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CoolSculpting is a form of Cryolipolysis or freezing of fat – it is a non-invasive body contouring treatment used to reduce fat cell volume by freezing and is best known by the brand names CoolSculpting, Zeltiq and CoolCrush. It involves controlled application of cooling localized fat deposits within the temperature range of +5 to -11 °C, with the purpose of reshaping the contours of the body. The exposure to cooling causes cell death of the fat tissue, without damaging the overlying skin. This method of fat reduction is known for its low rate of complications and is considered a non-surgical alternative to Liposuction.

MyMediTravel offers 5 Medical Centers in Thailand, with many offering CoolSculpting procedures - see below for the complete list, along with estimated prices. The price for CoolSculpting is usually based on a number of cycles. The amount required will be determined based on photos and an in-person assessment with the doctor. For a bespoke quote and to discuss further with a member of our patient support team, Click Here to submit your Free Quote.

How does CoolSculpting work?

Sometimes no amount of diet or exercise is enough to completely remove the stubborn pockets of fat in certain areas of our body. Furthermore, the location of the excess fats may not be similar to all individuals because we all carry fat in different areas of our body.

Plastic surgery has helped a lot of people improve their physical appearance in enormous ways. In terms of enhancing the contours of the body, we have all been made aware of liposuction treatment. Over the years, other alternative non-invasive treatment procedures have also been created, one of which is CoolSculpting.

The Procedure

It is important to understand that CoolSculpting treatment is not a weight loss procedure and this fat freezing technology was invented by renowned scientists at Harvard University and the Massachusetts General Hospital. It is also considered as a fairly new technique, which was recently approved by the United States FDA - Food and Drug Administration in 2012.

Another important fact to remember is that this type of treatment procedure is not for everyone. You are not a good candidate to undergo the treatment if you suffer from the following:

  • Cryoglobulinemia - this is a medical condition in which your blood contains large amounts of pathological cold sensitive antibodies (cryoglobulins) that become soluble at reduced temperatures.
  • Cold Agglutinin Disease - although rare, this is autoimmune hemolytic anemia that is caused by cold-reacting antibodies.
  • Paroxysmal Cold Hemoglobinuria - this is also a rare subtype of autoimmune hemolytic anemia condition (AIHA) that is caused by cold-reacting autoantibodies in the blood. This is also characterized by the sudden presence of hemoglobinuria, usually, after exposure to cold temperature.

Consultation is the primary step before undergoing CoolSculpting. During your consultation, it is necessary that you inform your doctor if you have any medical conditions, specifically, if you have recently gone through surgery if you have a pre-existing hernia or any known sensitivities or allergies.

CoolSculpting can remove unwanted fat cells found in your Abdomen, Back or Bra Fat, Neck (Double Chin), Upper Arms, Underneath buttocks (Banana Roll), Flanks or Sides.

During the procedure, your doctor will apply a clear gel pad on the area you want to target; doing so will provide a barrier between the cooling panel and your skin. A vacuum like hose applicator will then be placed on that specific area. This applicator will apply carefully regulated plates to bring your fat cell down to a temperature at which it will be irreversibly damaged.

You will feel a sucking sensation as the applicator attaches to your skin. While undergoing the procedure you may also experience: pulling, mild pinching, stinging, tingling, tugging, intense cold, aching or cramping sensations within the targeted areas of your body. These sensations will then subside as the specific area of your body numbs.

After the applicator is removed, your doctor will perform a brief massage to break up the treated fat cells and enhance the fat reduction. Again, this is a non- invasive procedure that involves no anesthesia.

Length of stay in Thailand

You can immediately go home after your treatment. Since CoolSculpting is non-surgical, stitches are not required, you can even go back to work or fly home the same day. Therefore, you do not need to stay in Thailand any longer than desired.

Recovery Time

What makes this treatment more appealing to everyone is that it has little or no downtime when it comes to the recovery period. You may already return back to your regular routine right after undergoing the treatment. To help you achieve the outcome you wish for, you may be advised to increase your exercise regimens and be stricter when it comes to your diet.

Success Rate

CoolSculpting has now been considered to be the world’s top non-surgical fat reduction treatment. It has also now been utilized by over 6 million fat reduction treatments worldwide. One treatment process may reduce over 20% to 25% of the fat cells in your treated area.

However, you may have to undergo more than just one treatment before you will be able to achieve your desired result and body shape.

You also need to know that there are possible side effects to this non-surgical fat reducing procedure, usual side effects can include temporary redness, swelling, blanching, bruising, tingling sensation, stinging, firmness, cramping, aching, itching, skin sensitivity, sensation of fullness in the back of the throat after submental or submandibular area treatment.

CoolSculpting may also cause a visible enlargement on the treated area; this is a very rare side effect that may occur 2 to 5 months after the procedure. It will require surgical intervention for correction.

Alternatives to CoolSculpting

Today there’s an array of non-surgical cosmetic procedures which people can choose from to enhance their physical appearance. While these may all seem quite alluring, it is very important that you analyze, question and research all information about each procedure to know which one will be best for you.

Aside from CoolSculpting, another famous non-surgical procedure to reduce fat is Sculpsure. While CoolSculpting uses cold temperature, Sculpsure, on the other hand, uses a laser technique to remove unwanted fat cells.

The heat created by the laser will melt away unwanted fat. While the temperature increases, your body will begin to reduce fat naturally. The heat will also stimulate your collagen and elastin production in your treated area. This will promote more youthful tissue growth while eliminating fat; it will also make your treated area healthier than it was before.

A surgical alternative to this treatment is liposuction which is well known to everyone. This is one type of plastic surgery which improves the contours of your body. However, you must understand that all these procedures, whether surgical or nonsurgical are not a weight loss treatment procedure. Even if fat is removed via any of these procedures, without a change in your food intake and exercise habits, you will not achieve your ultimate dream body appearance.

CoolSculpting v's Liposuction

Liposuction will leave scarring due to the surgical nature in which the cannula is inserted through openings in the skin, although these scars are very small in size and are often unnoticeable. Some form of local or general anesthetic is required and there will be a few weeks recovery time, whereas, with CoolSculpting, recovery is near instant as the body quietly expels the dead cells in the background. Liposuction can be considered more cost-effective if there are multiple sites to treat, as CoolSculpting is priced per site and a patient may need 1-3 sessions per site, depending on the amount of fat.


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