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Chiangmai Ram Hospital

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Jenifer Leppert, 08 December 2020

The staff were amazing!!! Also the doctor and nurses were fantastic. I couldn't have wished for more caring individuals to look after me. They go the extra mile to try and put me at ease. I feel like I was getting first-class treatment during my stay there. Thanks to the highly qualified doctor and up to date surgical equipment, my surgery went well. Surgery cost is very affordable as well. :)

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    What you need to know about Strabismus Treatment in Thailand

    Strabismus is a type of eye disorder which affects the coordination of the eyes and causes them to not move together. It can lead to double vision, reduced vision, and overall visual impairment. Symptoms may also vary from person to person, from mild to severe. Strabismus is classified into four major types: Esotropic Strabismus, Exotropic Strabismus, Divergent Strabismus and Convergent Strabismus. Each type of strabismus has different causes and treatments. In Thailand, strabismus treatment is available in most major hospitals and health centers. Treatment options for strabismus include vision therapy, glasses, contact lenses, occupational therapy, and surgery. Vision therapy and surgery are the most effective forms of treating strabismus. Vision therapy involves the use of special lenses, prisms, filtered overlays, and eye patches to help the patient adjust to the misalignment of their eyes. In some cases, vision therapy is enough to allow the patient to achieve normal visual development. However, if the condition is too severe to be corrected by vision therapy, surgery may be recommended. Surgery to correct strabismus involves the realignment of the eye muscles. This corrective process is usually done under general anesthesia. Following the surgery, your eye doctor will give you instructions for postoperative care and any follow-up treatments required. For those seeking treatments for strabismus in Thailand, it is important to remember to consult with your doctor first before making any decisions. Your doctor will assess the severity of your condition and provide you with the most suitable treatment options depending on your case. In addition, they will be able to provide you with advice on postoperative care and the long-term effects of the treatments.

    What techniques are used in Strabismus Treatment in Thailand?

    Strabismus Treatment in Thailand is most commonly done using the classic technique of corrective surgery. The surgery aims to correctly reposition the affected eye so that the muscles are equally balanced. This procedure typically costs around ฿50,000 - ฿60,000 (approx. USD $1,593 - USD $1,913). However, it may be more expensive depending on the complexity of the procedure. Other techniques such as vision therapy and eye occlusion can also be used as non-invasive solutions. Vision therapy is a procedure that utilizes an exercise regimen to help strengthen the eye muscles. This can cost anywhere between ฿25,000 - ฿35,000 (approx. USD $797 - USD $1,108). Eye occlusion places a patch over the dominant eye to help strengthen the weaker eye. The cost of eye occlusion usually lies between ฿5,000 - ฿15,000 (approx. USD $159 - USD $477).

    What are the success rates of Strabismus Treatment in Thailand?

    Success rates of Strabismus Treatment in Thailand are generally high with 95-98% of cases achieving satisfactory results. Treatment typically involves corrective glasses, vision therapy, and occasionally corrective surgery, depending on the type of strabismus. A typical surgery procedure to correct strabismus costs about ฿30,000 (Approx. $1000 USD) and may include hospital stays and medication rates. As with any surgery, there are risks, but the success rate is generally quite high. It is important to ensure that the physician performing the procedure is experienced and skilled in this type of surgery. With the right treatment approach and careful post-operative care, Strabismus Treatment can be very successful.

    What types of Strabismus Surgery are available in Thailand?

    There are two primary types of Strabismus Surgery available in Thailand, both of which involve repositioning muscles of the eye to improve alignment and vision. Basic recessions and resections are the most popular surgical option, while adjustable sutures may be used in certain cases. For basic recessions, the affected eye muscles are released from the eye, allowing them to become longer; for resections, the affected muscles are shortened. Both procedures cost around ฿25,000 (approx. USD 800). Adjustable sutures allow for greater control of eye alignment. This highly specialized technique requires that sutures be placed around muscles to enable them to be tightened or loosened to provide fine alignment adjustments. The cost for adjustable sutures is usually between ฿50,000-฿70,000 (approx. USD 1,650-2,300). Surgery is only one of many treatment options available for strabismus and is not suitable for all cases.

    What is the cost of Strabismus Treatment in Thailand?

    Strabismus treatment in Thailand typically involves a comprehensive diagnostic assessment to determine the exact form of the squint, and then a tailored therapy plan which may include eyeglasses, patching and/or vision therapy. The cost of Strabismus treatment can vary depending on the treatment plan, though it typically ranges from 3,000 - 10,000฿ (Approx. USD 90 - 300). It is important to note that treatments should be obtained from well qualified professionals in order to have the best outcome of the therapy.

    Is Strabismus Treatment in Thailand available to children?

    Strabismus Treatment is available in Thailand for children. Advanced medical technology, experienced medical practitioners and modern medical facilities are the key components for successful treatment. Two major methods for strabismus treatment are Vision therapy, and surgical intervention. Vision therapy consists of eye exercises and lenses that address eye misalignment. Surgical intervention consists of several techniques designed to correct any underlying medical problems. The price for Strabismus Treatment may range from 18,000 THB (approx. USD 570) to 36,000 THB (approx. USD 1,150), depending on the severity of the condition.

    Where can I find the best Strabismus Treatment in Thailand?

    Thailand is home to a multitude of hospitals and clinics providing top of the line Strabismus Treatment. Among the best is Bumrungrad International Hospital. The hospital is well-equipped with superior technology and highly-qualified practitioners, providing diagnosis and treatment to patients from all over the world. They provide comprehensive eye care and specialize in comprehensive Strabismus Treatment (ranging from general Strabismus treatment to advanced reconstructive procedures); with prices ranging from 14,200 THB (approx. 400 USD) for selected Strabismus services. At Bumrungrad, a friendly and comfortable atmosphere is made possible through modern medical equipment, a knowledgeable and experienced staff, and consistent quality care. Furthermore, the hospital has recently launched their global patient portal - offering international patients access to timely and accurate information on the hospital’s Medical & Education programs and more.

    Whilst the information presented here has been accurately sourced and verified by a medical professional for its accuracy, it is still advised to consult with your doctor before pursuing a medical treatment at one of the listed medical providers. This content was last updated on 06/09/2020.

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