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Also known as a Nose Job, a Rhinoplasty is the medical term for reshaping of the nose or corrective surgery of the nose. It is one of the most common facial plastic surgeries (Face lift) procedures performed. Nose surgery can be performed to change the consequence of genetics, birth defect or nasal injury. It can be performed to enhance appearance and/or to improve nasal breathing.

Surgery can be performed to correct nasal humps, curvature of nose-bridge, nose tip irregularities and asymmetry in the nostrils. The nasal appearance can be altered in various ways using intra-nasal chisels. Nose surgery procedures generally fall under three types: open rhinoplasty, closed rhinoplasty and tip rhinoplasty. A rhinoplasty is normally performed under general anesthesia and will not leave any visible scars on the nose.

MyMediTravel offers 34 Medical Centers in Bangkok, many of which offer Rhinoplasty procedures - see below for the complete list, along with prices. Prices vary according to each individual's case, for a bespoke quote and to discuss further with a member of our patient support team, Click Here to submit your Free Quote.

Before and After Rhinoplasty

Additional factors to consider:

1. Recovery time:  Patients who undergo a rhinoplasty usually go home the same day. As with any surgery, bruising and swelling are to be expected and mild pain is also not uncommon for a few days after the procedure. The small splint and sutures are removed after about a week, but a degree of bruising and swelling will persist for some time.

2. Success rate is extremely high; the new shape of the nose is already visible when the cast is removed.

3. Patient reviews: The vast majority of patients are extremely happy with not only the results of the procedure but with the entire process leading up to and following the surgery.

4. For an in-depth analysis of the closed rhinoplasty procedure with before and after images, watch this short video.

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