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Makati Medical Center

From 134 verified reviews

William Fan, 16 September 2020

I've done multiple medical check-ups with MMC as well as when my dad was confined for a few weeks there. Place was well kept clean, signs and staff are friendly and answers to questions well. Their services are prompt and the doctors and staff are very professional.

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Philippine Oncology Center Corporation

位于Quezon City, 马尼拉市, 菲律宾的Philippine Oncology Center Corporation为患者提供了1种不同专业的107种可用过程中的皮肤癌手术种过程. 目前,Philippine Oncology Center Corporation没有提供皮肤癌手术过程的定价信息,因为所有价格仅应要求提供. 所有程序和处理均由Hospital的首席专家进行和他们没有得到任何认可的认可机构的认可

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Asian Hospital and Medical Center

From 93 verified reviews

Steve Frost, 20 September 2020

Best hospital in delhi ncr. Good quality of treatment and takes good care of patients.

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St Frances Cabrini Medical Center and Cancer Institute

From 6 verified reviews

Owen David Malicsi, 10 September 2019

First in SEA to be accredited by NABH. The treatment is very good and the staffs too

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The Medical City

From 133 verified reviews

Mari Delos Santos, 16 April 2020

The main lobby will give you a feeling of being in a resort or hotel lobby. The newly open Central Park will be an extra treat, an amenity area that will give patients and visitors the feeling of being at home in their own garden. Doctors here are the best in the country. State of the art facilities and high tech medical equipment. How I wish every Filipino can experience the medical care and assistance at Thé Medical City.❤️ March 4, 2020, I went to the Ambulatory Service Center- as usual long line but patients are comfortably seated and patiently waiting. I have been on food and water fasting for my blood extraction. Not to over fast I approached the lady at the counter 4, to let her know of my situation. She was so quick in attending to my concern and never ask for anything, not even my ID or HMO. She accompanied me at the blood extraction area and everything I need was well taken cared of because of her. Thank you very much Ms. Maria Concepcion Calayan Golla for your kind assistance and compassion. Keep up the excellent work. May your tribe increase. All the best!❤️

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St. Luke's Medical Center

位于Makati, 马尼拉市, 菲律宾的St. Luke's Medical Center为患者提供了30种不同专业的313种可用过程中的皮肤癌手术种过程. 目前,St. Luke's Medical Center没有提供皮肤癌手术过程的定价信息,因为所有价格仅应要求提供. 当前缺少有关Clinic执业专家的信息和他们具有多个公认的认证,包括:JCI 认证TEMOS

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Surgical and Pediatric Oncology Clinic

位于Manila, 马尼拉市, 菲律宾的Surgical and Pediatric Oncology Clinic为患者提供了1种不同专业的107种可用过程中的皮肤癌手术种过程. 目前,Surgical and Pediatric Oncology Clinic没有提供皮肤癌手术过程的定价信息,因为所有价格仅应要求提供. 所有程序和治疗仅由一小部分专家进行,Clinic共有3位专家和他们具有多个公认的认证,包括:ICS - International College of SurgeonsACS - American College of SurgeonsPCS - Philippine College of Surgeons

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Bethany Cancer Center

位于San Fernando, 拉乌尼翁, 菲律宾的Bethany Cancer Center为患者提供了1种不同专业的107种可用过程中的皮肤癌手术种过程. 目前,Bethany Cancer Center没有提供皮肤癌手术过程的定价信息,因为所有价格仅应要求提供. Hospital有很多专家,共有4位专家和他们具有多个公认的认证,包括:PCS - Philippine College of SurgeonsPDS - Philippine Dermatological SocietyPAO - Philippine Academy of OphthalmologyPBO - Philippine Board of OphthalmologyPOGS - Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological SocietyPSMO - Philippine Society of Medical Oncology

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Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center - POCC Cancer Institute

位于Manila, 马尼拉市, 菲律宾的Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center - POCC Cancer Institute为患者提供了1种不同专业的107种可用过程中的皮肤癌手术种过程. 目前,Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center - POCC Cancer Institute没有提供皮肤癌手术过程的定价信息,因为所有价格仅应要求提供. Hospital有很多专家,共有7位专家和他们没有得到任何认可的认可机构的认可

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    What you need to know about Skin Cancer Surgery in Philippines

    Mohs Surgery

    Skin cancer, like other forms of cancer, may require surgery to remove the cancerous growth. For cancers that have not spread, surgery may be the only type of treatment needed. Skin cancers that are more aggressive, such as melanoma, often need more extensive surgeries. If your doctor found that nearby lymph nodes are inflamed, and the cancer cells are suspected to have spread, your doctor usually will need to remove the lymph nodes.

    What does the Procedure Involve?

    Different surgical techniques can be used to treat skin cancer, depending on the type of skin cancer, where it is on the body, how large the cancer is, and how deep the cancer is. The following are the types of skin cancer surgery.

    Mohs Surgery

    Mohs surgery is performed to treat the most common skin cancers, squamous cell carcinoma, and basal cell carcinoma, as well as some kinds of melanoma and other unusual skin cancers. This surgery is designed to remove as much of the skin cancer as possible while ensuring the surrounding healthy tissue is preserved. During Mohs surgery, your surgeon removes the cancerous cells from the skin layer by layer, until only cancer-free tissue remains. It is usually used in highly visible areas, such as the face, head, or neck, in order to limit scarring. It can also be used to treat recurrent skin cancers. Mohs surgery is performed under local anesthetic, meaning only the affected area is numbed but you will remain awake during the surgery.

    Excisional surgery

    Excisional surgery is appropriate for any type of skin cancer. The surgeon performs an excision with a sharp razor or scalpel, shaving or cutting a growth off the skin. There are several types of excision that may be performed:

    • A simple excision uses a scalpel to remove the skin growth, as well as a small part of the surrounding tissue.

    • A wide excision involves shaving or peeling a growth off the surface of the skin using a sharp razor-like tool

    • Wide excision is usually used for Merkel cell carcinomas and melanoma. This type of excisional surgery removes the skin tumor as well as a wider surrounding healthy tissue. It may also extend more deeply into the skin.

    Excisional surgery is done under local anesthetic.

    Curettage and electrodessication

    This procedure involves removing a skin lesion with a curette, which is a long, thin surgical tool with a tiny circular blade on its end for scraping. Once the lesion is scraped, the affected area is then treated through electrodesiccation, which uses an electric needle designed to reduce bleeding and kill any cancer cells that remain on the skin. The process may be carried out several times and is performed under local anesthesia.


    Cryosurgery, also called cryotherapy, is a technique to freeze and destroy cancer cells using liquid nitrogen. The technique may be repeated several times and is only used for pre-cancerous lesions and small skin cancers.

    Laser surgery

    During laser surgery, an intense beam of light is used to destroy cancer cells. This type of surgery is only used to treat very superficial skin cancers.

    Lymph node biopsy and removal

    A lymph node biopsy is often performed on patients with melanoma. During this procedure, the doctor will remove one or more sentinel lymph nodes. If no sign of cancer is found in the lymph node, no additional lymph node surgery is required. However, if melanoma cells is found in one or more sentinel lymph nodes, it may be necessary to remove the remaining lymph nodes in the area.

    Surgery for metastatic skin cancer

    Basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas, which are the most common types of skin cancers, normally do not metastasize. However, melanoma may travel to the bones, brain, lungs, and liver. When this happens, surgery may be needed to remove tumors from those locations. This surgery may be combined with other treatments, such as chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

    Reconstructive surgery

    Skin cancer surgery may cause disfigurement or scarring, particularly when extensive surgery is required to remove cancer, or when the surgery is carried in highly visible areas, such as the hands, neck, face, or head.

    MyMediTravel currently lists 9 facilities in Philippines offering Skin Cancer Surgery procedures - see above for the complete list, along with estimated prices. The price of a Skin Cancer Surgery can vary according to each individual’s case and will be determined based on your medical profile and an in-person assessment with the specialist. For a personalized quoteClick Here to submit your details

    How Long Should I Stay in Philippines?

    Most skin cancer surgeries are performed as an outpatient procedure, meaning you can leave the hospital on the same day. For more extensive surgeries, you may need to stay for several days. It is recommended that you stay in Philippines for at least 7 to 14 days for follow up checkups and initial recovery.

    What's the Recovery Time?

    Recovery time of skin cancer surgery depends on the type of surgery you have. In general, it is wise to take it easy for several days. Your doctor will give you a detailed recovery timeline, which includes when you can go back to work and resume your normal activities.

    What About Aftercare?

    You will be given instructions following your surgery. It is important that you follow the instruction carefully. Try to avoid movements that may stress your wound and sutures, and make sure to keep the incision sites clean and well protected from potential injury. In most cases, you will have to attend a follow-up checkup to ensure cancer has not come back. However, you can choose to have this follow-up checkup with your local doctor.

    What's the Success Rate?

    Skin cancer surgery is generally safe and effective. Mohs surgery has one of the highest cure rates at up to 99%. Still, the surgery carries some potential side effects, including pain, swelling, bruising, bleeding, infection, scarring, disfigurement, fatigue, and lymphedema.

    Are there Alternatives to Skin Cancer Surgery?

    The alternative to surgery depends on the size, location, depth, and type of skin cancer. Small skin cancers limited to the surface of your skin may not need any treatment besides an initial skin biopsy. Other types of treatments include radiation therapy, chemotherapy, photodynamic therapy, and biological therapy. However, in some cases, these treatments are done in conjunction with surgery.

    What Should You Expect Before and After the Procedure

    Before skin cancer surgery, you may have a cancerous growth in your skin that causes uncomfortable and painful symptoms. In some cases, growth can be dangerous and life-threatening. After skin cancer surgery, cancer should be removed and you may be cured of cancer, allowing you to live your normal life again and improving your quality of life.

    Whilst the information presented here has been accurately sourced and verified by a medical professional for its accuracy, it is still advised to consult with your doctor before pursuing a medical treatment at one of the listed medical providers. This content was last updated on 28/09/2020.

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