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See what other say in reviews about Ophthalmology in Philippines at ROQUE Eye Clinic @ Asian Hospital MOB 509 and compare the costs and prices | P49-1458
ROQUE Eye Clinic @ Asian Hospital MOB 509

Metro Manila, Philippines

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Ophthalmology Consultation at ROQUE Eye Clinic @ Asian Hospital MOB 509



Your personal information will be logged into the electronic medical records of ROQUE Eye Clinic.


Clinical history taking will be performed. Your ophthalmic history, medical history, and family history will be reviewed. Please take note of all the medications that you rare currently taking.


Please hand over all of your current prescription eye glasses so that our optometrist may record the power.


Your visual acuity will be taken with and without your current prescription eye glasses. Automated refraction, manual/manifest refraction and dilated/cycloplegic refraction will be done. All these measurements are critical in determining your best potential visual acuity.


Your eyelids, eyelashes, and the anterior segment (conjunctiva, cornea, pupil, iris, and lens) of your eye will be examined with a slit beam of light. This examination is performed to search for lid and lash conditions, corneal diseases, pupil and iris abnormalities, and lens status.


Fluorescein dye applied on your eye will be used to examine the ocular surface for signs of dry eye disease. Your tear break up time (TBUT) will be measured. In some instances, the use of a Rose Bengal or Lissamine Green dye strip may be necessary.


A topical anesthetic, proparacaine, will be instilled into your lower eye lid pocket in order to numb your eye. A fluorescein dye will be used together with a cobalt blue filter to measure your ocular pressure. Your eye pressure will be correlated with your corneal thickness. This examination is used to screen for glaucoma.


Dilating ophthalmic drops will be instilled into your lower eye lid to make your pupils dilate. It usually takes around 30 minutes to achieve full pharmacologic pupillary dilation. Dilation will allow us to examine your retina for congenital/acquired posterior segment diseases. We can see retinal tears/holes, macular degeneration, optic nerve diseases, among other things. The presence of any posterior segment condition may disqualify one from having refractive laser surgery.

What you need to know about Ophthalmology in Philippines

A branch of medicine that deals with the anatomy, physiology and diseases of the eye. Specialists in this field are known as Ophthalmologists and offer a range of care, from vision corrective glasses and contact lenses to eye laser surgery (LASIK), an invasive form of long-term correction of the vision. With diseases of the eye, Ophthalmologists tend to focus on one speciality, including retinal ophthalmology (retina), anterior segment surgery (iris, cornea and lens), neuro ophthalmology (nervous system), ocular oncology (tumours), oculoplastic (surgery of the eye sockets, eyelids and tear ducts) and paediatric ophthalmologists (children).

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