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What you need to know about Vaser-Liposuction in Thailand

Eating less and exercising more are two solutions to losing weight and getting rid of the unwanted excess fat. As for the unwanted fats, they are typically acquired from:

  • Pregnancy
  • Staying up late at night can confuse the body clock and result in you eating too much food.
  • Eating too many sweets and drinking too many sugary soft drinks and alcohol
  • More Exercise regime

Calories are not created equal as there are actually calorie-density food and nutrient-dense food. Nutrient-dense food will satisfy you faster and will also reduce your craving because your body was able to absorb all the nutrients it required.

While most people may find it hard to follow such instructions to get rid of these fats, with the help of technology, it is just one session or several sessions away. Vaser Liposuction (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy Resonance) is one option to remove fat.

Vaser Liposuction or LipoSelection - is an alternative solution to traditional liposuction and when compared to liposuction, this type of treatment procedure does not promote weight loss. Vaser Liposuction is also used to enhance the contours of your body.

The Procedure

This type of treatment procedure makes use of ultrasonic liposuction technology to liquefy and remove unwanted fat from certain target areas of your body. Vaser Liposuction destroys fat cells causing minimal damage to tissues and will result in less bruising and pain as compared to liposuction.

Generally, Vaser liposuction treatment is used to enhance the aesthetics of a particular body part. It is usually taken by individuals who are:

  • More or less healthy and are looking for body sculpting or contouring.
  • People who want to treat fibrous areas like the upper abdomen and back
  • People who want to extract a large volume of fat

Like any other treatment procedure, the initial step before undergoing a Vaser liposuction is consultation. During your consultation, your cosmetic surgeon will:

  • Evaluate the area of your body where you want to reduce fat.
  • Assess your affected area and see whether it will just be a one-off session or several sessions will be required to completely get rid of your fat.
  • Undergo a series of lab tests to evaluate your general health condition.

During your actual procedure, a saline solution mixed with anesthetics will be injected into the specific area of your body that is being treated. Your surgeon will make use of ultrasound high-frequency vibration to break fat cells apart, instead of using a cannula and manual movement, to break down your fat.

Vaser ultrasonic probes will also be inserted into your fatty tissue to break down fatty cells. The vibration will loosen your fat cells and emulsify the tumescent liquid that was injected in the treated area. As it emulsifies, a small cannula will be used to remove the liquid and fat cells.

Vaser liposuction uses a saline solution that causes less bleeding and bruising, it also protects and preserves the other tissues. You may choose to be under local anesthesia or you may also opt for general anesthesia while you undergo the whole treatment procedure.   

Length of Stay in Thailand

If you underwent general anesthesia, you will most likely be required to stay in the hospital for twenty-four hours. On the other hand, if you opt for local anesthesia you may be allowed to go home after the procedure.

Bear in mind that your scheduled follow-up appointments with your surgeon are necessary for you to achieve your target outcome. Your stitches will also need to be removed after several days.

Recovery Time

A Vaser liposuction is tailored to each individual’s physical state and personal experiences, results, as well as each person's recovery time, will vary. Depending on your lifestyle, health and your treated area, you will most likely be able to return to work after two to five days. If you have gone through a more extensive procedure, prepare for a longer period of recovery. Approximately, overall recovery time may take up to twenty-four days after the treatment procedure.


You will be given specific instructions as to what should be done after your procedure, note that you must abide by all instructions to help you heal and to make the recovery easier. Numbness in the area where the procedure was carried out can be as expected for up to sixteen days. You will also need at least four to seven days off work to aid your recovery.

Success Rate

Vaser liposuction helps you get rid of genetic stubborn fat deposits that are not easily shifted through exercise or diet. 90% of both men and women who have gone through this cosmetic treatment procedure have been recorded to have achieved their target body shape. Furthermore, to maintain such positive results, in the long run, you must live a healthier lifestyle, exercise regularly and avoid consuming too many sweets and fast foods.

It is also important to know that, like any other medical procedures, risks and side effects to Vaser liposuction procedure are also possible. While these risks are a rare occurrence, it is best that is aware of the following:

  • Skin discoloration and changes in skin pigmentation
  • Skin from where the excess fat was removed may become saggy, dimpled or wavy
  • Ultrasound device used to heat and liquefy your fat may burn your skin and tissues

Alternatives to Vaser-Liposuction

There are two popular non-surgical alternative options to Vaser liposuction as well as the traditional liposuction:

CoolSculpting - a non-invasive procedure freezes and destroys fat cells. This type of procedure is perfect for healthy people who want to remove certain areas of stubborn fat particularly love handles, back fat, belly fat, arm fat or a double chin.

SculpSure - a non-invasive procedure that uses targeted laser energy to penetrate your skin and heat fat cells until they become too damaged to survive. This type of treatment is relatively quick, with no downtime. You can be assured to go back to your daily routine after the procedure.

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