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Sikarin Hospital

From 301 verified reviews

Anna Agarwal, 02 March 2022

Come to use the service regularly. Service is very good. The diabetes department may have to wait for a very long time. There are few doctors and many patients. It's generally considered good.

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Bangkok Hospital Phuket

From 207 verified reviews

Tatyana Koch, 06 December 2020

Amazing doctors, amazing staff. The doctor and nurses were very caring. Answered all of my questions clearly and provided excellent service. They were all quick and efficient. The room I stayed in was very comfortable and the food was great. If you want to undergo medical treatment in Phuket, you should definitely choose Bangkok Hospital Phuket.

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Kamol Hospital

From 46 verified reviews

Deborah Benard, 29 November 2020

Received breast augmentation and I'm soooo in love with the results. Better than I expected! I did research for a few months and landed my decision in Bangkok. Kamol Hospital was always mentioned as one of the best places to go for cosmetic surgeries, and I'm glad I choose this hospital :) All the staff was absolutely fantastic, knowledgeable, and caring. The surgeon was attentive and took the time to discuss all my options. The nurses are all very caring and treat me like family.

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Eternity Clinic

From 3 verified reviews

Udomsak Nakoon, 12 December 2022

I've been there. Let me tell you that it's awesome. The service is excellent. Do it and you will be encouraged. Many men. Those who have sexual problems. Come listen and watch the clip of Khun Mo Beer. You will believe it. Confidence and no sexual problems for sure! Happiness, super clear, complete, really finished

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Chiangmai Ram Hospital

From 6 verified reviews

Jenifer Leppert, 08 December 2020

The staff were amazing!!! Also the doctor and nurses were fantastic. I couldn't have wished for more caring individuals to look after me. They go the extra mile to try and put me at ease. I feel like I was getting first-class treatment during my stay there. Thanks to the highly qualified doctor and up to date surgical equipment, my surgery went well. Surgery cost is very affordable as well. :)

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Thainakarin Hospital

From 100 verified reviews

Rodrigo Kulp, 09 December 2020

From the moment I walked in to the time I left, I was well looked after. The nurses were all lovely and helped me deal with the stress I had before my procedure. Thanks to them I felt comfortable and relaxed. Thank you, I really appreciate the hardwork. The doctor is very professional and quick. The departments are clean, tidy, and well maintained. Plus there is a coffee shop, as well as several shops. 👍

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La Grace Clinic, Central World

From 4 verified reviews

j Showcase, 05 May 2022

Good place, good service, available, less people, not busy.

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He Clinic

From 7 verified reviews

Piotr, 15 January 2023

I had an informative consultation with the female doctor, and proceeded to have treatment. My impression of the service, facilities and treatments offered was very good.

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Piyavate Hospital

From 1 verified reviews

ToOm Kornkanok, 11 July 2019

I’ve got Civid19 on 16/05/22 and designed to get medical package at the hospital due to its holiday so I don’t want to wait the package sending by post. I think many patients so i had to wait around 2 hrs and the queue arrangement is not good enough even I registered online already. During Home Isolation for 10 days, they followed up via line every morning and gave good recommendations. Overall is great. Thank you very much for good service

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Bangpakok 9 International Hospital

From 45 verified reviews

Ping Hirunluang, 29 August 2020

Service is very good Khun Morn Phadon, the obstetric department is very good, very kind, the antenatal care to both doctors.Was pregnant and had both miscarriages, but both children were safe. Doctors and nurses take good care. The doctor said very encouraging. The cheapest caesarean section is 48,000 baht (year 2020) including sterilization 53,000 baht.

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What you need to know about Urinalysis in Thailand

Urinalysis is an important diagnostic tool that is used in detecting a variety of medical conditions, and it's not different in Thailand. If you're in Thailand and you think you are suffering from a medical condition that might be indicated by a urinalysis, it is important to understand what you will be asked to do. Urinalysis in Thailand generally begins with a cup of urine that is collected at a medical facility or provided at home by the patient. It will then be sent to a lab for analysis, and the results will typically be available within 1-2 days. The urinalysis can detect a number of different medical conditions such as kidney disease, urinary tract infections, diabetes, and other conditions. It's important to understand what kind of tests are included in a urinalysis. In some cases, a dipstick test may be required in order to examine your urine further. This test can indicate the presence of ketones, proteins, or sugar in your urine. Additionally, chemical tests can be used to detect the presence of specific drugs or other substances in your urine. In some cases, a microscopic examination of your urine may be ordered. This involves the examination of your urine under a microscope in order to identify any abnormal cells or particles. In Thailand, it is important to understand that urinalysis is an important part of a comprehensive diagnostic approach, and it is an important component of the overall medical examination. Therefore, when seeking medical treatment in Thailand, it is important to discuss urinalysis with the doctor prior to the appointment. It is important that the doctor is informed about all medications, dietary supplements, and any other substances that could potentially affect the interpretation of the test results. Urinalysis is an important tool for detecting a wide range of medical conditions, and it is important to understand what is involved in the process.

What do the different colors of urine mean in Thailand?

The color of one's urine can offer insight into the state of their health. In Thailand, varying hues of urine can have various implications. A light straw color typically indicates a healthy kidney functioning properly and staying well hydrated, while darker urine can suggest a lack of fluid intake, or possible dehydration. A spectrum of different shades of yellow, from pale to dark, could represent a wide range of health issues and medical treatments. Additionally, certain medical treatments or medication use can cause a person's urine to take on a reddish, pinkish, or even blue-black tone. If someone notices their urine is consistently taking on any of these hues, they should seek medical advice from a physician (approximately 2200 THB [$72] per consultation). With proper subsequent medical testing, a precise diagnosis can be reached and effective treatments can be provided.

What are some common causes of abnormal urinalysis results?

Common causes of abnormal urinalysis results include urinary tract infections, kidney disease, dehydration, and bladder cancer. Urinary tract infections can cause a person's urine to become cloudy or contain an abnormally high amount of white and red blood cells. Kidney disease can cause a person's urine to contain high levels of waste products like urea and creatinine. Dehydration can result in highly concentrated urine, which can show high levels of certain substances associated with dehydration. Bladder cancer can cause protein or other substances like blood to be present in the urine. Treatment for these conditions can range from antibiotics for urinary tract infections, to more extensive surgery for more serious conditions like bladder cancer. Costs will vary depending on the treatment required (£0-1000 [USD$0-1300]).

What laboratory tests are needed to diagnose a urinary tract infection?

To diagnose a urinary tract infection (UTI), laboratories will typically conduct several tests. These include a urinalysis to check for the presence of white blood cells and red blood cells. A urine culture will also be taken to see if the patient has a bacterial infection. Additionally, a urine microscopy may be conducted to detect any abnormality in the size or shape of any cells present in the urine sample. Depending on the severity of symptoms, a kidney or bladder imaging ultrasound scan may be ordered. The cost for these tests will be dependent on the geographical location, but typically ranges from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 5000 (Approx. USD 30-70).

What can Thailand do to prevent urinary tract infections?

Thailand can implement a number of measures to prevent urinary tract infections. Firstly, it is important to ensure that water and food supplies, as well as shared public spaces, are kept clean, hygienic and free from contamination. Secondly, individuals should take preventive measures such as regularly washing their hands, changing underwear daily and washing genital areas after sex in order to reduce their risk of infection. Thirdly, healthcare providers should encourage preventative screening and testing for UTIs, which may include urine samples, and provide timely prescriptions for UTI treatments (e.g. antibiotics, urinary antiseptics) at a cost of around ฿200-400 (~USD 8-15) per course, if required. Finally, early diagnosis and treatment of underlying conditions (e.g. diabetes mellitus) may reduce the risk of UTIs and should be taken into consideration.

Why is it important to collect and store a urine sample appropriately for urinalysis?

It is important to collect and store a urine sample appropriately for a urinalysis to promote accuracy. Sample containers and transport specimens must be suitable for urine tests and testing must be completed as soon as possible after receipt. The sample must be properly obtained, handled and stored to yield reliable results. If a sample is not handled carefully and collected from a clean sealed container, it may be compromised and yield inaccurate results. Contaminated specimens, incorrect labelling or incorrect sample storage and transport conditions can lead to false positives or false negatives. To ensure the accuracy of any testing, all the necessary criteria for sample collection, handling and storage must be met and containers for urine specimens must be purchased from a trusted supplier and stored at 24-25 Celsius and will cost around Rs. 20 (approx. USD 0.30).

Are there any treatments for urinary tract infections in Thailand?

Yes, there are treatments for urinary tract infections (UTI) in Thailand. Depending on the severity of the infection, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics. The course of treatment may last for 3 days to a full course of 7 days. Bactrim (400 baht/approx. USD 13) and Ciprofloxacin (290 baht/approx. USD 10) are the most commonly prescribed antibiotics to treat Urinary Tract Infections. Oral medication alone is often enough to take care of a UTI, but in more severe cases, antibiotics may be administered through an IV. If symptoms do not improve or the infection is recurrent, further tests may be required to investigate the underlying cause.

Whilst the information presented here has been accurately sourced and verified by a medical professional for its accuracy, it is still advised to consult with your doctor before pursuing a medical treatment at one of the listed medical providers. This content was last updated on 03/03/2023.

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