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Trisha Vautour, 13 November 2020

The doctor and all the other staff are very thorough and compassionate. I came here for an angiogram, and I was somewhat scared at the thought of getting it, but the doctor and staff were absolutely fantastic. I ended up having a stent, and the whole team made it bearable. Thank you to all the staff who really went over and above for me. I feel so lucky to have chosen Thonburi hospital for my treatment.

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    What you need to know about Spinal Cord Tumor Treatment in Thailand

    Spinal cord tumor treatment in Thailand is an emerging medical option that is becoming increasingly popular amongst the global medical community. With the highest caliber of medical infrastructure and world-renowned surgeons, Thailand is the destination of choice for individuals seeking the latest and most successful treatments for spinal cord tumor and associated conditions. At the core of spinal cord tumor treatment in Thailand is the expertise and commitment of the medical professionals. With a combination of experience and world-class training, medical professionals offer a comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment, delivering exceptional care tailored to each patient’s individual needs. The most common type of spine tumor is a malignant tumour, which occurs either in the backbone, or within the vertebrae. This type of tumor is most frequently located in the thoracic and lumbar areas, usually close to the ribcage and pelvis. The symptoms of a malignant spine tumor can vary depending on the size, position, and location of the tumor. Common signs include pain, numbness, paralysis and difficulty with reflexes, along with bladder and bowel dysfunction. In Thailand, diagnosis of a spinal cord tumor normally begins with a physical examination and detailed medical history. Once the tumor has been identified, a further comprehensive assessment is carried out to determine the location, size and type of tumor. Critical imaging tests such as MRI and CT scans are also performed to provide a detailed map of the tumor’s exact location and shape. Once tumour diagnostics have been completed, the medical team will decide on a course of treatment based on the nature of the tumor, the overall medical condition of the patient and the patient’s own preferences. Depending on the type of tumor and the potential risks of intervention, treatment options may include direct surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or a combination of these three. At the forefront of spinal cord tumor treatment in Thailand is a commitment to patient safety, comfort and satisfaction.

    What types of spinal cord tumor treatments are available in Thailand?

    Spinal Cord Tumor treatment options available in Thailand include surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Surgery, which has the highest chance of being able to remove the tumor, may involve a laminectomy to remove some bone so the surgeon can reach the affected portions. Radiation therapy may be used if the tumor is not removable by surgery to try to shrink it. Additionally, chemotherapy is sometimes used both after surgery, to try and prevent the tumor from returning, and before, to try to shrink it as much as possible. Costs for these procedures can vary but may range from 15,000-20,000 Baht (approx. USD 500-650).

    What is the cost of spinal cord tumor treatment in Thailand?

    Spinal cord tumor treatment in Thailand can vary in cost depending on various factors. Depending on the type and extent of treatment required, a patient can expect to pay between Thai Baht 55,000 - 180,000 (Approx. USD 1,779 - 5,888). This cost may include medication, hospital and specialist fees, and diagnostic tests. Costs may also differ depending on the patient's insurance plan and the treatment provider. We recommend that patients seek guidance from a doctor to understand the cost of treatment before proceeding.

    What are the success rates of spinal cord tumor treatment in Thailand?

    The success rates for treating spinal cord tumors in Thailand vary depending on the stage of the tumor. Some benign tumors can be totally and completely treated with a success rate of around 97%. For malignant tumors, the success rate is much lower, ranging from 30-45%, but if the tumor has not spread aggressively, the success rate can range from 55-60%. Treatment is typically conducted between 20,000-56,000 ฿ (approx. USD 645-1,790). Typically, successful surgery can improve symptoms and can even stop the progression of further complications.

    How long does spinal cord tumor treatment usually take in Thailand?

    Spinal cord tumors require precision care and treatment since any agitation or intrusion can further damage the spinal cord. The treatment timeline is unique to each patient, and depends on the size, type and location of the tumor, as well as any associated circumstances. Generally speaking, this treatment process may include radiation, chemotherapy, and/or a combination of both. Depending on the patient's condition, this process may last up to 8-12 weeks, and the approximate cost of treatment is ฿100,000-200,000 (approx. USD3,000-6,000).

    What are the risks and side effects of spinal cord tumor treatment in Thailand?

    Spinal cord tumor treatments in Thailand do involve some potential risks and side effects. The most common ones involve nerve injury and infection during and after the surgery. However, with experienced medical staff and the right level of care, these risks are highly minimized. The cost of such a treatment can vary depending on the type of tumor and the complexity of the operation, but average cost is about THB 400,000 (approx. USD 12,800). Radiotherapy is another option for treatment, as is chemotherapy. The risks and side effects associated with these treatments include fatigue, nausea and numbness in certain parts of the body. To further prevent risks and side effects, patients must follow their doctor's advice regarding exercise, diet, and other activities post-surgery.

    Are there any clinical trials for spinal cord tumor treatment in Thailand?

    Yes, there are clinical trials in Thailand for spinal cord tumor treatment. Currently, there are ongoing trials at several local hospitals for the treatment of primary spinal cord tumors employing radiosurgery. The cost for this treatment is about ฿100,000 (approx. USD 3,000) which includes six cycles of treatment, lab tests, medical consultation, surgery and follow-up consultation over a six-month period. As always, it is important that you consult a qualified specialist before starting any kind of treatment.

    Whilst the information presented here has been accurately sourced and verified by a medical professional for its accuracy, it is still advised to consult with your doctor before pursuing a medical treatment at one of the listed medical providers. This content was last updated on 28/11/2020.

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