistants.
Joe Morales

02 September 2017
If you can travel here you won't be disappointed! Great facility, clean and modern, fantastic staff, wonderful doctors, all very efficient and professional at a reasonable price. Bumrungrad literally saved my life 2 years ago when they diagnosed a small kidney tumor that turned out to be stage 1 cancer. I had surgery in the states, because of insurance, but was ready to there in Bangkok. I come back every year for my cancer check, and combine a vacation too. The country, city and people are vibrant, friendly and welcoming....
Rod Kimber

01 September 2017
I have used this hospital since 1996 and have always received very good treatment especially when I was rushed in for an emergency operation. Doctors speak good Engish and nurses very helpful.i would not use any other hospital in Asia
Ahsan Uddin Pallab

16 August 2017
Though expensive for asian people, in case of service no doubt they are best in asia.
Abdullah Harun Kazi Miraj

13 August 2017
This was our first visit to this hospital for my wife's treatment and back in mind i was in an impression the costing would be higher if the surgery is indicated. Few doctors at my country told my wife the surgery is needed and few not. However, when we met the doctor, i was very surprised to hear their views and their treatment was to the point. As a result major surgery was not required. During the treatment something revealed that was not identified by my country doctor which could have lead to a major problem down the line. Instantly, that doctor went for the medicine and cured that thing....... In conclusion, they are perfect and the best hospital with their expert treatment & opinions. Regarding, behavior i am speechless..... My wife enjoyed her treatment all the way......😊
Victor Kim

08 August 2017
Communication is the key for me. This is critical when my health is involved. Thai translators are not good. So professionals that can speak well and discuss my health and options are important.
Jim Thompson

07 August 2017
Completely professional services. Nothing close to this back in the states.
Paul Myatt

03 August 2017
This hospital is one of the best in Asia and has a consistent focus on delivering high quality healthcare. I come here since 2002, and have been satisfied with the services. That said, prices are high both for treatments, medications and extras.
Swann Htet Aung

02 August 2017
So nice and doctors are perfect and explain well .
শহিদ রাগিব আহছান খান

29 July 2017
The hospital is better, clean & full of professional guys who are eagerly waiting to serve better.
Ungkana Tangserisuk

29 July 2017
The doctor is professional.The hospital is clean.My mother was been operated in 2011& was followed up until now. Napa lounge is ok.
Abu Taleb Chowdhury

28 July 2017
Hospitality is very excellent And Cleaning is also very good
Sarker Toulouse

23 July 2017
I am very happy in Bumrungrand International Hospital. The doctor is professional and the hospital is clean . Everything good , but one thing is so disappointed me so bad. Today am went to the hospital after check up went to paid the bill at the cashier the cashier attitude so bad was shouting at me.and doing a die face . I am just go to paid the money to you not asking you for some thing free should not do that to me . I was at 20 floor cashier counter number 5.
Nan Nwe Pe

20 July 2017
Save my mother life 13 year and my mother happy to go and see doctor
May Sitt Aye

20 July 2017
Best Service!! Professional Doctor!! World Class Treatment!! Patiently Nurse Care!!
Hasan Imtiaz

16 July 2017
During my treatment & operation I felt that everything is very good about this, nurse n all other stuffs took good care of me.
Steven Jacobs

11 July 2017
100% of the staff was courteous and respectful, efficient service, cost-effective
Molly Liston-Wyatt

03 July 2017
First time in all my visits I felt disappointed. I was trying to explain to the doctor about some changes in My Body & she argued with me. About My Body! I felt like she didn't really listen to me at all. Usually such an excellent, pleasant experience.
Bashir Panna

02 July 2017
world class treatment.diagnosis is very much particular.if have the capacity should go for treatment. I am satisfied. have visited more than ten times for treatment of my son and wife.if surgery is not needed price is reasonable.but hospital medicine are expensive to some good.
Syed Jamil Ahsan

30 June 2017
I came here for the second time with my wife. Doctor was outstanding in explaining us. To my surprise no medicine was prescribed, only advising sleep and exercise. Great hospitality in every places I went. A fantastic hospital indeed. Dr Wancheram is a fine doctor.
Lalita Pamaran Klainatorn

26 June 2017
Pleasant I admire my doctor's professional, thorough , review of my records and makes sure I have the proper medication...just a suggestion for the nursing staff to follow up with the other needed immunization with attention to speed. We wait for more tha 5 hours and we still wait for another 39 mins! Hungry!
Patrik Roman Bruhlmann

23 June 2017
This hospital is one of the best in Asia and has a consistent focus on delivering high quality healthcare. I come here since 1997 and have been satisfied with the services. That said, prices are high both for treatments, medications and extras.
Roha Abadi

11 June 2017
I have been treated well and everyone there is caring and helful. I like it.
Sitthisak Phanpanit

10 June 2017
The doctor is very nice. All staff are friendly and helpful.
Moe Moe Khine

08 June 2017
Good networking and well organized hospital. Doctors and nurses have smile face and very patient to the patients compare to the the doctors and nurses in my country,Myanmar. That is why most of effortable patients take treatment in Bamrungrad hospital.
Liz Tander

07 June 2017
Outstanding hospital in every way ... just freezing for some reason!?!? Not comfortable and always having to get a blanket in the waiting rooms. Staff are amazing and not having to wait too long for any department is terrific. Very efficient!
Aung Moe

06 June 2017
I have been regular check up since last 3 years and Feel like still keep maintain their service except language weakness ❗️
Wattana Suriyant

01 June 2017
I' m a patient of this hospital for more than 20 years. The doctor & nurses have served me very well. This is the best hospital with modernized facilities...
R Islam Shibli

31 May 2017
The best hospital I have ever seen.There staff nurses always smiling and delicate.Best wish for Bumrungrad hospital.
Champ Wanithanont

27 May 2017
I am a regular visitor at Bumrungrad Hospital and I don't see why not. This is the best hospital the money could buy in Thailand, or perhaps in several countries around here. I undergone ACL reconstruction and had to stay at hospital for 2 nights. I had nothing to complain. They are the most consistent medical services in town. You have to go several hospitals to see what I mean. I hate to be at hospitals, but this one is the place I would rather choose!
တိုး မိုးေဝ

26 May 2017
It is very good for treatment but very expensive.
Rapin Subaneg

23 May 2017
I have been a regular service user here for for more than ten years. The physicians are knowledgeable, caring, and informative. The staff are helpful and friendly. When it comes to health of myself and my family, this is the place of our choice with trust.
Fokhrul Ahmed Faisal

17 May 2017
To put it in a few words only: The best hospital in Bangkok. Well trained , extremely attentative doctors and nurses, perfect organization in a styled ambiance. Not cheap but definitely worth the money.
Yusuke Honda

14 May 2017
Bumrungrad hospital is better than Japanese hospital.
Mya Phyu Phyu

11 May 2017
Hi Mingalarpar. Be healthy all The best hospital . Thank you for all.
Mary Rose Sales Baranda

03 May 2017
I come here from Manila for all my medical check up and any medical procedure. Very organized, efficient and modern. Well recommended.
Steve Cackett

30 April 2017
Excellent, absolutely brilliant place better that our crumbling NHS service in the UK unfortunately
Najmul Karim

29 April 2017
Medical people should learn customer service behaviour from this hospital either doctor or stuff much appreciated, I am alkways getting my doctor feedback by mail that's really service thanx
Mesud Salih

26 April 2017
Extremely awesome doctors .nurses.staff.It's one of the most clean and higeneic hospital.
Annie Mac

26 April 2017
The best hospital I have ever been to. The quickness of the employees and results was impeccable. All employees constantly had a smile on their face no matter what time you were there. Over all a fantastic hospital!
Brian Carter

25 April 2017
Absolutely first class care. The doctors are excellent and the nursing is top-flight.
Dara Menavanich

24 April 2017
Very long queue with good service but expensive , In patients is very good , explain disease very well to let patients understand in simple word
Nazrul Islam Sikder

23 April 2017
It's a great behavior with all staff and doctors during on my full body check up on yesterday. Thanks a lot. ...
Kimlang Lay

23 April 2017
ឡាយ គីម ឡាំង /ទីកន្លែងសព្វថ្ងៃសៀមរាប Bumrungrad is good service for good sick people around the world too specially is Cambodian people too have.becouse yesterday I'm two brother one sister go to visit my rilaive is e i see is good service too .from kimlang from Cambodia 赖金兰
Himel Khan

23 April 2017
To put it in a few words only: The best hospital in Bangkok. Well trained , extremely attentative doctors and nurses, perfect organization in a styled ambiance. Not cheap but definitely worth the money.
Upal Denvar

22 April 2017
I jst been so happy to have service from this hospital
Myo Myint

20 April 2017
I have visited Bumrungrad Hospital 3 times within two months for my health care. I always get appointments extremely fast. The staff are very kind,friendly& hospitable,the doctors are very knowledgeable & well- experienced. Now my health improved within the few months. I' m very grateful to the doctors & the staff.
Joesepp Auer

18 April 2017
To put it in a few words only: The best hospital in Bangkok. Well trained , extremely attentative doctors and nurses, perfect organization in a styled ambiance. Not cheap but definitely worth the money.
จิรวัฒน์ ดวงปัญญาเจตน์

14 April 2017
First time for this hospital , i really thanks for all staff to take care my girlfriend.
David Seidler

13 April 2017
This is a well run organization. The staff is courteous and they take care of you. I wish the hospitals in the United States we're run this well.
Leaf Green

12 April 2017
Thanks par, Bumrungrad International hospital. Love you,so much.Be carefully.. ..������
Jean-Marc C. Anderegg

07 April 2017
Exceptional, efficient, so kind doctors, nurses, staff. It should be a source of inspiration for many hospitals in the world.
رَيَمٌ دِامٌوَسِ

05 April 2017
Bumrungrad it's best hospital and all the doctors it's very good
Paul Harrison

05 April 2017
Great service for the offshore Medical i turned up early by 1 hour and they they still managed to see me straight away .
Gerelee Light

31 March 2017
Great service and treatment.i am really thank you all.
Stephane Dauzat

30 March 2017
Just checked out of Bumrungrad hospital yesterday with our newborn son. I can't thank enough all the staff who helped transform a terrifying leap into the unknown into a magical experience. Huge thanks to Ajarn Somsri who delivered the baby and followed us the whole time, and a great shout out to the whole nursing team on 6th floor, they are true wizards in the art of infant care, and their dedication knows no limits. We will be missing them sorely over the next few weeks.
Robert Ogle

27 March 2017
I love this Hospital! Highly qualified, experienced and professional staff make the experience a pleasant one from beginning to end. Their health screening check is the best! A once-over for the whole body. I trust these guys with everything. Thank you for everything!
Mohammad Hasnat Choudhury

23 March 2017
I had to visit different specialists for me and for my wife. Really like the way doctors treat the patients. Like the clean and hygienic look of the place. Some of the nurses go above and beyond their responsibilities to help the patients in case of the diagnosis, my experience in the MRI section was such. Sudden feeling of claustrophobia in the MRI machine had been overcome with their help. I'm grateful to the MRI section for that.
Kaung Myat San

22 March 2017
They are good service.
Mary Mariyam

22 March 2017
I have visited Bumrungrad years for general health care and check ups. I always get appointments extremly fast. The staff are very friendly, the Doctors are very knowledgeable, the equipment is state of the art. Prices are very reasonable compared to USA. The hospital is spotless, it is constantly being buffed and swept by an army of cleaners! The food courts are incredible, all types of food and made fresh. I had 3 consults with Doctors and saw a Dentist all in one morning. Lots of details make this place good, free juice and water set out all over the place for anyone. Even the security and traffic guards click their heels and salute as one goes by. The medical care is excellent, The care was outstanding. The bill was extremely reasonable. One feels really cared for and noticed there.
Thida Chan

22 March 2017
Perfect hospital ! Doctors are very polite and kind person 😇
Jenni Starkey

20 March 2017
Always great care here!!! Sometimes I think the Doctors are overly concerned but it makes me feel safe and at ease that they care.
Matt Rodriguez

17 March 2017
Great, experienced staff. Obviously it is a bit more pricey but worth the extra money you put out. I had complete confidence that every member of the team knew what it was they were supposed to be doing.
Shakil Ahmed

16 March 2017
It's not Hospital, it's a Wellness Parlor, happy � to be here.
Jason Beach

12 March 2017
Excellent service and very responsive to needs. Good value for money.
Red Breeze

08 March 2017
Our couple is full satisfied with all the medical cares and related services getting from Bumrungrad. You always try to improve your services for diversities of patients from different parts of the world. It is actually a world of cares. Keep it up with your great jobs and thank you all.
Tahsin Reasad

08 March 2017
awesome hospital serving with international standard, in the heart of Bangkok

04 March 2017
Very efficient service, staff and doctors are very professional
Luda Tees

04 March 2017
I would like a review on the plastic surgeon Dr Nond Rojvachiranonda regarding the face lift pleas. Traveling with my friend from Australia soon
Pinky JJ Deedy

03 March 2017
I like the service of Bumrungrad,Fast service and very standard quality my family always come to Bumrungrad for the best in everything!!!
Thandar Soe

03 March 2017
Excellent service and fantastic staff, paying utmost attention to their patients. Thank you for everything!
Watthanun Tonie Lerksiripong

02 March 2017
Quick service with the nice hospitality from the staff but this comes with the premium price as well
Jessi Jess

01 March 2017
Love the service everyone is very nice and polite new technology equipment compared to other hospital in thailand lovely and kind 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 👍🏻👍🏻 My favorite hospital.
Rais Ahmed

27 February 2017
I realy pleased with their treatment and excellent service.
Andy Pickles

25 February 2017
Excellent highly recommend to anyone who is sick they will sort you out
Aye Aye Kyaing

25 February 2017
My husband and I came to Bumrungrad every year since 2008 and take the medical check up. My hubby has diabetes and follow up every 6 months. I am satisfied about your Fair price and excellent hospitality. Thanks a lot.
Khin Maung Pe

25 February 2017
Last three year I had prostage cancer. I came Bumrungrad and cured my cancer. Now I am fine. Thanks all doctors from this hospital Especially Oncologist Dr Apichart Panichevaluk.
Cam Van Hoang

19 February 2017
Made an advance appointment to do an overall checkup, when I got to Bangkok from Vietnam, transportation service was ready for me to take me to my hotel. I've been trusting Bum for 10 years now. My whole family goes to Bum every once in awhile. Great service, great attitude, despite where I am, I always try to make time for Bumrungrad. 👍👍
Kamon Jirasereeamornkul

18 February 2017
Excellent service and feel very comfortable ♥♥♥
Supak Lailert

15 February 2017
It's probably the best private hospital in Thailand. The staff is attentive. The interior is luxurious and makes you feel more relaxed. The service quality is excellent. The only downside is the price, which is also on a very high side.
Jack Fletcher

09 February 2017
I've had 2 surgeries at Bumrungrad plus annual check ups. While surgery is seldom pleasent, they are excellent in both their facilities and care.
Ivor Olivier Roberts

08 February 2017
Absolutely amazing facility. I've used them on several different issues both in-patient and out-patient. Incredible care, fantastic Doctors, nurses and all staff involved. Luxurious rooms, great food.
Art Walt

07 February 2017
Been to Bumrungrad Hospital since my first kid was born. Their Doctors, nurses have never let me down. Superb service quality.. Keep it up!!
Shila Chowdhury

05 February 2017
excellent service.everything is so systematic. happy with the pediatrics.
Shamim Mohammed Qaisar

02 February 2017
I realy pleased with their treatment and service.
Stephen Smith

30 January 2017
Always top notch service! Excellent doctors and nurses!
Thongchai Yimpangtiam

26 January 2017
Thank you Bumrungrad, Thay are very good for support me.
Dieter Werwath

23 January 2017
Having worked with many hospitals throughout South East Asia, I have no reservations in recommending Bumrungrad. The facilities, staff, experience and levels of service are all outstanding.
Laura Hinkson Manker

19 January 2017
I have used Bumrungrad for my yearly checkups. This year I had surgery and had to stay in the hospital for a week. It was clean. The staff is kind and the food was good. If you have to go to the hospital, go to Bumrungrad.
Markus Weber

16 January 2017
Mixed feeling between services. The first one, MRI, excellent. They took care of me immediately. Then waited 3,5 hours to have the results. On time at the appointment with my doctor, I had to wait nearly 1 hour more coz he was late. Then, the doctor wanted an additional X-Ray. He saw I was tired of the waiting, he said "just 5 minutes and you come back here". The X-Ray took 5 minutes but he doctor took another patient meanwhile and had to wait another 30 minutes !!! 6,5 hours at the hospital !!!!!
Benjamin Bartz

12 January 2017
Excellent service and fantastic staff, paying utmost attention to their patients. Thank you for everything!
Imtiaz Ahmed

11 January 2017
Being at Bumrungrad Hospital is like finding the inner peace that someone truly deserves during the moment of fear and anxiety....from the arrival experience to diagnosis, treatment and follow up medication suggestion; everything seems to stand for extraordinary care and service excellence.
Hussam Zarzour

09 January 2017
Some thing you will not fined like that in any ware in the world
André Pierre Vessier

06 January 2017
but its more and more expensive: for my son, sick with gastroenteritis, and 1 night stay, in a room for 2 : 32000 bahts ! incredible ! 1 year ago, same sickness, 1 night, only half price !
Jamil Hossain

24 December 2016
Amazing hospital. I have came hare for my parents. I have a great service from all the nurses and doctors. I think for better treatment you all can try this world class Hospital. But little bit expensive.
RevMichael Jensen Lalwani

03 December 2016
Operator Not Speaking English At all I Am From Newyork I Am Await More than1Month To Get Some Operator to speaks English
Vicky Vipulakom

27 November 2016
Excellent service. Went there at 3am and had to be tested for Flu. In the morning the nurse called and told me I was overcharged and they would return the money to me. Had they not told me, I would never know. This is INTEGRITY !!
S.m. Monjurul

27 November 2016
Khali takar khela.ekta kore test r taka solid theke gas a convert hote thake. R medicine er dam to bad e dilam. Baki sobi thik ache. So jar takar cinta nai they are welcome.
Nazmul Karim

15 November 2016
Being at Bumrungrad Hospital is like finding the inner peace that someone truly deserves during the moment of fear and anxiety....from the arrival experience to diagnosis, treatment and follow up medication suggestion; everything seems to stand for extraordinary care and service excellence.
Ilavarasi Thiri Setpaing

09 November 2016
They work with the latest technology, both doctors and stuffs are so professional... Let me say frankly, it was fabulous �
Guide Nee

05 November 2016
The best hospital in Thailand! My second home ����
Apiwat Wachithanaset

30 October 2016
I like this hospital service. Is good any problem any people there very fast. We are not waiting for doctor long time. Thank you!
Robert Paul Baker

28 October 2016
Thank you Bumrungrad Found my tumor removed it and got the bad news about cancer quicky 7 Weeks radiation Now Cancer free
Colin Chaffers

21 October 2016
Very good hospital, our son was born here and now goes back for check ups and jab? Quick and efficient
Bud Saysouriyosack

18 October 2016
Ever wonder why the are top 10 in the world? Try it! I come here for all my major medical needs. Very efficient, knowledgeable and reliable. I spend one week here for testing, that same test would take me a year in USA. Seeing different specialists in same day. They are so accommodating to my schedule. Thank � for creating such an awesome MED CARE!
จอมชัย คงมณีกาญจน์

16 October 2016
Have a nice hospital to care people just to say the excellent.
Maria Rahman-Chowdhury

10 October 2016
Very very good hospital with a good number of experienced doctors and nurses who are ready to listen to your problems and give solution.
Kim San

10 October 2016
Awesome Place,Awesome services,Awesome staffs, Awesome experience,Awesome food and Nice View❤️
Byrtie Byrt

10 October 2016
Visiting a number of times, majority at night, the flaw to overall services is usually patient finance dept. Given an example, my visit was at 10pm and covered by an insurance company. At the end of diagnosis, I had asked the doctor whether this was under ER or OPD. The doctor said it was ER. Upon discharging, I was told to pay the surcharge. To my surprise, my ER coverage would have been much higher than only a blood test, a pack of pills, and other premium price tags of clinical services. I had then asked for the sake of being curious and was arrogantly told that this was OPD. As soon as i stated that the doctor had referred the other way around, the agent was quite upset on me and only said twice that the doctor did not know about this. Actually, I had a pior understanding that ER was supposed to be for accidents not for general illness like OPD. But i asked the doctor just for my knowledge. And i easily admitted the fact as soon as the agent told me. Going to the point, it was not about under ER or OPD at all because I had left paying the excess of a few hundred bahts. What went wrong was the way the agent responded to me with his unprofessional tone of voice, language, no eye contact, and claimed this cause of misunderstanding toward the doctor without attempting to make a simple apology. It seemed like he did not bother himself to care for the overall experince of the patient, only ensured to complete his duty. However, this shall not reflect the professionalism of other service aspects in this hospital. But since this repeated to me quite a few times, I would then like to raise the point for your improvements.
Mah Raz

04 October 2016
This is call how to handle patient. I loved the place and behaviour of the doctors and nurses of the Hospital.
Deisy Wong Will

04 October 2016
Amazing almost 5 stars "hotel" hospital. I dont have to wait very long for my appoitment and my test too. I have a great service from all the nurses and Dr Vatana did a great job removing my gallbladder by laparoscopic ( I have plenty of gallstones). And he was very clear and helpful too. The room is amazing (single room), they even provide skin care products with their hospital label on! I was really impressed! It would be perfect if they have more tv channels and better food from the restaurants.
Dave L

29 September 2016
This is my 3rd surgery (spine, prostate and knee) and they have all been perfect. I go to Bumrungrad for most of my medical treatments and check ups. Being an expat in Asia I could go anywhere; but they are the the best I have experienced. Bumrungrad Hospital is professional, organized and a quality organization in my opinion.
Sao Pinkey

26 September 2016
I spent time 3 hours for waiting. Doctors is so good. But, too many patients are arranged for each day.
Norman Keoplung

19 September 2016
My family love Dr.watcharapong. 13 years ago he and Dr.chanwit's team safe my life.
Abdulmunim Ruhel

16 September 2016
Two weeks ago my mother admit in hospital and have an kidney operation.i'm very happy for every service they provide for my mom before and after operation.special thanks for Dr. Viroj and all the nurses.
Thanny TJ Jaroenpanich

15 September 2016
On July 31, 2016, I had undergone a big surgery here and everything went perfectly fast & efficient. Attentive nurses & wonderful accommodation made my stay quite comfortable. The doctors have been kind & experienced since my first visit here more than 10 years ago until today. Thank you!
Janey W. Jan

12 September 2016
always nice and warm welcome with comfortable space.
Frank Wagne

02 July 2016
Nice hospital..peaple verry good...thx ...i hope i never need more
Eugene Tan

20 June 2016
This hospital is like a hotel, the doctors are friendly and ready to serve the patients for their health condition.
Nunziata Lauria

09 May 2016
I am very happy with my doctor and the fact that in Europe they couldn't help me and he got me mych better. The only negative point I have is the farmacy... Long waiting times
Md Fazleh Rabbi

20 March 2016
Very very good environment & real treatment we get from here. But the price of the treatment is over costly which is unbelievable.
Muhammad Kashif Aslam

14 March 2016
I have two surgeries in the past year and a number of follow ups. I travel from Pakistan for my follow ups and surgeries. Though twice as expensive as pakistan yer it is worth every penny. I would recommend this to everyone who is contemplating medical tourism. Best place in Asia and Europe in fact best option considering value for money. Well done and keep it up
Steph Morand

01 March 2016
I had my first experience at Bumrungrad hospital yesterday at the Spine Institue and wow, it has been nothing short of amazing. Thank you so much to the staff (especially my surgeon and nurse) for their kindness and their expertise.
Subhanath Laotong

17 February 2016
International hospital with professional and excellent service in Thailand. I will recommend this one to my friends. ;)
Tassamon Intalo

17 February 2016
Nice hospital, good service and lovely staffs.easy to go by BTS
Oate Poowathep

16 February 2016
Thanks to all doctors, nurses and staffs who took care of my wife for her pregnancy along 9 months, her operation, her neuro problems and her rehab program - and thanks for taking care of our baby during my wife difficult time.
Vorathit Rungsetthaphat

16 February 2016
Bumrungrad International hospital is one of the best hospital in Thailand and around the world. They treat customer with a very professionally and a warm beside manner. This Facebook page also give me the good advises and information.
Paula Fremeijer

30 November 2015
Very professional very efficient tx for the good care
Thomas Reiner

24 November 2015
Outstanding experience, I can recommend without hesitation
Fiona Boyd

18 November 2015
Amazing care from the treating specialists and nurses who kept me informed in Melbourne, Australia every step of the way with my son's unexpected, emergency surgery! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Jahirul Islam

02 September 2015
Emma Aphi G.

27 August 2015
Was gonna give it a five stars but not a big fan of its location.
JC Intheflesh

27 August 2015
My wife and I went to Bumrungrad hospital once it was a minor cold for her and a vaccine for myself . We were treated like kings and queen sevice was very speedy and every one was so nice to us . We had a lady doctor who was have Thai and Australian , my wife is Thai and I am Bahamian (English speaking) our doctor spoke both language's very well and treated us both in a very professionally and a warm bedside manner.
Mark Snape

17 August 2015
This hospital is truly outstanding in every way and the Doctors and Nurses are even better xx
Kataiy K. Thongkam

17 July 2015
The best private hospital in the bangkok city!
Witsanee Suthumpoung

14 July 2015
I can not describe the BI, but I'd say this was "the best".
Nisarat Ann S C

02 July 2015
I have confident in BI... & that BI continues to serve its high standards as the best & safest healthcare provider to their customers & employees... Cheers BI !!!
Đặng Thanh Hằng

21 June 2015
I always choose Bumungrad for the best service, atmosphere and facilities. I love Dr Visut (Heart), Dr Sirichai, Dr Wuthichai and Dr Nuttha ka. Thank you ka
Alshaik Alqutaiti

09 May 2015
It's a very wonderful hospital km well pleased that they care about very patient thanked all those who stop beside us
Prince Puneet Verma

03 May 2015
Oh its nyc, feeling Good at this hospitapity
Hudafadil Fadil

02 May 2015
I have been lost month in bumrungrad hospital is really a great hospital and deserves to be one of the best hospital.
Paul Sapphire

09 April 2015
Top class in every manner. Very professional and there is no language barrier. Docs are all A1
Adrian Kinski Jr.

27 March 2015
Last year I had great experience, honest and very knowledgeable doctor. This year I was overcharged for doctor visit :( Plus he tried to recommend expensive procedure that I am quite sure was necessary! Doctor put 2 other experts from USA and Poland in question
Teeraphol Ambhai

11 March 2015
Best JCI international hospital in bangkok thailand
Julie J Buddawan

18 February 2015
The doctors at this hospital saved my life, i will be forever greatful. Khop khun mak ka!
Gregori Petrowitz

26 January 2015
the best ever for my life Hospital in bangkok
Mika Chunonsee

24 January 2015
the best in thailand for Expat like Me :)
Iwq Pop

23 January 2015
thank you you're the best hospital in thailand
Nat Chanyanat

22 January 2015
Best place for Arrhythmia treatment in Thailand
Teerapop Jobpanichai

22 January 2015
good for healthcare and medical tourism in Asia
Sami ALabdali

14 January 2015
Best hospital and thy have excellent health care in the world
Sanjay Hazra

14 January 2015
Chain of good hospital group internationally (not in India) .
Hjh Salmah Hs

01 December 2014
Best hospital
Mg Sat Su

17 November 2014
Good service..
Atiq Rahman

15 November 2014
Been there, not convinced.
Shwe Yee Moe

13 November 2014
Very good hospital but very expensive :-(
Ko Maw

12 November 2014
Good service for good health.
Blair Lizie

10 November 2014
Good for service, the best hospital in Thailand, Many thanks for take care of us.. See u next time :)
Shehab Mahmud

02 November 2014
Exceptionally awesome hospitality and care. Period.
Neetar Zaw Min

29 October 2014
Very good HOSPITAL.
Tilly Hemathad

24 October 2014
One case to be sorted out but after 10 years of big and terrible mistake is still on mind but still under determination what ought to be done next.
Abe Energy

16 October 2014
good choice but a bit expensive.
Panitan Bijaphala

09 October 2014
Huge hospital nice facilities but expensive with same quality other hospitals such as Vichaiyut Viphavadee etc.
Mustafa Oman

07 October 2014
Very friendly stuff and proffisional doctors
Linda Zhao

22 September 2014
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Kim Sotho

24 August 2014
Lan Yandan

24 July 2014
Sophee Attakorn

13 July 2014
the best hospital for me ka ^^
David Volak

07 July 2014
Good hospital. Staff very knowledgable and helpful.
Lyn Ali

07 July 2014
This hospital offers quality holistic health care. The best!
Zakera Khan

01 July 2014
I have been going 2 this hospital from, personal opinion is !! Its a very good hospital, not commercial, good treatment. ..So far..well maintained, and I think if the tests price could b little lower, the hospital could get more patients in future, form different country's. .I like my Drs....I would suggest, if any body needs good treatment they must go there...but needs 2 reduce the price of oporation tests...every thing. Thank u...
Fähãd Jamil

30 June 2014
Myat Noe

29 June 2014
Very good hospital for Myanmar people.They have Myanmar language translate in any place and any counter.And than,Myanmar food and Myanmar people are many many near by BI hospital.
Somsith Meesangnil

28 June 2014
World class service
Sophal Sam

26 June 2014
Good hospital
Zilane Khondker

25 June 2014
My hospital
Aileen Bastillada

25 June 2014
Excellent service and facilities
Sutasinee Carney

25 June 2014
Excellent doctors and services!!!
Panadda Peecharoen

24 June 2014
Nice service but bloody expensive
Elle Woods

24 June 2014
Good doctor here good service but expensive i still go there lol
Esaam Mohamed

23 June 2014
Miss this country .long timr
Ghalib H Nahid

22 June 2014
The best!!!
Salem Sulaiman

22 June 2014
Good hospital but need to reply of each email promptly.
អាំង សុផានិត

22 June 2014
Good with ethical professional. Thumb up for me.
Tom Ultmann

21 June 2014
Possibly the best medical facility in South East Asia.
Thae Mar Win

21 June 2014
One of the best hospital in Asia . Good doctors , nice place & good facility . I've been there !!!
Huang Dehong

21 June 2014
Good n expensive hospital :-)
Tony Town

20 June 2014
Great service, great staff, world leaders and world's best prices. I by-passed a six month waiting list in Queensland got my neck fixed in the morning and my eye surgery in the afternoon. While she was waiting for me my wife had an executive health check covering every conceivable problem and got her results same day. Makes a laughing stock of the health facilities of the Western world. I would recommend this hospital to anybody without reservation. Contact Global Medical .. There are no waiting lists.
Suvakhon Nawong

20 June 2014
Best medical care in Thailand.
Leon van der Meer

20 June 2014
Nr. 1 hospitol. Big big thanks from my girlfriend and ourre little wonder Alisa!!!
Shwe Zin Pru

20 June 2014
Very good service
Asjad Akhtar

20 June 2014
One of the best hospitals in asia. Doctors are best. I have been here several times
Arif Islam

20 June 2014
It's a good hospital
Adt Charu Jung

19 June 2014
This is number 1 for me,love love : ))
Zinmar Thet

18 June 2014
good services
Rizal Helmy Basri

18 June 2014
Very modern n relaxing place. Good doctors n good facility
Aor Kanokwan

18 June 2014
Always provide good service
Monjur Morshed

18 June 2014
Diamondqueen Fine Diamond Jewellery

17 June 2014
Very hi end hospital in Asia
Towhid Ahmed

16 June 2014
Good care. Nice management.
Tony Bruce

16 June 2014
Very good care.
Patai Porapakkham

16 June 2014
Great medical care at overcharge [email protected]
Ratha Preap

16 June 2014
Good hospitel
Mohammad Sajid

15 June 2014
Best hospital.
Tun Tun Naing

14 June 2014
Good facility and the best one in Thailand
Mahboob Hassan

27 May 2014
We have been there several times. Good doctors and good service. Highly recommend it :)
Kylie Anne Peacock

16 May 2014
By far the best decision I have made very awesome clinic can not express enough how pleased I am with there service
Ahmad Alzaabi

15 May 2014
Thanks for the good care of employees
Aoy Sasi

15 May 2014
very good hospital "world class"
Fung Wing Ching

08 May 2014
Good service for child!
Hein Min Latt

02 May 2014
Nice care with smile
Majdi Abu Hamra

30 April 2014
Nice doctors & nice staff with costly charges
Christine Migeon

30 April 2014
Very professional. Good doctors
Mee Wan

29 April 2014
Good Doctors and staff with costly charges.
Shweta Jetha

29 April 2014
Very nice...friendly staff...excellent services
Alan Chard

29 April 2014
best hospital in thailand^_^
Kislu Kabir

28 April 2014
One of the best hospital in Asia where all my family members go for medical checkups and treatments.
Nattawat Pinkon

22 April 2014
World class medical in Asia
Krongkaew Buriphak

21 April 2014
Good service..
Amer AlAbri

08 April 2014
Great Hospital...Excellent Drs and staff especially Orthopedic section on 20th floor.
Michael Kors Jo Outlets

23 March 2014
Bumrungrad Hospital is very good....
Sharkiy Failajawi

28 February 2014
It's a great hospital
Zarni Sai

20 February 2014
Maybe very good and so expensive
Arissara Sarasomboon

27 January 2014
Expensive but luxury hospital ever
Gwyne Copeland Taylor

16 January 2014
We had a wonderful experience in medical tourism. The care and accommodations were very good. I would recommend going for a complete checkup or a procedure not covered by your insurance. While you're there enjoy beautiful Thailand.
Luthfy Mohamed

14 January 2014
My first grandson was born there 4 years ago. We were happy and satisfied with their excellent service. We visited there again in last December.
Michelle Mw

11 January 2014
Great services x
David A. Hicks

08 January 2014
Great hospital. All Thais say most expensive but compared to the USA & Italy not that expensive. Also great service and you always see a doctor.
Fahad Mahbub

02 January 2014
Best Service in affordable price :)
Gary Moran

30 December 2013
Better than expected, excellent service and friendly staff
Job Pongchatorn

18 December 2013
Best hospital ever
Marzana Shafique

15 December 2013
Too much expensive ,treatment is good .
An Na

12 December 2013
While interior improves a lot, service is not as good as before.
Papa Earn

12 December 2013
Best take care. Thanks for everything. Since my daughter was born (Only 7 Month) , our family will be your customer forever. Special thanks DR. อรดี and DR. อารยา.
Yannick Mandaba

07 December 2013
Great maternity department
Namwaan Duangkaew

07 December 2013
If u have enuff money this is ur choice very nice
Kanyarat Nimsuwan

04 December 2013
Note Pinsuda Dhamrongsirivadh

03 December 2013
I have been the patient at Bumrungrad since 1996. Thanks for 20 years of taking care of me and my family.
Sayedur Rahim Bappi

01 December 2013
Money worth
Hari Vsrc Sharma

28 November 2013
Julia Yan

28 November 2013
Good service ,very skillful physicians and doctors
Sumyatnoe Kyaw Myint

18 November 2013
I love it. :)
মোহাম্মাদ সাজ্জাদ হোসেন

16 November 2013
It's good. But the charges are much higher....
Tutu Srichomphu

09 August 2013
I love this hospital and I will never change my mind. High class and especially, I like the most is how they keep privacy; such as they do not put the patient 's name on the door of their room. Loving it. Keep going Bumrungrad.
Suvra Suborna

05 May 2013
This is the best hospital in the world.
Verneita Boonlom

01 May 2013
The dentists are the best!

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