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Bumrungrad International Hospital

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Glinda Deblois, 22 November 2020

I understand why this hospital is considered the best in Thailand. Traveled all the way from Australia to get my treatment here after I heard good things about it. Superb staff, very friendly, attentive, and helpful. Many of the staff can speak English, so communication is not a problem. I asked many questions and told them my concerns, and they answered patiently and put me at ease. Had to stay for several days after my treatment. The room was super clean, well-designed, and definitely made me feel comfortable. The nurses checked on me every hour or so, and the food was surprisingly great. Though having to stay in a hospital is never a good experience, I would say my time in Bumrungrad was a pleasant one. A bit pricey when compared to other hospitals around the area, but with the quality service and high-level care offered, it was all worth it.

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    What you need to know about Osteoporosis Treatment in Thailand

    Osteoporosis is a serious condition, associated with an increased risk of fractures, which affects many people across different countries, including Thailand. It is important to be aware of the various treatments available in regard to osteoporosis and the benefits that may be available to those affected. Thailand offers both traditional medical treatments as well as holistic treatments when it comes to treating osteoporosis. Traditional treatments can include medications, such as those to increase bone density, as well as lifestyle changes such as increasing calcium and vitamin D intake, exercising regularly, and quitting smoking if you are a smoker. In some cases, your doctor may also recommend surgery, such as bone grafting or bone marrow transplants. The holistic approach to managing osteoporosis in Thailand may include traditional Thai medicinal approaches such as therapeutic massage, herbal treatments, and mindfulness activities such as yoga and meditation. This can enhance the traditional treatments and provide emotional, as well as physical, healing. The key to success when it comes to osteoporosis treatment in Thailand is taking a comprehensive approach that is tailored to the particular needs of the individual. Your doctor and other healthcare providers will be able to help you develop and implement a comprehensive plan that best suits your condition. The osteoporosis treatments available in Thailand are comprehensive, effective, and potentially transformative in addressing the personal, medical, and emotional challenges associated with osteoporosis. With a medical expert who is compassionate, caring, and knowledgeable of medical ethics, as well as an understanding of traditional and/or holistic approaches, an osteoporosis treatment plan in Thailand may provide significant improvement in your quality of life. If you are considering osteoporosis treatment in Thailand, it is important to remember that the most successful approaches are those that are tailored for you and adjusted as your health changes.

    What are the most effective treatments for osteoporosis in Thailand?

    Osteoporosis is a common chronic condition affecting bones in Thailand. Fortunately, the most effective treatments for this condition include a variety of lifestyle modifications. Lifestyle changes such a weight-bearing exercise and calcium/vitamin D supplementation can help improve bone health. Additionally, medication options are available. Bisphosphonates are considered the gold standard of medicine for osteoporosis and cost ฿2,000 - ฿2,500 (about USD 65 - 76) per month. Raloxifene and Denosumab are also available in Thailand and cost ฿3,500 - ฿6,500 (about USD 112 - 206) per month. Lastly, hormone replacement therapy may also be used for women with severe cases of osteoporosis.

    Are there any alternative treatments for osteoporosis in Thailand?

    Yes, there are alternative treatments for osteoporosis in Thailand. Alternative treatments for osteoporosis involve lifestyle changes for better bone health such as improved nutrition, moderate exercise and vitamin supplements. Additionally, there are medical treatments available in Thailand such as natural herbs, massage and medication such as bisphosphonates and hormone replacement therapy (HRT). HRT treatment starts from 10,500฿ (approx. $332 USD) and generally lasts six months, while the cost of massage treatment starts from 3,500฿ (approx. $111 USD) and lasts four weeks. It is important to consult your doctor before choosing a treatment for osteoporosis. An holistic and evidence-based approach to treatment is advised in order to be effective.

    What medical facilities offer osteoporosis treatments in Thailand?

    Thailand offers various osteoporosis treatments at specialized medical facilities. Public and private hospitals are equipped with the latest technology, such as high-resolution X-ray, computerized tomography, and nuclear medicine, to diagnose and treat the condition. Some hospitals provide treatments such as drug therapy using anti-osteoporotic agents, radiotherapy, and even surgical procedures to correct deformities, strengthen bones, and help relieve pain. The cost of these treatments is affordable and can be as low as 200 baht (Approximately $6.65 USD). Additionally, many of the hospitals interact with insurance companies, allowing for reimbursement of costs. For those without insurance coverage, hospitals offer personalized payment plans to suit individual’s needs. Ultimately, with the presence of superior, accessible healthcare services and competitive pricing on treatments, Thailand is an ideal destination for those seeking osteoporosis treatments.

    How much does osteoporosis treatment cost in Thailand?

    Osteoporosis treatment cost in Thailand is quite affordable. The cost ranges from USD145-238 (THB 4,500-7,500). Different treatments and diagnostic tests may cost more. However, there are ways to keep the costs lower. Regular exercise and intake of foods which are rich in minerals and vitamins helps to decrease associated costs. Moreover, there are many online support groups and e-counseling services which are accessible at little or no cost. All in all, you don't need to worry about the cost of osteoporosis treatment in Thailand.

    What dietary changes should someone with osteoporosis make in Thailand?

    Following a well-balanced diet is essential for anyone with osteoporosis, especially in Thailand. Eating a range of nutrient-rich food can help to reduce the risk for further bone damage. It is beneficial to include more calcium and vitamin D in the diet. Calcium can be found in food sources such as dairy, tofu, sardines, dark leafy greens, legumes and fish with edible bones. Vitamin D can be obtained from sunlight and food sources, like eggs and fatty fish. Increasing the intake of vitamin K is also beneficial. Vitamin K sources include soybeans, green tea, natto, spinach, kale and broccoli. It is also recommended to reduce the intake of alcohol, caffeine, sugar and processed foods.Limiting salt intake is also suggested. In short, to support bone health, one should consume a variety of healthy foods including dairy products, tofu, sardines, leafy greens, legumes, fatty fish, soybeans, green tea and vegetables (35-55 ฿ or approx. 1.14-1.79 USD).

    Are there any clinical trials for osteoporosis treatments in Thailand?

    Yes, there are clinical trials for osteoporosis treatments in Thailand. Therapeutically, the treatments involve bone-strengthening agents to reduce the risk of fractures. The pharmaceutical companies are actively conducting investigations with leading medical experts in Bangkok, wherein they are focusing on the therapeutic efficacy of the drugs to treat osteoporosis. In Thailand, the cost of treatments may vary based on the course of treatment. However, a course of medicines is typically priced in the range of ฿5,000 to ฿7,000 (approx. USD 160 to USD 230).

    Whilst the information presented here has been accurately sourced and verified by a medical professional for its accuracy, it is still advised to consult with your doctor before pursuing a medical treatment at one of the listed medical providers. This content was last updated on 18/02/2023.

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