Atrioventricular Septal Defect (AVSD) Treatment in Germany

Compare Prices, Costs & Reviews for Atrioventricular Septal Defect (AVSD) Treatment in Germany

Compare Prices, Costs & Reviews for Atrioventricular Septal Defect (AVSD) Treatment in Germany

Find the best clinics for Atrioventricular Septal Defect (AVSD) Treatment in Germany

With MyMediTravel you can search hundreds of procedures across thousands of clinics worldwide, however, we currently have no medical providers available offering Atrioventricular Septal Defect (AVSD) Treatment procedures in Germany.

D. Siegfried Block GmbH - Center For Living Cell Therapy

D. Siegfried Block GmbH - Center For Living Cell Therapy, located in Sonnenstrasse, Munich, Germany offers patients Atherosclerosis Treatment procedures among its total of 32 available procedures, across 12 different specialties. The cost of a Atherosclerosis Treatment procedure ranges from €13,000 to €14,500, whilst the national average price is approximately €13,118. There are many specialists available at the Clinic, with 4 in total, and they are accredited by WAAAM - World Anti-Aging Academy of Medicine

$13,000 Atherosclerosis Treatment View details & Read reviews CALL NOW
ISAR Klinikum Munich

From 70 verified reviews

Mirca Lotz, 15 September 2020

Great clinic nice staff, definitely recommended

Price on request Cardiac MRI View details & Read reviews CALL NOW

From 46 verified reviews

Murad El fares, 19 September 2020

Bei unserem Besuch ist uns vor allem die 1a Hygiene, Professionalität des Arztes und der sehr netten und authentischen Arzthelferinnen aufgefallen. Wir haben sofort einen Termin für meine Tochter bekommen. Wir waren mit der kompetenten Behandlung und der Ausstrahlung, die Dr. Karajoli auf Kindern hat sehr zufrieden. Also im allgemeinen haben wir uns dort sehr wohl gefühlt und kommen gerne wieder.

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HELIOS Hospital Berlin-Buch

From 162 verified reviews

David Meyer, 16 September 2020

I'm super satisfied, clearly waiting in the rescue center cannot be avoided. But the nurses and the doctor were very nice and competent. I went there with a severe earache and received gentle treatment.

Price on request Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) View details & Read reviews CALL NOW
HELIOS Hospital Hildesheim

From 163 verified reviews

nuster, 22 September 2020

We have been to the hospital 3 times because of our daughter.The first time was the birth, labor started early which ultimately led to a premature birth (6 weeks too early). My wife was treated very well on the ward, but the food was really bad ... I eat pretty much everything and I am not very squeamish, but the food was really below average.Since our little one was premature and had difficulties starting, she had to be ventilated intensively and with oxygen in the incubator.The sisters were all nice and competent, the approach to our child was great (changing diapers, wearing the right ones, etc.)Really recommend it.At about 1.5 years our little one had suspected Chassaignac paralysis ... Truly no acute emergency (but in need of treatment) and something seems to forget many patients ... You are not always a life-threatening emergency !!Waiting time a good 4 hours, treatment was good.With about 2.3 years new suspicion of a Chassaignac paralysis, same as before. Arm in position and you shouldn't touch the arm. Waiting time about 30 minutes, again good and fast treatment and again about 20 minutes waiting for a doctor called.A recommended clinic.And if others understood what an emergency room is and what you go with, almost all 1 star ratings would be dropped

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HELIOS Hospital Berlin-Zehlendorf

From 147 verified reviews

conny Schmelzer, 13 September 2020

Kudos to the outpatient surgery station, everything was explained, very nice team, I felt very well looked after. I was met by very friendly nurses at Ward 15. The further care on the ward is also very, very pleasant.

Price on request Stress Electrocardiography (ECG) View details & Read reviews CALL NOW
Heidelberg University Hospital

From 126 verified reviews

عبدالعزيز القضيعي, 01 September 2020

A wonderful hospital and provides services for cancer patientsTheir problem with the deadlines is long and far ...Radiologist, Professor, Department Head, is very versatile and well-deserved

Price on request Ventriculography View details & Read reviews CALL NOW
HELIOS Hospital Schwerin

From 163 verified reviews

Birget Wendt, 21 September 2020

Hallo liebes Team der Helios Klinik, ich möchte mich ganz herzlich bei der Dialyse und der Stadion P 5 bedanken. Ein besonderen Dank gehen an Herrn Dr. Tuerk - leider nicht mehr in der Klinik, Frau Dr. Vorberger, Frau Dr. Schmidtchen, Frau Dr Lembcke,Herrn Dr. Wolkewitz, Schwester Antje, Schwester Carina. Ich sage 1000 Dank - ich wart Spitze - und ich glaube eine kleine Gehaltserhöhung - würde gut zu passen. Zwinka, zwinka. Es gibt natürlich auch die Schattenseite - sehr arrogant - die müssen aufpassen das die nicht über ihre eigenen Füße stolpern. Professor Dr. Nürnberg und Frau Dr. Haefner. Setzen - die Note 6 wird erteilt. Die Beiden müssen noch viele Seminare der Menschlichkeit und wie gehe ich mit Angehörigen von sehr schwer kranken Menschen um. Bleibt alle gesund. Vielen lieben Dank - B. Wendt

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HELIOS Hospital Munich-West

From 166 verified reviews

Martin xxx, 22 September 2020

Von Anfang bis Ende sehr freundliche und kompetente Mitarbeiter.

Price on request Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) Closure View details & Read reviews CALL NOW
University Hospital of Munich (LMU)

University Hospital of Munich (LMU), located in Professor Huber Platz, Munich, Germany offers patients Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) Closure procedures among its total of 261 available procedures, across 27 different specialties. Currently, there's no pricing information for Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) Closure procedures at University Hospital of Munich (LMU), as all prices are available on request only. There is currently a lack of information available on the specialists practicing at the Hospital, and they are not accredited by any recognized accreditations institutes

Price on request Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) Closure View details & Read reviews CALL NOW


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What you need to know about Atrioventricular Septal Defect (AVSD) Treatment in Germany

Atrioventricular Septal or AV Canal Defect

Atrioventricular Septal Defect (AVSD) Treatment represents an advanced surgical course of action specifically designed to rectify congenital defects in the heart, predominantly affecting the heart's chambers. Each patient's case's complexity determines the operation specifics, potentially including bridging the defects or rebuilding the heart valves.

Before committing to this route in Germany, bear in mind that it's a rigorous procedure typically executed under general anesthesia. Keeping potential hazards to the minimum requires teaming up with a seasoned, board-endorsed cardiothoracic expert and a respected healthcare recognized for their unwavering commitment to patient welfare and successful results. A critical element of the preparatory lifespan is proactive participation in extensive discussions with your surgeon where you can expound on your medical condition, treatment aspirations, and address any queries or apprehensions. This interaction bolsters your understanding of the process, subsequently aiding in carving out a bespoke treatment blueprint and establishing realistic expectations.

What is the cost of Atrioventricular Septal Defect (AVSD) Treatment in Germany?

The actual amount largely depends on several factors. For instance, how complicated is the surgery? How experienced is your surgeon? Which hospital have you chosen? These variables can significantly affect the overall cost. However, some great healthcare providers offer quite competitive rates and even provide aftercare packages in one comprehensive plan.

Keep in mind, the cost of the treatment doesn't just include the actual surgical procedure but also makes provision for pre-surgery tests, stay at the hospital, post-op aftercare, and routine follow-ups.

MyMediTravel currently lists facilities in Germany offering Atrioventricular Septal Defect (AVSD) Treatment procedures - see above for the complete list, along with estimated prices. The price of a Atrioventricular Septal Defect (AVSD) Treatment can vary according to each individual’s case and will be determined based on your medical profile and an in-person assessment with the specialist. For a personalized quoteClick Here to submit your details

What does the Procedure Involve?

Atrioventricular Septal Defect (AVSD) Treatment is an all-inclusive operation engineered to correct abnormalities in the heart's architecture. The form of anesthetics applied - whether local, general, or a combination - hinges on each case's distinct parameters. The surgical process typically encompasses incisions in the chest region, plugging defects in the heart walls, or repairing the heart valves.

The heart of the surgery specifically revolves around rectifying the heart's structural malformations, often leveraging patches to bridge the defects and adjustments of heart valves to guarantee smooth performance. Once the surgery concludes, the incisions are diligently stitched up with sutures. The length of this operation is subject to variation but typically spans over several hours. Importantly, it's crucial to acknowledge that recuperation durations and the resulting prognosis are highly individualized and heavily contingent on the defect's severity and the patient's overall health condition.

How Long Should I Stay in Germany?

Navigating through the Atrioventricular Septal Defect (AVSD) Treatment procedure in Germany requires a plan that takes into consideration personal health conditions, the intensity of the illness, and the chosen treatment plan. As per the recommendations of the National Institutes of Health, patients should expect to stay for at least one to two weeks. This duration is meticulously crafted to allow time for the necessary pre-operative assessments, the surgical treatment, and subsequent consultations to ensure recovery is on track. Working in collaboration with the professionals at your chosen clinic, you would be able to devise a comprehensive plan for a worry-free, health-centric visit.

What's the Recovery Time?

The recovery timeline for Atrioventricular Septal Defect (AVSD) Treatment procedures in Germany might differ among individuals. Factors such as a patient's overall health, age, surgical complexities, and devotion to the recommended after surgery guidelines can play a role in this. Recovery generally demands a hospital stay varying from a few days to one week for the purpose of careful health supervision and ensuring effective response to the treatment. The subsequent at-home recovery period could last for several weeks or months, during which regular medical check-ups are crucial. But keep in mind, recovery is a personal journey and the timeline varies case-by-case.

What About Aftercare?

Before you and your child leave the hospital, the medical team will tell you how to care for your child. The instructions may include:

  • A nutritional program to encourage weight gain

  • Wound care while the baby is healing

  • An oral hygiene program to prevent infection

  • An exercise regimen to achieve fitness and build body mass.

Lifelong follow-up care with a cardiologist who is trained specifically in congenital heart disease is required after AVSD treatment. Your child’s doctor may also suggest a follow-up examination once a year, or sometimes more if problems remain. In addition, your child may have to take preventative antibiotics before certain dental or surgical procedures if, during AVSD treatment, they received an artificial heart valve, received artificial material, or has remaining heart defects.

What's the Success Rate?

AVSD treatment is usually very successful and most children do well after surgery. About 95% of patients can do very well without any significant complications after surgery. It is reported that the long-term survival of children with complete AVSD who received treatment is 85% at 5 years, 82% at 10 years, and 75.9% at 15 years.

Although the success rate is high, there are some risks and side effects with the procedure. These include bleeding, infection, embolization to the brain, and problems with the heart rhythm.

Are there Alternatives to Atrioventricular Septal Defect (AVSD) Treatment?

When it comes to Atrioventricular Septal Defect (AVSD) Treatment in Germany, there's more than one path towards recovery. Surgery is typically viewed as the mainstream option, but alternative therapeutic paths— like Catheterization do exist. The suitability of these alternatives rests on the unique health circumstances of the patient, the severity of the disorder, and inherent risk factors. Having a transparent and insightful discussion with your healthcare providers at your chosen clinic can be instrumental in unearthing the optimal treatment route for you.

What Should You Expect Before and After the Procedure

Atrioventricular Septal Defect (AVSD) Treatment often brings with it a whirlpool of emotions, ranging from exhilaration to fear of the unknown. Before undergoing the procedure, you’ll embark on a series of diagnostic tests designed to confirm the necessity for the intervention while giving you an overview of the recovery landscape. Adopting a healthy lifestyle during your recovery period is indispensable. Regular balanced meals, physical activity suited to your condition, proactive stress management, and coherent communication with your healthcare provider about your progress can be game-changers in ensuring a smooth recovery.

Is leading a healthy lifestyle really that key post Atrioventricular Septal Defect (AVSD) Treatment in Germany?

After undergoing a Atrioventricular Septal Defect (AVSD) Treatment, maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn't just a recommendation—it's like the golden rule of recovery. Consuming nutritious food, embracing suitable exercises, handling stress effectively and regularly touching base with your healthcare team play crucial roles in helping you bounce back faster.

Stepping into the procedure, what should I keep in mind? Any specific precautions before and after Atrioventricular Septal Defect (AVSD) Treatment in Germany?

Stepping up for a Atrioventricular Septal Defect (AVSD) Treatment involves more than just physical readiness—it's about getting a comprehensive grasp of the procedure, realizing potential risks, and adjusting your lifestyle as needed. Following the procedure, you'll need to dutifully follow your doctor's advice, alerting them quickly if you spot any discomfort or unusual changes. As you go on with your recovery, remember prescribed medication routines, undertake physiotherapy if advised, ensure a balanced diet, and make a healthy lifestyle your new normal— these are stepping stones to a faster healing process.

How can I prepare mentally for the Atrioventricular Septal Defect (AVSD) Treatment in Germany?

Mental preparation is fundamental for any treatment procedure. Educate yourself about the *Treatment Procedure*, talk openly with your healthcare provider, and don't hesitate to ask questions. Sharing your concerns and seeking therapeutic support can also help clear your mind and reduce pre-procedure anxiety.

Whilst the information presented here has been accurately sourced and verified by a medical professional for its accuracy, it is still advised to consult with your doctor before pursuing a medical treatment at one of the listed medical providers. This content was last updated on 28/08/2023.

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